Main Character

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Background[ | ]

Players can choose to play from one of three main characters, two of which are gods, each representing a facet of either evolution or a cycle of destruction and creation happening over and over again. The third playable character is a druid prince who wishes to maintain the natural order of the current world, seeking neither evolution nor destruction and recreation of the current world.

Gameplay[ | ]

Each god and the prince have unique abilities and traits that will influence gameplay, and while most units are available to the player regardless of who you choose, some units become easier or harder to acquire, and some Uniques aren't available to all. Whichever characters the player does not choose will be opposing the player in story missions, with their unique flavor of units and abilities.

Evolution[ | ]

Evolution, also known as Nila, is the god of change and preservation with a hopeful and optimistic view. She wishes to defend the world's inhabitants and guide them in the right direction. She is capable of changing her own body, adapting and transforming into different species to gain abilities for a wide range of options.

Specialty: Power, Adaptability and Flexibility


Creation[ | ]

Creation, also known as Siena, pragmatically minded god of destruction and rebirth with a hopeless and realistic view. She wishes to reset the world in order to start a better one. She has the ability to create life, and summon creatures with abilities they normally couldn't have.

Specialty: Creating and Customizing Units


Prince[ | ]

The Prince, also known as Viridion, is a Druid with an opportunistic view. He wishes neither the destruction and rebirth or guided evolution of the world, but instead believes that the world should be ruled by its own inhabitants, and won't pass up the opportunity to end the cycle. As he grows stronger, he develops unique abilities that makes him a formidable opponent to the weakened gods.

Specialty: Stacking Abilities and Synergies