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Warning: This page contains potential spoilers, explore carefully if you wish to preserve surprises.

Overview[ | ]

Unique Mermaid.
Zil can be recruited on the true ending path in the wasteland portal. Trigger an event on a sludge tile where you find her desperate to get out of this place, simply agree to take her in and she will join your party.

Combat[ | ]

Despite having Mermaid/Brute genes, Zil is more suited to a supporting role with Stat Growths closer to a mage than a warrior and a skill-set to match. Immunity is a rare skill that grants immunity to Status Effects and Repel pushes units away from her. She also has Dive and Heal.

Events[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • As a wasteland dweller Zil has an interesting unique trait. RadiationImmunity negates Radiation in both combat and exploration, and allows you to create a team that fares better in the wasteland portal.

Trivia[ | ]