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Warning: Most cheat codes flag your save game as "cheated" and you can't unlock traits etc. for the next playthrough.

Cheat Code Description
Town only cheats
money gain 10000 money
stone gain 10000 stone
wood gain 10000 wood
crystals gain 10000 crystals
resources gain 10000 money, wood, stone, crystals, and food
maxexhaustion set player max stamina to 10000, and restore to full
commonitem gain a random item of a common rarity
rareitem gain a random item of a rare rarity
legendaryitem gain a random item of a legendary rarity
character get a random basic character
portal create random new portal
relations maxes out all town NPC relations
lewds maxes out all town NPC lewdity (not considered cheating in v0.9.10.1)
tavernpoints gain points to use in the tavern
skillpoints gain points to use in the main character skill tree
breed instantly breeds the two first characters in your party with basic focuses
unlimited sets savetype as unlimited/the basic one
evoall unlocks all body parts for the evolution main character
egg random egg
makeegg get an egg from first 2 party characters
opmc sets MC strength, hp, and mana to 500, and speed to 10
brothelrank increase brothel rank
passtime pass 10 days without triggering events/things
mcexp gives 100xp to main character
allspecies unlock all forms
genetics max all genes for main character (sets level gene to 10)
newgameplus starts a newgame+ immediately
clear clears creation worldmodifier
skill <skillname> list species with that skill (e.g. "skill fireball") (not considered cheating in v0.18.0.0)
passive <passivename> list passives (not considered cheating in v0.18.0.0)
glimpse reveal gallery temporarily without messing with unlocks (not considered cheating in v0.18.0.0)
item <itemname> get any specific item
trait <genetic trait name> add given genetic trait to your 1st partymember
personality <personality name> add given personality trait to your 1st partymember
learnedskill <learned skill name> add given learned skill (precision etc.) to your 1st partymember
clearpersonality removes personality traits (doesn't reset stat changes) of your 1st partymember
special <special name> add given special trait (i.e photosynthesis) to your 1st partymember
Overworld only cheats
money adds 100 money to your party inventory
stone adds 100 stone to your party inventory
wood adds 100 wood to your party inventory
crystals adds 100 crystals to your party inventory
resources adds 100 money, wood, and food, and 200 stone to your party inventory
scout to reveal entire map
event to trigger an event
restore heal party
gen generates a new world with the same settings
mana sets all party member's max mana to 4000, and restores it fully

When your save game is flagged as "cheated", these things are enabled after cheating:

  • can summon any character from the gallery
  • press "backspace" during battles to immediately win
  • can fuse any two characters
  • you're never encumbered

It is a good idea to back up your Unlockables.sav and/or save files before using these, as they may cause permanent changes outside of a single run
Cheat Code Description
kraken starts the kraken boss encounter
seraph starts the seraph encounter
manaworm starts the mana worm encounter
lava changes the current world to a lava biome (need to leave and re-enter for the change to fully happen)
floating changes the current world to a floating islands biome (need to leave and re-enter for the change to fully happen)
fog reveals entire map without scouting tiles
ocean changes the current world to an ocean biome (need to leave and re-enter for the change to fully happen)
boss spawns a random boss in the current portal
cook gives the main character the cook trait
tundra changes the current world to a tundra biome (need to leave and re-enter for the change to fully happen)
pangea changes the current world to a pangea biome (need to leave and re-enter for the change to fully happen)
event triggers a random event (gives seal ritual event in town)
necro triggers the necromancer event
dmg sets party hp to 1 and mana to 0
score3 gives the total score endscreen
e3 gain a random legendary [essence]
e2 gain a random rare [essence]
e1 gain a random common [essence]
anomaly gives the Special Hybrid achievement
allhybrids unlock genetic information for all species
cheat sets your save to cheated
rewards unlocks rewards for all curent portals
partymaxlevel sets the max level for all party members to 20
resetid unknown
partystats increases the stats of all party members: gain 20 strength, magic strength, and lustdamage, set maxlevel to 20, mana and hp to 100
sexbound sets next world modifier to sexbound
empowering sets next world modifier to empowering
shaper gives the player the Revolution achievement
elementalist gives player the Elementalist achievement
story spawns all portals for the main story and certain character stories
twinfusion sets next world modifier to twinfusion
spirit spawns a fire, water, and grass spirit
quests adds 5 F rank and 5 D rank tavern quests
progress gives max progress for all town NPC objectives
date gives +10 skillpoints to date skills
mushroom gives you a mushroom core and mushroom girl
reapply reapplies traits to main character and town NPCs
datemax gives all characters at home maximum lewdity and relationship to main character
names prints a number of random names to the game's debug log (not visible in-game)
corruption increases creation's corruption by 20
petite unlocks the petite, well endowed and busty starting traits
mats gain 10 of every crafting material
plentiful sets next world modifier to plentiful
partygrowth increases skill growth of all party members by 0.5
giant gives the GiantSoul essence, and/or increases its soul count
injure sets all characters in party and home to injured
lewd increases lewdity of town NPCs by 1
reputation sets player's reputation to 100
relation gives 10 relation points with all town NPCs
quest each character gains a basic and relationship quest (does not always work)
diversity sets next world modifier to diversity
partytraits adds a random genetic trait to each party member
creature get a random creature
partygenes sets genes of party members to max
lavaFish should add a lava fish pet
res gives main character the Animate Dead skill
kraken (in town) gives player a kraken creature
allspecies unlocks all species in the change menu
ach unlocks the Zookeeper, Partner, Combattant, Explorer, Breeder and Purify achievements
evowin unlocks the evowin achievement
tavern adds a character of each rank to the tavern hire page
an gives the player AN_3 at home
divine adds 10 divine favours
ep adds 3 essence portals, one for each rarity
god2 unlocks the robots starting trait and the mechanical, god and lover achievements
druidwin unlocks the druidwin achievement
killking kills the king
instantbreeding adds 5000 instant breeding points to the farm
gallery4 unlocks whole gallery except starting species
dragonegg adds a random dragon egg
myafuta triggers the Mya futa event
worldlevel increases the world level by 1 (raises difficulty)
co set's creation's avatar and combat sprite to corrupted version
ascended adds chosen achievement and the ascended profession
skills adds WorldsEnd and MeteorStorm skills to main character
bosses adds all the boss slayer achievements
kinetic adds the kinetic push skill to main character
equality sets next world modifier to equality
partylevel adds 6 levels to each party member
unlockall5 unlocks all starting species and hybrids
day inside a portal, applies certain effects of passing a day (without any time actually passing)
unknown completes Unknown achievement
syn completes Synergist achievement
strength increases MC's strength and magic by 10, and sets their 1st skill to Teleport
power increases each rival's power by 10
death sets the game's death penalty to death
bubbles get bubbles, a named leviathan
work gain 100 workforce
mcop sets MC hp and mana to 500, strength, magic, lustdamage, and lustres to 50, max and current stamina to 1000, and adds the AnimateDead and LightningStorm skills
food gain 10000 food, or 100 food if in a portal
Outdated online save editor id's

Additionally, one can use Save Editor Online to alter the save directly, for much finer control.

Most values are self-explanatory, but traits, skills, personalities and a few others are referenced by ID's.

Here is an incomplete list of ID's:

BODY PART ID's (for likes/hates):

ID bodypart
1 cock
2 vagina
3 hand
4 mouth
5 ass
6 feet
7 tits
8 nipple
9 tail
10 urethra
11 slime
12 tentacle


ID Trait
1 Strong
2 Weak
3 Fast
4 Slow
5 Resilient
6 Frail
7 Intelligent
8 Dumb
9 EagleEyed
10 ShortSighted
11 Beautiful
12 Ugly
13 Fertile
14 Virile
15 Savage
16 ManaBound
17 Reserving
18 Consistent
19 Pure
20 Corrupted
21 Gills
22 Producer
23 HeatResistant
24 Draining
25 Mutating
26 Scales
27 Wild
28 Ethereal
29 LifeBound
30 Bloodline
31 Stud
32 Telekinetic
33 Poisonous
34 Mending
35 Potential
36 Vampiric
37 Albino
38 Growing
39 Regenerating
40 Siphon
41 Berserker
42 PoisonSkin
43 PiercingClaws
44 Royal
45 Light
46 Heavy
48 Eletric
49 BurningPassion
50 LustBound
51 Stable
52 Nimbe
53 Lumbering
54 Prodigy
55 Unstable
56 Infused
57 QuickHatching
58 SlowHatching
59 Sprouting
60 Refreshing
61 Channeling
62 Petite
63 Busty
64 Wellendowed
65 Diluted
66 Condensed
67 Possessed
68 Volatile
69 Reconstructing
70 FireAffinity
71 GrassAffinity
72 WaterAffinity
73 LustEnhanced
74 Breeder
75 Arcane
76 Empowered
77 God
78 Catalyst
79 Burning
80 IceAffinity
81 PowerMagic
82 StoneSkin
83 Stealing
84 ShadowAffinity
85 LightAffinity
86 Incubating
87 MagicSpeed
88 Charging
89 ToxicPower
90 Chaotic
91 Defensive
92 Floating
93 Shelding
94 Seductive
95 InnerHealing
96 ManaSpark
97 AncientPower
98 Infested
112 Generalist

Stats won't change if you change traits only.


ID Trait
9 unique
48 adapted
43 sex god
3 virgin
4 loyal
30 energizer


ID Trait
1 shy
2 nymphomaniac
3 prude
4 submissive
5 dominant
6 funny
7 annoying
8 arrogant
9 charming
10 Lazy
11 energentic
12 Adventurous
13 perfectionist
14 optimistic
15 pessimistic
16 cold
17 caring
18 Perverted
19 coward
20 resolute