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Overview[ | ]

Unique Mosquito Girl.
Suzy can be found on forest tile events. Her event consists of requesting blood donations, where you can choose to take a long time or make it quick for a hit to morale. After several events she will join your party.

Combat[ | ]

In terms of raw Stats Suzy isn't too different from regular Mosquito Girls. A little less Mana, Strength, Lust Resistance and Health Growth, for superior Strength, Magic and Lust Growths.

She also has many of the abilities that regular Mosquito Girls do. ExtractMana and Sting for Skills, TakeDamage, StrongLifeSteal and StrongPheromones for Passives. However it's her additional abilities that sets her apart.

Instead of Aphrodisiac which deals small amounts of lust damage per turn, Suzy gets Entice to multiply the lust damage the enemy receives. She also gets BloodShield to offset her lower Health Growth, not to mention how the cost in Health goes well with StrongLifeSteal. She also gets SlowEffect rather than TransferLife and the Vampiric trait for fucking enemies rather than allies.

However the greatest advantage Suzy has over regular Mosquito Girls is that she can fly. Mosquito Girls can struggle with difficult terrain, suffering damage every turn whether they're engaged in combat or not. Suzy has no trouble in that regard, letting her make a beeline for the enemy in order to steal Health.

Despite her politeness Suzy can be a highly aggressive combatant.

Events[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

As Main Character lifestealing passives are 3x stronger.
You could potentially do away with medics altogether and put together a very bloodthirsty team.

Trivia[ | ]

Flying Mosquito Girl