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Nila is a futanari human and one of the Main Characters of Portals of Phereon. She was chosen to be the new God of Evolution.

Important: The stats shown in the infobox are taken from this character's in-game gallery, some Stats will be different depending of your starting selection when you start a new game. The Stats affected are Traits, Skills, Stat Growths and genetics.

You have the power of Evolution. You can transform into anything you can imagine. Though because of your total lack of understanding how anything in the world works, you'll likely have to base your imagination on things around you that already exist. For that you have to get close to someone and you will learn a lot about how they are "build".

Gameplay[ | ]

Nila can transform into different humanoid species she has sex with (in combat or in town), including Base, Hybrid, and Special species, meaning unlike the other Main Characters she can be used in Breeding. However, though she can transform into Impure Species she cannot take on their genetic information, meaning Nila will still have Base Species genes. If you wish to breed impure species you will have to acquire a separate breeding pair.

In addition, Nila can spend skill points to unlock specific nodes in her skill tree to transform into powerful special forms, or even a Chimera form where she transforms each body part individually. You can acquire new body parts by spending skill points in the skill tree to unlock core and body part nodes or by having sex with specific species. Transforming takes 30 minutes and 5-10 stamina, except for Chimera form whose stamina cost is determined by the number of modifications you make and takes no time.

Nila is not affected by genes, level types or Stat Growths. Instead when she level up she gets a cumulative 5% increase to all Stats in all her forms, applied upon transformation. Any other changes that affect her current form are reset when she transforms into a new form. Traits gained through mutagens are also reset, but Nila keeps the Traits she started with or gained through events.

Evolution has a library of genetic Traits separate from Nila's current genetic traits. You can expand that library by spending 20 stamina on the character page of the unit with the genetic trait, and then adapt Traits from that library onto other units for 10 stamina, also on their character pages. They must have free space for the new trait and cannot be adapted with opposing Traits, also gaining Adapted which prevents them from getting adapted again. Upgrades can reduce both stamina costs, as well as an upgrade that allows you to adapt Skills instead of Traits. The same rules apply, with the unit needing space for the skill and gaining Adapted. Your current trait library can be seen under "Other" in Nila's character description.

Playstyle[ | ]

Evolution stands out for her versatility. Her transformation ability not only gives her more options in combat, they also give great flexibility in team compositions for any situation throughout the game. Additionally they allow Nila to perform in other areas such as exploration and breeding in which her rivals are lacking, who get locked into specific roles as the game progresses.

For this she needs to acquire genetic information from other species. The methods are many. She can have sex during Combat with the target species, in the Arena or in portals. She can perform a ritual with recruited characters at Home. She can also work at the Brothel. Certain events will also provide new genetic information.

Depending on her form she can fit any role in your team, even taking advantage of harmful tiles such as lava or shadow, and create teams based around them. Meanwhile Druid requires a lot of levelling to acclimatize to an element and Creation cannot adjust at all. Not only that, she can make better use of Base Species Perks by changing her genetic information and skill set to match.

When selecting a special transformation, her genetic information will remain with whatever two Base Species were selected, even if they aren't part of that special form. For example, she can transform into a Human with Centaur/Centaur genetics. Chimera form also retains the last genetics Nila had before transformation, despite not being selected through the special transformation menu.

As such, it's possible to transform to a desired special form or Chimera while using various genetics. This allows manipulation of Base Species Perks. Evolution can be transformed into a True Unicorn which counts as a pure succubus or any other combination which suits your team.

While Nila's ability to change her genetic information at will also makes breeding Hybrid Species easy, you need to keep in mind the above before Breeding.

Finally, because Evolution can adapt a specific genetic trait without the randomness of mutagens, she can take full advantage of Unique characters. Stability potions and Evolution-exclusive potions allow adapting a character multiple times to give it a full set of genetic Traits. Combined with Evolution's exclusive Essence, Adaptation, which increases all of a character's Stat Growths by 0.1 each time that character is adapted, it's possible to make almost any Unique character viable for end-game content, which the other Main Characters are unable to do.

A veteran player can take advantage of all the options that Evolution offers to make Nila the ace of a team of aces, but all those options can be overwhelming for new players. It is recommended that new players choose a specific role for Nila and work to unlock her special form that complements that role, and once they have a special form to fall back on they can begin to tackle Evolution's more complex options, such as the Chimera form.

Soul Fragment[ | ]

Soul Fragments are special traits that give bonuses in combat depending on how many you have in your active party. For Evolution the bonuses are as follows:

  1. You start battles with +2 strength/magic charges
  2. Soul fragments start with +2 strength/magic charges
  3. Enemies recruited during combat gain up to 2 random traits (based on lvType)
  4. You start battles with +1 ap
  5. Enemies recruited during combat gain 10 gene points distributed randomly
  6. +3 strength/magic charges to whole party

Skill Tree[ | ]

Evolution gain skill points by performing rituals with any not-impure humanoid character. You can spend your skill points to unlock nodes in the skill tree to gain one of the following type of permanent upgrades:

Skills that are available for all forms.

Passives that are available for all forms.

Flat stat increase that affect all forms.

Increase in your genes (for breeding only).

Traits that affect all your forms, and other upgrades.

Unlock special forms.

Unlock special bodyparts for your chimera form.

Unlock cores for your chimera form and reduce stamina cost to transform into basic species.

[Need to recreate the skill tree from the game.]

Warning WIP.

See Evolution/Skill Tree for a listing of skills she can select. Tree Version: 19.0.1

Special Forms[ | ]

All of Evolution's special forms are unlocked through her skill tree.

  • Speed Form - Harpy branch
  • Strength Form - Centaur branch
  • Lust Form - Succubus branch
  • Magic Form - LavaGirl branch
  • Support Form - Lymean branch
  • God Form - Unlock all other forms
  • Chimera Form - Always available, some parts can be unlocked in skill tree

Impure Species, Special Hybrids, Impure Species, and other non-base species humanoids that can be unlocked through rituals are available for transformation in the special menu, but do not count as special forms. Special forms are those that are normally only available to Evolution and come with some special ability.

Each special form grants you a unique effect while you are in that form, as well as skills that are very rare or only available to that form. They also change Evo's stats and growths.

Form Special Effects Traits Passives Skills
Speed Form
  • 50% chance to not lose stamina when traveling (ONLY Evo)
  • Access to all portals
  • No morale loss when fleeing
Strength Form
  • Increases carrying capacity by 25
  • None
  • None
Lust Form
  • MindControl skill allows you to tame/recruit characters which are usually unobtainable.
  • None
Magic Form
  • Recalling takes party characters with you
  • Overworld Teleport skill costs no mana (still costs crystals)
  • None
Support Form
  • Recalling takes party characters with you
  • Time on expeditions passes slower
  • Overworld teleport skill costs no mana (still costs crystals)
God Form
  • ???
  • None
Chimera Form
  • Mix parts from various species
  • More information on Chimera page
  • Varies
  • Varies
  • Varies

Spirits[ | ]

As per Evolution's adaptability, she can work with any elemental type and build a team that works.

Fire[ | ]

Nila can build a lava team easier than her rivals. While they can acquire Lava Immune, it requires beating a boss or, in Druid's case, levelling a skill tree almost to the end.

Water[ | ]

Nila can build a water team easier than her rivals. Druid needs a few levels to get amphibious movement, while Creation is no good with water. Nila can also take full advantage of the Mermaid Base Species Perks, which the others can't.

Grass[ | ]

While a grass team is easy for all the Main Characters and won't give Nila any particular advantages, taking it means depriving Druid of their best element.

Ice[ | ]

Nila can build an ice team easier than her rivals. Druid will need the final node with HiddenPower, but otherwise will struggle with cold terrain just as much as Creation.

Rock[ | ]

A rock team doesn't particularly disadvantage the opponent, but Nila can transform her size up to giant, letting her make full use of the Throw skill.

Shadow[ | ]

Nila can build a shadow team easier than her rivals. Druid will need the final node with HiddenPower, but otherwise will struggle with shadow tiles just as much as Creation. Nila can also recruit Hildy easier with SpeedForm, as well as evolving Celestials with adaptation.

Not only is it difficult evolving Celestials, due to all the possible skills they have it's not easy to get one with the exact skill set you want. Additionally, due to their skill combos they work best in an all Celestial team. Not only can Nila transform into one, she's able to change her skills freely, making her the best choice for such a team.

Light[ | ]

Light has no special terrain, so anyone can build a light team. Any of the Main Characters will also benefit from the extra EXP gain that LightAffinity offers too. Nila also has an easier time evolving Celestials with adaptation.

Not only is it difficult evolving Celestials, due to all the possible skills they have it's not easy to get one with the exact skill set you want. Additionally, due to their skill combos they work best in an all Celestial team. Not only can Nila transform into one, she's able to change her skills freely, making her the best choice for such a team.

Exclusive Characters[ | ]

The following characters will become available to recruit if you play as Evolution:

Tips & Tricks[ | ]

What profession/traits combo synergy with this Mc's playstyle:

Due to Evolution's flexibility she can work with just about anything you pick, but of particular interest are:

  • Elementalist - Being the only Main Character that can work with any element, Nila can get more out of this profession than the others.
  • Potential - An extra 5 levels for Nila means an extra 25% increase in Stats.
  • RadiationImmunity - Starting with this means you'll be able to prepare for the wasteland in advance, instead of leaving it up to chance to find Zil to take Home.
  • Anomaly/Robots - A greater variation in enemy spawns means a greater variation in transformation options.
  • HiddenPower - Nila can freely change the element and damage type of any character, allowing for even greater flexibility in team compositions.
  • Synergist - Combined with Nila's own ability to change genetic species, it allows for greater flexibility in team compositions in taking advantage of Base Species Perks.

Starting with the God profession, the Knowing trait, and Genetic Max Level 10 Phoenix and Seer provides enough skill points to unlock GodForm from the beginning of the run.

Highlight what nodes in the skill tree are important:

Again, Nila's flexibility means she can work with just about anything you pick, but of particular interest are:

  • Virgin - Found in the Lymean skill tree, this is for those looking to get the most out of the Brothel.
  • Dexterity/Agility - Found in the Harpy skill tree, together they'll give Speed +1 and Agile for a 40% decrease in Strength. It might sound terrible, but if you've built a Magical powerhouse with Telekinetic...
  • EasyAdapt/AdaptSkill - Found in the Lizard Girl skill tree, these are noteworthy if you're looking to do lots of adaptations to really customize your team.
  • InsectClone - Creates an Insect Girl that's genetically identical to Nila, with the same genes and Traits. This is an easy way to access Nila's genetic Traits, as she can't learn them for her library from herself. It's also possible by using a Mushroom Essence, but those have limited uses.
  • EasyFusion/Ritual/Copy - Found under the Shadow Ghost skill tree, these three will reduce stamina costs for fusions, rituals, and learning Traits. If you find yourself lacking stamina you'll want to look at the Shadow Ghost skill tree even if you're not using a shadow team.
  • PassiveSlot - Also found under the Shadow Ghost skill tree, this gives an extra ability slot for Passives when transforming into non-Chimera forms.

Don't blindly unlock every node on the skill tree! Some of them like Berserk give lower overall Stats in exchange for increasing the Stats you do use. While taking all of them won't weaken you more than if you had taken none at all, it's a poor way of building your character. Only take the ones that will benefit your playstyle.

You can adapt a spirit once per evolution. You can make use of this to quickly create fusion material laden with genetic traits or customize one.

Eggs from Aquatic characters hatch into identical twins, effectively doubling their value. If you choose the fusion specialty, you can immediately fuse these two into one with +1 to all genes, as well as three choices of adaptation (one on each of the sacrificed characters, then a third on the resulting character).

Notes[ | ]

  • Once you use your transformation abilities for the first time, you will no be able to change your genetic information to that of a human again. However you can still shapeshift back to human form.
  • Genetic traits that Nila gain though events or others means aren't added to her library of traits. It's necessary to pass on the traits to another unit, either by producing an egg with Nila, using InsectClone, or Mushroom Essence, before copying the traits from the resulting unit.

Trivia[ | ]

In earlier versions of the game Evolution functioned very differently from her current state, resulting in much more shapeshifting.

She would unlock Base Species and Hybrid Species then level each form to increase her stats in related forms. Levelling as special forms gave increases to all Stats across the board. The total amount of possible levelling was extensive, with avenues for endless growth.

The skill tree was more of a perk list which was much more open in terms of developing. Some options on the list could be acquired repeatedly, which provided a "post cap" growth avenue. The newer skill tree has more trade-off perks and even perks that take more than give (like berserk).

While the endless growth made her truly godlike, it completely broke game balance and had to go. There was no reason to use any other unit when she could wipe the game all by herself.

Gallery[ | ]