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Training sex skills[ | ]

  • Home sex-training (10 minute action). If main character is selected partner, bonus 5% exp per level of MC's relevant skill
  • Sex-training from character menu (2 hour session, more exp/faster actions, some actions restricted by position, gain lump sum of exp at end based on part they used most)
  • Farm, as selectable Sex Training option. Exp gain per day based on bond, partner skills, and potions.
  • Brothel (passively gained each day while working there)
  • Flora training option at the Brothel, limit 2 per day
  • SexTraining task, exp per day based on highest skills among all characters with this task set
  • Certain Dating actions

Raising sex skills cap[ | ]

  • Sex-training from character menu (the part THEY used the most gains cap % based on score if already at cap; if they performed no actions a default part is chosen)
  • Farm (capped skills gain % per day, based on bond)

Non-obvious parts map[ | ]

  • Tails (any type) count as *Fetish*
  • Nipples on receiving end count as *Fetish*
  • Feet or Tits on giving end count as *Fetish*
  • Urethra counts as *Fetish*
  • Tentacle counts as *Fetish*

Sex skills calculation[ | ]

Sex skill calculation table

Sex skill = 20 + Sum(sexSkillValues)+ HighestSexSkillValue*2