Special Hybrids

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Special hybrids[ | ]

Secret hybrids created with specific species as parents, always including at least one first-tier hybrid species.

Special hybrids can be created through various possible combinations of four Base Species genes, usually two or three different types (though Demons can use even four). For example, Naiads are made through a combination of one or two Plant Girl genes, one or two Mermaid genes, and one Lymean genes.

Despite the genetic requirements only two genes are "owned" by the resulting specimen and it's those genes that will be used in further breeding and rituals. For the sake of skillpoints (but not body parts) Rituals for Special hybrids are the same as rituals for normal hybrids with the same owned genes. So a ritual with a Mermaid+Lymean Angler Fish is, skillpoint wise, the same as a ritual with a Siren. So if a ritual is first performed with a MaxLevel 5 Siren and the second with MaxLevel 7 Angler Fish, the first would give you 5 sp, and the second 2 more sp, after which the list on the "c" page will show you that you've "ritualed" with a MaxLevel 7 Siren.