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Overview[ | ]

Unique Succubus. Seliel's events trigger on forest tiles. At first she will offer you the choice of a Bird, a Wolf, a Mule, or none. The additional option of a Pheroly is given for the second and third meetings. The fourth and final meeting gives you the option to recruit her or remove her from the game.

Combat[ | ]

Combat wise you can almost disregard her as a Succubus entirely. Her Level Type is DEX and she has both QuickShooter and Sniper, specialising her for long range combat. Seliel is useful as an early game scout due to her Eagle Eyed trait. She also comes with her own gear upon recruitment. She can tame Creatures with MagicTame, but since it factors in Magic for success and Seliel's Magic isn't all that great, you might want to just give her nets and rely on her having Tamer instead.

Events[ | ]

  • She has one event at the Town Forest, which can trigger if she is level 10. The first choice gives you a CG gallery scene, increases her Lust Damage and decreases her Lust Resistance. The second choice will not play the scene and increase her Lust Resistance instead. Both choices increase her level cap by 5 and give her the LustShot skill.

Notes[ | ]

  • Given the initial exploration King's Quest, there's a high chance she will be one of your first Unique recruits. Even if she doesn't join you immediately herself, she offers units at every turn and can provide a much needed boost in the very early game.
  • She can't really work in the Brothel. She will only give you some gold, if you choose "Show" option.

Trivia[ | ]