Rock Thrower

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Evolution[ | ]

A final evolution of a Rock Spirit. They can be evolved from Rock Golems with varying size changes. Alternatively they can be captured in cave portals.

They can be evolved into four different types:

Level Type Learned Skills Notes
Dexterity SuperThrow Size Increases
Strength SuperThrow Size Increases
Support SuperThrow Size stays the same
Endurance SuperThrow Size Decreases

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Rock Throwers are natural tanks that especialices in mobility. With their SuperThrow skill they can launch an enemy to a different tile or against another enemy, inflicting damage on both. It can also be used on allies to move them and attack at the same time without using their AP but if you don´t have the Stone Mastery Essence they would take damage, otherwise throwing a rock/crystal type character (resistant to basic) will take half damage.

In essence, a Rock Thrower with very high strength stat can destroy multiple enemies from a long distance (range 7) at the very cheap price of only 1 stamina.

Overworld[ | ]

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