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Warning: This page contains potential spoilers, explore carefully if you wish to preserve surprises.

Prologue[ | ]

The whole world is at war.

New biological weapons caused many deaths, destroyed most of the farmlands and water.
Lack of communication and fear leads to use those weapons themselves before being targeted by them. Slowly the whole world is becoming uninhabitable.
Many people fled to distant places, trying to outrun the war.

Evolution and Creation moved to a secluded farm owned by Evolution's family, hoping the war would be over soon.

One day they wake up to loud noises and earthquakes, and an incredible sight. Giant inhuman creatures appear to be fighting in the sky.

The more humanoid, blue glowing thing seems to create walls around itself, while burning and cutting the others with rays of light. Red worm-like things keep piercing the barriers, entering the body of the blue one, exploding on it, tearing its body bit by bit. Every worm or bodypart that falls to the ground shakes the earth.

Completely stunned, they both watch this spectacle, not even thinking of trying to run away from something like this.

Eventually, the two biggest creatures fall to the ground. First, all of the small red worms simply dissolve into a glowing smoke, followed by both of the big creatures.
Without much time to think about what just happened, a wave of energy knocks them unconscious and they fall to the ground.

Evolution[ | ]

In a surreal dream, you hear a calm voice, explaining to you what happened and you somehow trust those words completely. Those two creatures were the bodies of gods, which are now dead, letting their powers choose another body. You now possess the power that once belonged to the blue one, Evolution, granting you the ability to adapt and change the world. You were chosen because of your hope and strong belief that the world and its people can still be saved. Remain calm and learn to use your abilities. You'll soon get some help.

You wake up to the sight of your girlfriend with a snake curled around her, simply walking away from you. As she looks back one more time, you notice the tears in her eyes, yet she keeps walking and... you don't follow her.

You're somehow overcome with a unexplainable sudden anger towards her and the snake.

You control your emotions and find a glowing bird sitting in front of you. After realising you're awake it flies towards you, changing it's body into a humanoid form, barely bigger than your hands.

You open your hands and let her land on them. She starts talking "...Hey", you notice tears in her eyes. "I'm Tori, my creator told me to look after her successor, if she would be reborn...
I will answer all your questions the best I can and help you with your new powers, so you can save the world. My creator was at war with another for many years. She didn't tell me much, but that snake is dangerous. You better stay away from her."

Your hands begin glowing, uncontrollably shifting into various forms, spreading through your body until it abruptly stops. "You now have the power to change your body at will. You likely won't have most of her memories, so it will require a lot of training. You probably have no idea how a body works on the smallest level, but we'll get there. Also look over there!", she points in the direction of the battle.

Multiple glowing circles hover in the air. "Portals into other worlds have opened, you will meet many new species that you'll be able to learn from. But training should be the highest priority now".

Creation[ | ]

In a surreal dream, you hear a soft voice, explaining to you what happened and you somehow trust those words completely. Those two creatures were the bodies of gods, which are now dead, letting their powers choose another body.

You now possess a spark of the power that once belonged to the red one, Creation, granting you the ability to raise armies and change the world.

The voice changed slightly. You were chosen, because of your strong belief that something in this world is fundamentally wrong.

That god wanted to wipe out all life, so they could start again with a clean slate, creating life together while learning from their past mistakes. The other god clings to the world as it is, desperately trying to save it, no matter how corrupt it has become. Your friend now holds that god's power, the power of evolution. This means that her views on changing the world strongly align with that god, just like your's align with your god. You won't be able to convince her to join you while she still has hopes for this world. So you realise, that on your quest of saving the world, she will be your biggest obstacle, and vice versa.

Grow stronger, rebuild this world and reunite with your friend later.

You wake up to the sight of your girlfriend with a glowing bird on her shoulder, shielding her while she's still dreaming.

A glowing snake curls around you impatiently. After realising you're awake it climbs up your arm, changing part of its body into a humanoid form. She talks to you in the same voice as your dream

"Hi, I'm Hebi. Let me help you create a better world. Leave this place for now." You leave your girlfriend behind.

You hold her closer to your head. She continues "I can sense my creators energy in you. She would want me to take care of you, after she died. I will answer all your questions and help you with your new powers so you can continue her plan and avenge her. You now have the power to create any lifeform you want. That will require a lot of training if you have no idea how a body works on the smallest level, but I'll get you to understand the basics.", she points in the direction of the battle.

Multiple glowing circles hover in the air. "Portals into other worlds have opened, you will meet many new species there. You'll be able to learn much from them by exploring them more intimately. Becoming stronger quickly should be the highest priority now".

Weeks Later[ | ]

After many days of training they are starting to get familiar with their powers. During that time, they became friends with some of the other worlds' species that came through portals. Other than that they barely notice how quickly a big city was built around the portals.

A foreign king just arrived and already threatens them to give up their land or fulfill his requests. The gods' companions tells them "Now that you can hold your form without standing out/survive in battles, you should probably check out the city and enter some portals.
The library might be a good place to start".

Druid[ | ]

Your father, The King, loses people every day, dying or migrating somewhere else, making it impossible to sustain his kingdom.

You were taught by a druid at a very young age, solidifying your father's reign by creating food and defences seemingly out of thin air during those harsh times.

One day a huge amount of energy seemed to surge across the world, increasing the mana density in the air, though unknown to everyone else. A few days later, scouts reported the appearance of portals to other worlds at one location. You barely remember your teacher but he shared a prophecy with you, predicting all of those events.
He told you this means something bad. You should immediately move towards the anomaly and group up with him, bringing as many people as possible.

You managed to convince your father that this phenomenon will attract many people and that he should be the first to take control of it.
As it's seemingly also the best hope of surviving long term, most citizens followed his order to move.

You march through hazardous terrain. The air seems to be poisonous in many places. Previously limited by drawing energy from a crystal, you now use the seemingly unlimited mana in the air to grow protective plants along the path.
In his farewell letter, your teacher placed much importance on this type of seed. It seems to push back the poison successfully.

You visit every available settlement on your way to save others. In most places, the surviving citizens stand near a road, huddled together near a similar plant.

Apparently someone told them to wait for you there.

As a huge group, you eventually arrive at your destination. Portals in the air and a huge tree near a living settlement raise your hope. The air seems to be better as you get closer.
The king decides to settle down near the tree.

You don't find your teacher and decide to inspect the tree closer.
You find a message grown into it, not clearly addressing you.

"I'm sorry, I've failed...
Your world is in danger.
You still have some time.
Find powerful allies and defeat our so called gods. They should still be weak right now.
There will be a moment where you can strike and end their control.
Accept help from anyone that knows me."

It ends with a signature of Darbilt, your teacher.
Unsure what to do with that information, you assess the current situation.

You're surprised to see the state of the city. It has been built in just few weeks. Fae, a fairy that you sent ahead to scout and get familiar with the region, explains the situation to you and the king.

Humans live together with the different human-like species which came through the portals.

The city's condition was quite unstable: very high crime rate, overpopulation, structures were just built anywhere with no planning, home destroyed by floods coming from the portals and many other problems.
So it didn't take much effort for your father and his army to take reign of the city by offering order and safety.

Fae approaches you after you have settled in "I'll keep you company. If you want to know something just ask me. I'd recommend going around town, meet some of the locals and see what you can do in this town. Also, check the library for further information about how everything works."

4th Main Character[ | ]

A portal appeared in your world and you went into it.

You arrive in a small settlement that was recently founded.

The rest of this world is apparently uninhabitable. An event some time ago released mana into this world and many portals opened here. The native people built this place as a sort of hub world that connects different worlds.
Since then others are welcomed into their city.

A native king rules and protects the citizens.

You settle in an abandoned farm.

You're surprised by an unusual small ghost floating around the house. You introduce yourself and await a response...

"Hey, I just cleaned up. I don't mean any harm. My memories are a bit fuzzy. Do I know you? Do we live here together?".
You explain that you also just arrived here and don't know anything else.
"Let's live together then. Many other town people seemed scared of me. My oldest memory is from the time the portals opened up here and I woke up near them.
I have a strong sense of urgency about something. Can you help me find my home world? If I'm unknowingly an important person there, you'll be richly rewarded."

You take her up on the offer and set out for adventure.