Skill Combinations

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A handful of skills can be combined when focused on Fusion, some of which are obtainable exclusively from this system.

Skill 1 Skill 2 Result
Cleanse Fission Immunity
Cleanse Cleanse Immunity
Cleanse Aegis Immunity
WorldsEnd WorldsEnd Apocalypse
Apocalypse Immunity EnergyBomb
Immunity LifeTap Sacrifice
Immunity Martyr Sacrifice
Aegis LifeTap Sacrifice
Aegis Martyr Sacrifice
SunStrike MoonStrike CelestialStrike
SunShine Darkness Fission
Freeze Cleanse Defrost
Sacrifice Immunity Fission
Sacrifice Aegis Fission
Spark Spark LightningBolt
LightningBolt LightningBolt LightningStrike
LightningStrike LightningStrike LightningStorm
Fission Sacrifice Replicate
Fission MeteorStorm WorldsEnd
Fission Fireball MeteorStorm
Fission Spark LightningStorm
Fission Heal FullHeal
Fission Fission Explosion
Fission WaterBolt Tsunami
Fission Toxin PoisonCloud
Fission Freeze DeepFreeze
Fission Push Repel
Fission KnockBack Repel
Fission BackStab QuickStrike
Fission Teleport Portal
Fission Blink Portal
Fission ForkedLightning ChainLightning
Fission Claws EnergyClaws
Fireball Fireball FlameStrike
FlameStrike FlameStrike Meteor
Meteor Meteor MeteorStorm
Meteor LightningStorm MeteorStorm
MeteorStorm MeteorStorm WorldsEnd
Strengthen Strengthen Rage
Freeze WaterBolt FrostBolt
Freeze CreateWater FrostNova
Freeze Rain Snow
Freeze Snow Blizzard
Snow Snow Blizzard
Freeze FlashFreeze IceBlock
FlashFreeze FlashFreeze IceBlock
Freeze Regenerate FlashFreeze
Freeze Freeze DeepFreeze
SlimeBolt SlimeBolt SlimeRain
SlimeBolt Heal SlimeHeal
SpawnBulb Jump BulbJump
WaterSpear CreateLava LavaBeam
Infect Bite InfectBite
WaterFall SlimeBolt SlimeArtillery
Jump Fireball FireLeap
WaterBolt Pierce WaterSpear
ShadowForm Pierce ShadowSpear
Toxin Pierce PoisonSting
Entangle Heal RootDrain
Entangle CreateLava RootBurn
FireBreath WaterPath Scald
FireBreath CreateWater Scald
MagicArmor MagicArmor MagicGuard
Aegis MagicShield Protect
MagicShield Regenerate MagicArmor
MagicShield MagicShield MagicArmor
Rain FungalGrowth FungalRain
BlackHole FungalGrowth FungalCall
MagicMissile FungalGrowth FungalMissiles
PoisonTongue Fireball FireTongue
CreateLava CreateLava Explosion
Explosion MassHeal Martyr
Teleport Heal Rescue
ShadowForm Teleport ShadowStep
ShadowForm Blink ShadowStep
Jump Jump LongJump
Fireball Heal HealingFlame
WaterBolt WaterBolt WaterFall
WaterFall WaterFall Tsunami
Fireball Toxin PoisonBolt
Heal Rejuvenate Restoration
Aphrodisiac Entice Bewitch
Heal Heal GreaterHeal
GreaterHeal GreaterHeal FullHeal
Heal Regenerate FlashHeal
Heal GreaterHeal MassHeal
MassHeal ShadowForm SpiritHeal
ShadowForm ShadowForm MistForm
Fireball Curse CursedFlame
Fireball ShadowForm CursedFlame
CreateWater CreateLava CreateStone
Toxin Toxin PoisonCloud
Sting Toxin PoisonSting
Push Push KnockBack
Strengthen HardenSkin Enhance
Teleport Charge TeleportCharge
Blink Blink Teleport
Teleport Teleport Blink
Claws Claws Slice
GrassTrail GrassTrail Sprout
Charge KnockBack Ram
CreateWater SlimeBolt WaterBolt
CreateWater Fireball WaterBolt
Toxin Heal PoisonHeal
Cleanse ExtractMana DrainEffects
Cleanse DrainCurse DrainEffects
Rejuvenate Toxin NatureBlessing
ExtractMana ExtractMana ExtractEnergy
Cleanse CreateWater Quench
Cleanse Fireball Quench
ShadowStep Toxin PoisonStep
Cleanse Toxin Antidote
Cleanse Regenerate Antidote
Cleanse Rejuvenate Antidote
ForkedLightning MeteorStorm LightningStorm
SpawnHealFlower SpawnPoisonFlower SpawnHybridFlower
SpawnCursedPlant SpawnFirePlant SpawnShadowPlant
SpawnShadowPlant SpawnHybridFlower SpawnOmniFlower
SpawnVine Heal SpawnHealFlower
SpawnVine Toxin SpawnPoisonFlower
SpawnVine Fireball SpawnFirePlant
SpawnVine Curse SpawnCursedPlant
Conceal Conceal ShadowCloak

Note: I excluded fusions requiring Protect, Portal, Fly and Transport since currently these are uninheritable, despite code indicating there are fusions for them. Of them, only Fly led to otherwise unobtainable via fusion skills, all of which have "Flight" in their name.