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Farm[ | ]

This is where the player can breed new hybrids, combine or refine skills, and try and improve genetics for better stats, and scaling, as well as spend money to use alchemy potions for a fixed amount each day. The farm can also be used to generate income through milking.

The main objective to using the farm is to optimize characters, and increase their overall potential and value. The most important attribute to specifically breed for is max level, as all the other genetics can be improved through fusing.

Different species get different guaranteed skills. It is possible to make different combinations while breeding to make offspring with specific skills through guaranteed skills, and possible skills, as well as selecting which skill you want each parent to pass on to the offspring. Some skills can be combined to create a new skill, such as fireball, and heal, which will combine to FlameHeal. Male characters get a bonus to Virility, Female characters get a bonus to Fertility, and Futa characters get no special bonus to either, but can produce offspring with any type of character.

With alchemy it is also possible to use the farm to improve the genetics of characters, by breeding them with a character with a better genetic attribute, there is a potion that gives a 10% chance that any inferior stat will improve per day up to the maximum level the other character has. This will not effect current stats, or level cap for the character being improved, so it is most effective on characters that have not had any levels yet, and is massively useful on improving NPC characters who have been recruited by the player.

When breeding, size is randomly determined between sizes used for breeding characters. Two medium characters will always produce a medium offspring, but a small and a large character can produce any size from small to large.

As of right now breeding two humans together will produce an egg with 0% stability (cannot be hatched).

Hatching[ | ]

Eggs will last for 5 days if not hatched. The hatchery allows you to spend stability (chance egg will successfully hatch) in order to improve genetics.

Hatcher: you can assign yo each room of your hatchery a hatcher. The hatcher with increase the hatching speed of all eggs in the room. Speed increase = 5*Magicpower. If the hatcher has the Incubating trait, the increase is doubled. If the hatcher's type coincides with the type of an egg in the room, the egg's hatching speed gets a bonus as well.

Egg types[ | ]

In the latest version of the game eggs are of different types. These each have different effects and affect which rooms can be used to hatch them.

  • Basic- No effect
  • Light- Gives growth boost to other eggs in same room (can't pair with dark)
  • Dark- Drains growth from other eggs in same room (can't pair with light)
  • Floral- Can hatch outside; boost for multiple floral eggs in same room.
  • Water- Requires water room; eggs hatch duplicate creatures.
  • Fire- Requires lava room; eggs have higher growth.
  • Slime- Requires slime room; eggs have lowered stability but much higher growth.

Fusing[ | ]

Fusing two characters together will average the stats of a creature by default. You can select stats to be inherited from either of the characters, Causing the result to use that characters Gene instead. Normally, it is impossible to select the same gene on either side, unless you chose fusion affinity at the farm event and the two genes are the same number. In that case, choosing both of the characters gene in that stat causes the resulting character to have a gene 1 higher than the original pairing. You can also choose one move and half of genetic traits (rounded up) from each character, which the offspring is guaranteed to have.

If fusing characters of the same gender, it will always produce offspring of the same gender, if different genders, the gender will be randomized between the two being fused.

If fusing two base different base species, a hybrid will always be created. If fusing two hybrids, only one of each characters base species is used, which the player can choose, and can produce either a base species or hybrid depending on which base species is used.

It is also possible to create special hybrids through fusing.

Fused characters get the 'Fused' special trait, which gives them +50% experience gain but prevents them from being used for rituals.

Focusing certain skills may create otherwise unavailable skills, see Skill Combinations.

Fusing Unique's[ | ]

For some Unique characters it is possible to fuse them with Spirits (Characters with the Spirit tag, anything listed on the Spirit page, Static Girls, ) without losing their uniqueness, special mechanics, specials1 4 or quest lines2. This allows you to improve the max level or genetics on characters that might otherwise just waste space in your home.

Some standard Fusing mechanics apply, Personality traits can mix (and are capped at 2), Learned Traits can mix (Musician, precision, scavenger, etc. and might also be capped), and size can change unless you choose to keep it as is.

Currently tested on:

Devy - No known issue.

Seliel - No known issue.

AN_3 - Tested immediately after acquiring, deletes her first quest, unsure if recoverable - If you're playing Evolution or Creation fusing AN_3 will cause her Copy genetics ability to lose a significant amount of utility as you cannot use fused characters in rituals.

Cuska - Loses Slashing and Cleave attack type, becomes basic, loses Amphibic movement, becomes normal.3

Mirrea - Loses Slashing attack type, becomes Fire.3

Natashlia - Loses Shadow and Pierce attack type, becomes basic, loses lava creature type, becomes normal.3 Loses Loyal4.

Siena (If recruited at final battle) - Name changes to Creation_Cleansed and loses special red colour, changes to gender specific colour. Still breeds Unknowns.

1You obviously have to choose their normal traits in the fusion menu, ex. AN_3's Electric trait.

2Current quests in the relationship quest area are lost upon fusing, such as AN_3's quests, however if someone has a delayed quest trigger you should be able to fuse them before getting the trigger without harming quest progression.

3This appears to be the norm, any Unique character with a move/attack/element that is non standard for their species will revert to whatever is default for their species.

4They only keep the specials listed on their Gallery page.