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Overview[ | ]

A unique BloodFairy, Vera can only be obtained by Druid/Prince.

Fighting the king is required to get her, after which you must kill the king, cut open his chest and grow his heart. The heart will grow into Vera and she will give a bit of lore of how she got into such a state.
You will also be given a decision which will impact her personality.
If you choose to lie to her, she will become caring with a max Morale of 100, but you will receive a 50 relationship penalty.
If you decide to tell the truth, her personality will be cold with a max Morale of 70.

Combat[ | ]

In combat Vera uses much the same tactics as a regular BloodFairy would, due to having most of the same skills, but with one difference. Usually SeedBurst is used for damage, after which the target Seedling needs to be healed with SeedHeal, but Vera has Protect instead of SeedHeal. This means she can target a Seedling and have it receive no damage, deal damage to surrounding units and be invulnerable from further damage.
However it should be noted that using Protect on a Seedling before using SeedBurst on it will reduce the damage done to surroundings units to 1.

Additionally Vera doesn't have the DrainMana and DrainStamina onAttack that a regular BloodFairy has, instead getting Siphon and Regenerating onTurnStart, allowing her to directly convert the mana of surrounding units into health for herself. She also gets high stat growth across the board. This gives her a noticeable presence on the field.

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