Cn 12

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Overview[ | ]

Unique C_Unit. She has amazing mana and lust growth (x2) and great magic growth (x1.5), with great lust (9), mana (7) and magic (6) genes.

Combat[ | ]

Cn_12 is one of the best Uniques. As all robots (except A_Units), she is a crystal type character, taking half damage from all elements except radiant and shadow that take double instead. This makes her really tanky, even against Giants, especially if you defend. But the best part about her are her skills, ChargeUp is a permanent magic buff, ChainLighting does the rare electric magic damage and HyperBlast does the amazing magic x3 fire damage in a line that hits all adjacents but it requires and consume the magic buff. This makes her a devastating mage especially if you manage to upgrade her magic genes and/or give her proper magic traits and if that is not good enough she does a lot of lust damage.

Events[ | ]

Rarely, an event with a witch will spawn at the portals. If you read the book and then talk to AN_3 or Terranva about it, it will open an option to spend 30 crystals and open an unstable portal with the other mechanical units available for recruitment, and Cn_12 at the end.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]