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A unique Lava girl. Pyrea can be found in the portal town event. The event repeats itself on random days, where she requests money for clothing. To recruit her you must offer you own clothes, go to her house and have sex with her. After several events, there will be a special sex event and she will join your team. If she is not recruited in the first 25 days she will join one of your rivals and will no longer be available. Having sex with Pyrea outside of her event, grants evolution lava legs, for her chimera form.

In battle Pyrea is very frail and slow, but a strong mage. it is recommended to keep her in the back lines and use her blink skill for escaping purposes.

Pyrea has one town event at Home that triggers randomly once she reaches level 10. You will get three choices, 'Nudist' increases her magic by 2, replaces her armour slot with a 2nd misc slot, and increases her level cap by 5 (bug or in-game text in the event is incorrect?). 'Free' increases her magic by 7, but removes all of her equipment slots (does not increase level cap as the in-game text claims). Both choices replace Create Lava with the LavaBurst skill. Selecting no change will not change anything, not even the skill upgrade.

Notes[ | ]

As the Main Character, Pyrea can turn herself & other humanoid characters into Nudists, which essentially acts as a second Wild trait (and can stack with Wild). Nudism comes in three forms:

Nudist Mage: 50% Magic Strength, 25% Mana

Nudist Warrior: 50% Strength, 25% Health, 1 Armor

Nudist Charmer: 2 Base LDmg, 50% LDmg, 2 LRes