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Player Tips[ | ]

  • You can fight the first part of the Kings battle for quick exp, and choose not to fight the second battle with no drawbacks at all. If you have a strong MainCharacter or other teammates that can solo it, this can be used to very quickly level up weaker allies you bring along.
  • You can tell if one of the Giant Boss enemy has spawned in the map by a small flavor text involving the word 'giant' that appears when you enter the portal.
  • When submitting a character to Castalia at the library, each level (not maxlevel) of the character you submit increases the relation points gained with Castalia by 1 as well.
  • Training Sex skills with main character grants partner bonus experience in one type of sex skill depending on which skill the partner used the most, and will instead allow them to increase max level cap on that skill if it is already fully leveled to its current cap.
  • Crystal girls have an ability to create crystals at cost of stamina. Recruiting several of them can help with crystal production greatly.
  • Attentive reading can reveal a lot of info on characters, portal exploration and combat. Some enemies have passives that may permanently reduce the max stats of your units when the enemy attacks them. Certain seemingly minor stats or attributes can make a huge difference on the results of actions, like putting a character with Nymphomaniac personality to a brothel or taking a terrain-appropriate mount for water/lava portals.
  • Town events appear at the beginning of a new day at 00:00, and because of this checking town map at least once per day is highly recommended.
  • Due to way how stat increase is calculated on each new level up, it is highly recommended to use all genetic stat increases and some of traits before you start leveling up a character.
  • You can use spirits to raise the genetic max level of characters to 20 much earlier than it is possible to do through breeding.
  • Certain unique characters have high genetic max level which they can partially pass to offspring through breeding.
  • You can assign any idle character a passive job, or use them in breeding, milking, brothel, arena fights or for tavern quests. Managing your team stamina is a key to save time on resource farming and focusing more on portal exploration.
  • Injured allies can be fused together to produce a single non-injured unit.
  • The most rewarding way to get rid of redundant characters is to turn them in for tavern requests, or to Castalia, Flora or Aila if they have suitable genetics. Castalia also accepts any unresearched hybrid species in exchange for daily income of 20g each and some relation increase.
  • Use mutagens on spirits, then fuse spirits to what you want the traits to apply to. This lets you filter the traits you want, and the traits you don't want easily, since mutagens give totally random traits.
  • Not every game will have main story events or sidequests. You can check the journal to see when the next story and artifact mission will occur.
  • Finding the secret ending involves obtaining information from each of the three main characters. Setting the time to Very Short can assist in doing this quickly.
  • Unlocking the Queen Quest allows you to turn in Insect hybrids for Legendary items and weakening you foes. A single breeding pair and the Energizing hatchery upgrade will suffice.
  • Eggs from Aquatic characters hatch into identical twins, effectively doubling their value. If you choose the fusion specialty, you can immediately fuse these two into one with +1 to all genes, as well as three choices of adaptation with Evo. Creation can do the same adaption with tanid hybrids from an aquatic mother.
  • Focusing certain skills during fusion may create otherwise unavailable skills, see Skill Combinations
  • Seal Haven can be reached easily now. Choosing only highlighted options upon character creation will give you a Cat Seal, Tamer gives you a Laquas, and Lumira as Main Character starts with a Holy Seal. Together with the oasis event that gives you a Spiked Seal and the town event that gives you Dark Seals, you don't even need to go out of your way to look for seals.

Official Loading Tips[ | ]

NOTE: Tips marked with red colour are considered to be outdated even though they still can appear in-game

  • Some skills can be inherited to species that usually wouldn't have access to them, enabling powerful combinations.
  • Being in debt may not be so bad, you can still do the most important things.
  • The amount of brothel guests for your rooms changes based on the percentage of satisfied guests the day before.
  • There are many unique things for each maincharacter, the choice is not just cosmetic.
  • Unstable portals have a much higher density of events and battles, reducing time spent on travelling a lot.
  • Rewards for portal exploration and battles are based on their wealth and hostility. Later rewards are also better.
  • Each day the wealth of a portal reduces, or it's hostility increases.
  • Healing flowers can only spawn in forests, cutting them down reduces your supply of them.
  • Some wild characters are "gifted" in some ways, powerful traits that can't obtained anywhere else.
  • You will still heal for the remaining regeneration duration left at the end of combat, but negative effects will just be removed.
  • Press tab to see a quick overview over the most important things.
  • Every town-character unlocks a special "bond" skill for you, when you reach 100% relation.
  • On the worldmap, your party only moves as quick as your slowest member.
  • Building roads increases movementspeed and removes stamina cost.
  • The rarity of itemchests increases with higher portal hostility/wealth.
  • Injured characters can still be used for breeding, without any downsides. Most other things become unavailable or have halved effects.
  • Artifact portals reward you with powerful unique items. Most of them have limited uses for their very strong ability, but are still good without it.
  • If you fail/don't do an artifact or story mission, one of your rivals becomes stronger.
  • After the final mission becomes available, you have a few days to enter, but your opponents will get stronger over time.
  • Try to keep a partyslot open for potential recruitment. Some events won't trigger if your party is full.
  • You walk with half the speed if you're encumbered (more than 50% capacity) and can't walk at all at full capacity.
    Equipped items don't count towards the capacity.
  • Temporarily hiring soldiers from the king may strengthen your team early on and is compensated in money.
  • Every world has a chance of containing a rare mini-biome (based on world type/main-biome) with unique species/events etc.
  • Every day slime in portals will spread in a random direction.
  • Stabilize portals with rare biomes/species/modifers, so you don't lose access to them. Most rare mini-biomes have a reason to come back to.
  • The more random portals are open, the less likely new ones appear (unstable/stabilized don't affect anything).
  • In portals, only structures and landmarks are permanent. Objects/events and battles reset each day.
  • To beat the game, you just have to win the final mission. Being in debt, losing resources and only having a few characters left doesn't matter at that point.
  • You can lose a lot or make many mistakes but still beat the game.
  • The chance for better items in Lumira's shop increases as days pass.
  • Sleeping is by far the most efficient way of gain stamina, but most other ways have another upside.
  • Many things you do early on give massive benefits over the course of the game.
  • The further you venture from the portal, the higher the density of treasure/events and encounters.
  • Every 10th day, a miracle healer visits the town, enabling you to heal any injury. (Also the first few days).
  • You can find wild spirits, which you can evolve, even if they don't match your elemental affinity.
  • When faced with a choice, it's rare that one is objectively better than the others.
  • Check the "?" at the top-left of some screens for useful information.
  • Uses for money are quite limited. Don't focus too much on it. Time is often more valuable.
  • Every achievement unlocks either a starting profession or trait.
  • Every element has a creature with "Net", allowing you tame wild animals.
  • Upgrading genes for your creations allows for easy and strong fusion results with any other character with traits. (Crea)