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Creatures[ | ]

Creatures are species that function differently from MonsterGirls.

They mostly disregard the lust mechanic in battle. They don't have a lust meter and cannot seduce, be seduced, or sexed. Though a few are capable of lust damage.
They cannot work and do not require a salary or housing, but still require food.
They can't equip items but gain greater stats in exchange, though there are a few exceptions.

Normal creatures can be fused or bred with their own kind, or fused with a spirit of any kind. Spirit creatures follow the spirit fusion rules. Most spirits are creatures, but spirit creatures are listed under the spirits category.

Recruiting a creature in the wild usually requires a net consumable item or the net skill (found on spider girls and a variety of spirits), though there are rarer items and skills that can also do the job. Recruitment depends on level difference and creature's current health.

Some can also be tamed in the forest near the city. While this is a safer alternative, it's chance based and uses a lot of time, for just one creature a day with poor genes.

On some days, there's a special trader present at the market who will buy creatures from you. Offered price depends on the type (base cost), size (+50% per tier), and level (+5% per level) of the creature. Protip: try to catch a Magic Deer on those days.

Your first non-spirit creature will likely be a choice between a Bird, a Wolf, or a Mule. See Seliel for more details.