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Equipment[ | ]

Weapons[ | ]

Image Name Rarity Value Weapon Attack Damage Modifiers Skill Passive Effects
Magma Hammer Legendary 250 Cleave Fire str:3


MagmaPush onAttack Push the enemy back 1 tile Turn tile to lava

Fire Staff Rare 100 Basic Fire mana:4



range:6 cost:1 ap:1 uses:15 Deal 5 dmg

Armor[ | ]

Name Rarity Value Modifiers Skill Passive Effects
Radiant Armor Mythic 2500 armor:3 lRes:5 Protection

range:1 cost:5 ap:2 uses:1 grants shield to target for 5 turns. Wearer can't gain any effects

Immunity Always

impossible to gain any effects (poison/regenration etc.)

Frost Armor Legendary 300 hp:10 mana:5 armor:3 speed:-2 SlowEffect onGettingAttacked

Slows target for 2 turns

Miscellaneous[ | ]

Name Rarity Value Modifiers Skill Passive Effects
Shadow Gloves Special 250 mana:5 str:1 magic:1 MistForm onAttack

Enter shadowform for a turn.

Rune Shield Special 200 armor:2 lRes:1 Forest Guard

range:0 ap:1 uses:10 Defend and entagle nearby enemies. Apply regenerate based of affected enemies

Consumables[ | ]

Name Rarity Value Effect Can be used in.. (combat/overworld/town)
Teleport Stone Special 100 Teleports the whole party home Overworld only
Health Potion Common 15 Heals target by 10

range:1 ap:1

Combat and Overworld

Crafting Materials[ | ]

Name Rarity Value Notes
Obsidian Common 10 Produced by/dropped from some lava-related creatures
Shadow Flower Rare 50 Found in shadow biomes