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Profession that can be unlocked through Achievements. Provides a global 25% boost to Robot stats, and the ability to craft your own robots.

One of the most customizable runs possible, due to the number of special traits that you can attach to your robots. Can be difficult to start early on due to the steep Crystal and Mythril costs, but can peak far higher than many other strategies. Also the most receptive to Ranged Weapon gimmicks, due to the ease of adding ranged traits.

Aside from the ability to upgrade them, Robots boast high stat growths, the Crystal element type (halving damage from all sources save Radiant and Shadow), immunity to Bleeding and Poison, and the Loyal trait. Crafted robots are fertile and can produce offspring, however their offspring (and any fused robot) will be infertile.

In addition to materials, Robot upgrades will use Stat Increase slots, and so items and genetic traits which increase such will be valuable.

Robot Materials Notes
A_Unit 2 Mythril, 2 Iron, 20 Crystals Identical to AN-3, who can be upgraded in all the same ways as the A_Unit.
B_Unit 3 Mythril, 5 Iron, 10 Crystals Boasts a 2.0 base Strength growth and innate Sniper & QuickShooter traits. Only craftable robot that can be given the JetPack upgrade.
C_Unit 3 Mythril, 10 Slime, 10 Crystals Sex-based support unit.
E_Unit 3 Mythril, 5 Iron, 30 Crystals High-end mage, consumes large quantities of mana, can condense 10 Crystal Fragments & 100 Crystals into a Condensed Crystal.
Name Effect Price Availability
Speed Increases Speed by 1 2 Fairy Dust A,B,C,E
Power Strength +2 5 Obsidian A,B,C,E
Magic Magic +2 2 Dark Matter A,B,C,E
Agility Grants the Agile trait 10 Feathers A,B,C,E
Precision Grants the Precision trait 2 Rune Wood A,B,C,E
Photosynthesis Grants the Photosynthesis trait 4 Semen (Floral) A,B,C,E
Paralyzing Grants the Paralyzing trait 5 Aphrodisiac A,B,C,E
Archery Grants the Sniper and QuickShooter traits 5 Fairy Dust A,C,E
MagicVision Grants the MagicVision trait 10 Semen (Light) A,B,C,E
JetPack Changes Movement Type to Flying 3 Portal Fragments B
Embiggen Increases Size by 1 (does not affect current stats) 5 Iron Fragments A,B,C,E
Enhance Increase Max Level by 1 1 Crystal Fragment A,B,C,E
Upgrade Randomly increase genetic values 8 times 1 Mythril A,B,C,E