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Passives are either traits shown above Specials in character sheets, or provided to characters from equipped items. They take effect during combat. Cannot be changed outside special events, relation quests or bugs.

Important notes[ | ]

  • Passives from characters and items overlapping lead to both working.
  • relation quests can grant LoveEnergy, LovePower or LoveShield, onFuck or onGettingFucked, for a total of 6 possible Passives.
  • a ritual (special event) with Avy and Xhana will grant the Passive DemonBond
  • Reclaim is given to those created via Replicate.
  • triggers of passives can be: onMove, onTurnStart, onTurnEnd, onAttack, onDeath, onFuck, onGettingFucked, Always, onGettingAttacked, onSeduce, onGettingSeduced, CombatStart, CombatEnd.

Trait list[ | ]

Name Description Sources
AbsorbLife Convert grass into wasteland. Gain 2 shield per tile onMove { Glow_Fly Glow_Fairy }
AbsorbWater Convert water into earth and gain 2 shield onMove{ Plantaur Plant_Lizard Plant_Girl Beast_Plant Seedling_Nymph Flora Lily Celia Rose }, onTurnEnd{ Lina }
Armor Increases target's armor for a turn onSeduce{ Plant_Succubus }
ArmorBreak Permanently set enemy armor to 0 onAttack {ManaSpear [Weapon]}
Berserker gain 1 power
Bleed Causes bleeding for 2 turns onAttack{ Mosquito Devil }
Blind applies Blinded to target for 2 turns onAttack{ Holy_Spirit Light_Nymph }, onGettingAttacked{ Squid_Girl }
Burn increases burn by 1 onAttack { Fire_Beast Demon_Beast Fire_Snake Lava_Drinker Lina }, onSeduce{ Fire_Demon }
BurstRefresh When all skills are on cooldown, reduce all by 1.
CalmingWater Reduce lust by 5 when on water and gain 5 shield onTurnStart {WaterAffinity [Trait]}
CelestialPower Increase global power of shadow/radiant dmg. Shadow: +5% for each enlightened character Radiant: +1% for each shadow tile. onTurnStart{ Celestial }
ChainCurse When attacking a cursed enemy, curse all other enemies for a turn. (they lose 1 energy and mana when already cursed instead) onAttack{ Shade Shadow }
Channeling drains 1 mana from attackers
ChaosBuff Start battle with a random positive status effect onGettingFucked{ Sylvie }
ChaosRefresh Reduce the cooldown of a random skill by 1. onTurnEnd { Half_Neoran }
ChargeMagic Gain a magic charge. onAttack { Plant_Fox_Girl }
ChoiceRefresh If exactly one skill is on cooldown, reduce it by 1.
Connected +1 magic/strength charge for each ally of the same species (Doesn't count other connected characters)
Cooling Turn every lava-tile in radius 1 into stone
Curse Curse target for 3 turns onSeduce{ Neoran }
Dampen All characters: +10% water power -10% fire power CombatStart{ Water_Spirit }
DarkenWater Convert water into shadow and gain 2 shield onMove{ Ghost_Plant }
Darkness All characters: +10% shadow power Turn up to 3 tiles into shadow CombatStart{ Shadow_Spirit }
Decay Permanently reduces targets base strength by 1 (Can't be lowered below 1) onAttack{ Death_Fly Shadow_Fairy Horror Phara}
Defend Defend for a turn (take half dmg)
DefenseBreak Remove \"defending\" from target onAttack{ Shell_Drake Cuska Breaker_Sword }
DemonBond Avy and Xhana on the field: +4 magic/strength charges. One of them: +2 magic/strength charges. Start enticed. None: Start battles weakened, enticed and with passive lust gain. CombatStart{ main character }
Devour If the user has 1 ap left after attacking, use it to immediately destroy target and restore hp equal to half their remaining hp. onAttack{ Sky_Worm }
Disloyal Start battle with permanent low morale, slow and 0 ap. No effect if Avy is on the field. CombatStart{ Portal_Ripper }
Displace move to a random adjacent tile (prioritizes tiles with no adjacent enemy) onGettingAttacked{ Plant_Fox_Girl }
Dissolve Apply 2 turns of radiation to target. If successful, fully restore all mana. onAttack{ Glow_Fly Glow_Fairy }
DrainAll Target loses all energy.
DrainEnergy drain up to all energy from enemy.
DrainMana drain 1 mana Doesnt work if target has no mana left onAttack{ Unicorn Fairy Siren Seer Lymean Angel_Demon Angel Light_Lizard Light_Fox Spirit Butterfly Light_Fox True_Unicorn Angler_Fish Blood_Fairy Spirit Seedling_Fairy Seedling_Nymph Nephilim Orb_Fish Ghost_Bulb Gem_Girl Seraph Water_Nymph Lumira Castalia Phy Liza Xhana Zil Lonada}, onSeduce{ Angel_Demon }
DrainStamina drain 1 stamina onAttack{ Blood_Fairy }
Egg When hp reaches zero, character turns into an egg (instead of getting injured) Requires 10+ stamina to trigger. Character hatches in 6 turns. (can use mana to hatch early) (Also hatches automatically after battle etc.) onDeath{ Phoenix}
Electric attackers lose 1 ap and become slowed for 1 turn onGettingAttacked {AN_3 unique trait Electric}
ElementalPower All characters: +10% water/fire/poison power CombatStart{ Laquas }
Empower Target ally gains 2 magic/strength charges. onGettingFucked{ C_Unit }
EnergizeSeals All seals gain +1 ap (can exceed maximum). CombatStart{ Holy_Seal }
EnhanceMagic Increase magic strength by 50% for a turn onAttack{ Devy }
Enlighten Enlightens target for a turn. onSeduce{ Holy_Spirit }, onFuck{ Light_Nymph }
Entangle Entangle target for a turn
Entice Entice target for 2 turns
Exploding Explodes, dealing mg damage to every neighbour
FireAura Increases burn of surrounding characters by 2 onTurnEnd{ Lava_Fish Hell_Beast Fire_Snake}
Flames Deal dmg equal to your burn duration. (Ignores armor)
Focus Applies focus for a turn onAttack{ Shade Shadow }, onFuck{ Vilyn }
ForestsGrasp 1. Drain 1 mana/hp from each entangled enemy 2. Entangle and poison each enemy on grass for 3 turns (changes grass into earth) 3. Randomly turn some tiles into grass afterwards onTurnEnd{ Life_Root }
Fragility Reduce own armor by 1 onGettingAttacked{ Overseer }
Frost All characters: +20% ice power -10% poison power Turn up to 5 tiles into snow CombatStart{ Ice_Spirit }
FrostMagic Gain 2 magic charges when on ice/snow
FrostPierce Shouldn't exist. Also attack the character behind the target. Both characters get slowed for 2 turns. Attack triggers won't activate on the other attack
FrostPower All \"ice\" characters gain 2 magic charges.
FullHeal Fully restore hp
FullShield Gain immunity to damage for a turn. CombatStart{ Holy_Spirit }
FungalBond Effect based on adjacent fungal characters. (Exact amount) 1: +1 magic/strength charge. 2: shield adjacent fungal characters and self by mg/2. 3: Own skill cooldowns -1. 4: +50% strength to adjacent fungal characters for 2 turns. 5: +50% magic strength to adjacent fungal characters for 2 turns. 6: Damage immunity for 2 turns. +2 str/magic charges. onTurnEnd{ Fungal_Spirit Fungal_Queen Fungal_Nymph Fungal_Strider Fungal_Glider }
FungalCorruption Deal LDmg to each enemy, equal to fungal network size. onTurnEnd{ Fungal_Queen }
GrassEnergy Requires druid to be involved. If partner is druid, entangle all enemies on grass for a turn. If wearer, grant 1 ap and grasstrail to your partner.
GrassStrike After attacking, turn a random neighbouring tile into slime
GrassTrail Turn every tile this character moves on into grass onMove{ Grass_Nymph }
GrowthBond When fucked by you, grow grass in range 3.
Harden Gain hardened skin for 2 turns.
Heal Restore own hp equal to mg. onGettingFucked{ Demon_Harpy Succubus Lust_Form Cat_Girl Bat_Girl Succubid Avy }
Heat All characters: +10% fire power -10% ice power CombatStart{ Fire_Spirit }
Ignite increases own burn by 1
Illuminate Clear shadow tiles in radius 1. (turns them into earth) onMove{ Ring_Beast Light_Spirit Light_Orb Holy_Spirit Light_Nymph }
Immunity impossible to gain any effects (poison/regeneration etc.) CombatStart{ Radiant_Armor passive }, ItemUse{ Radiant_Armor 5 turns }
Infect applies Infected to target for 3 turns onAttack{ Unknown }, onAttack & onGettingAttacked{ Creation_Corrupted Creation_Possessed }
Infuse Ally gains magic-buff for 2 turns
Instability Randomizes the first skill from a set of magic skills. onTurnStart{ Avy }
Invigorate Restore 2 ap to target onFuck{ Support_Form }
LargeGrassTrail Grow grass on earth tiles in radius 1. Turn water into earth onGettingAttacked{ Seedling }, onMove{ Grass_Steed }
LargeShadowTrail Turn every tile in radius 1 into shadow onMove{ Shadow_Bringer }, CombatStart{ Shadow_Djinn }
LargeSlimeTrail Turn every non-fluid tile in radius 1 into slime
LargeWaterTrail Turn every non-lava tile in radius 1 into water onMove{ Kraken_Tentacle Water_Mermaid }
LastingMagic Empower ally for remaining battle onFuck{ Castalia }
LastingStrength Strengthen ally for remaining battle onFuck{ Aila }
LavaFishPresence Increase burn of everyone on lava by 5, for everyone else by 1. Randomly spawns a few lava spots on the map. Turns nearby water into earth onTurnStart{ Lava_Fish }
LavaStrength Gain 2 strength charges on lava onTurnStart{ FireAffinity [Trait] }
LavaTrail Turns stone into lava, anything else into stone (ignores water) onMove{ Lava_Fish Lava_Worm }, onGettingAttacked{ Lava_Drinker }
LifeSteal drain 1 hp (doesn't work at full hp) onAttack{ Plant_Succubus Fish_Succubus Succubus Devil Night_Crawler Seliel Sylvie Druid_BloodMage Life_Stealer Blood_Sword}, onSeduce{ Poison_Lizard Succubid Morta }
LightPower If full hp, enlighten self for a turn. onTurnStart{ Light_Spirit }
LoveEnergy When target is maincharacter, gain 1 ap. onFuck or OnGettingFucked { all } via relation quests
LovePower When target is maincharacter, gain 2 strength/magic charge. onFuck or OnGettingFucked { all } via relation quests
LoveShield When target is maincharacter, gain 2*mg shield. onFuck or OnGettingFucked { all } via relation quests
LustAura Increases lust of nearby characters by 5. Affected by LRes onTurnEnd{ Spore Mushroom_Core Shroom_Girl }
LustGain Deals lust dmg to self, equal to own magic strength or strength (whichever is higher). Affected by LRes onTurnEnd{ Lust_Enhanced }
MagicStrike Deal additional true dmg equal to your magic strength onAttack{ Lina Phara Spectral_Sword }
MagmaPush Push the enemy back 1 tile Turn tile to lava onAttack{ Lava_Worm }
ManaBurst Restore 5 mana to nearby characters. onDeath{ Glow_Fly Glow_Fairy }, onGettingAttacked{ Mana_Tank }
ManaShield If no mana-tank exists, lose invulnerability. onTurnEnd{ Aran_Valys Evyra_Valys }
ManaSpark if below 25% of max mana, set mana to 25% CombatStart{ Mana_Spark }
MassSiphon Drain up to 5 mana from all characters. onTurnStart{ Mana_Tank }
MindCollapse Increase lust of all enemies by lDmg. Entangle all enemies. Adjacent enemies become weakened/vulnerable for the remaining battle onTurnStart{ Horror }
Mirror seduce target, based on half their own LDmg (still affected by lRes) onGettingSeduced{ Lust_Form Succubid }
MistForm Enter shadowform for a turn. CombatStart{ Shadow_Nymph Fenrir }
MushroomPresence Shield each fungal creature by 1. Deal 1 dmg/ldmg to everyone else. onTurnStart{ Spore Mushroom_Core }
OverWhelm Apply 1 vulnerable if your strength is higher than theirs.
Pheromones deal half of own lustdmg to target (minimum of 1) onAttack{ Plantaur Fairy Plant_Harpy Plant_Lizard Plant_Mermaid Fish_Succubus Fire_Demon Plant_Girl Succubus Speed_Form Forest_Stalker Vampire Bee_Girl Rock_Hugger Seliel Sylvie Lily Celia Xhana }
Pierce Shouldn't exist. Also attack the character behind the target. Attack triggers won't activate on that attack
PlantArmor increase armor by 2 when on grass
Poison applies Poison (damage by 10% of max hp/turn) to target for 3 turns
PoisonSkin applies Poison (damage by 10% of max hp/turn) to target for 2 turns
Possessed Drains all mana from all allies. Return character as ghost, fully restored. Current level becomes the maxlevel. Max morale gets halved Movement becomes flying with speed 2. Gain waterBreathing/lavaImmune Everything else stays the same (including genetics and bodyfeatures)
PowerUp Gain 1 strength/magic charge
Push Push the enemy back 1 tile
Reckless gain strength/magicbuff and vulnerable for a turn
Reclaim Heal original equal to current hp and restore mana equal to own.
Regenerating Convert 1 mana into 4 hp every turn (Doesn't trigger with full hp)
RemoveTentacles All connected tentacles will die
Replenish Restore mana equal to your magicstrength (Min 1)
Restore Restore target hp equal to own mg.
Retreat Teleport to the tile furthest away from any enemy
Reveal Reveal all sexual preferences of enemy
SealArmor All seals gain permanent hardened skin.
SealMagic Gain +2 magic charges for each other allied seal.
SealMastery All seals start gain 5 strength/magic charges.
SealPoison All seals attacks apply poison.
SealStrength Gain +2 strength charges for each other allied seal.
SecondStrike Shouldn't exist. Perform another free attack on the same target (Doesn't trigger onhit effects)
Shadow turn target tile into shadow
ShadowArmor Defend for a turn when in shadow
ShadowBound Outside of shadow/shadow form: become slow and weak for a turn
ShadowEntrance Turn up to 5 random tiles into shadow.
ShadowSupport All other allied shadow characters gain 3 magic charges.
ShadowTrail Turn every tile this character moves on into shadow
Shield Gain 1 shield onMove{ Unicorn }
Siphon Drain 1 mana from every surrounding character if possible (Ally or Enemy)
SizeSteal If partner has bigger tits, drain 100cc. Increases milk volume by 250ml. (If male/futa): if partner has bigger cock, drain 2cm. Increases cum volume by 100ml.
SlimeEntrance Turn up to 5 random tiles into slime.
SlimeHeal Use 1 mana to regenerate 5 hp, when standing on slime Removes slime
SlimePower All \"slime\" characters gain 3 magic/strength charges.
SlimeStrike After attacking, turn a random neighbouring tile into slime
SlimeTrail Turn every tile this character moves on into slime
SlowEffect Slows to target for 2 turns
SlowStart Set mana to 0.
SoulHarvest Immediately destroy target if below mg hp. Gain 1 soul if successfull
SpiritCompanion Spawn a token stage 1 spirit near you. (without mana)
SpiritCompanion2 Spawn a token stage 2 spirit near you. (without mana)
SpiritCompanion3 Spawn a token stage 3 spirit near you. (without mana)
SpreadShadow spread shadow to two of the nearest tiles. Only works when standing in shadow. Max range of 5
SpreadSlime spread slime to two of the nearest tiles. Only works when standing on slime. Max range of 5
SpreadSpores Apply 1 spore to all adjacent characters
Strengthen Strengthen target for a turn
StrongCurse Curse target for 10 turns
StrongLifeSteal drain 3 hp (doesn't work at full hp)
StrongManaDrain drain up to 3 mana Doesnt work if target has no mana left
StrongPheromones deal own lustdmg to target (minimum of 3) (Requires 1 mana to activate)
StrongRegeneration Restore half of missing hp
StrongShield Gain 50% shield
SuckLife Uses 5 mana to drain 1 MAX hp from the target. (irreversible) can't go above 50 base hp through this. Also restore 1 hp. Can convert max hp into strength. onAttack{ Mosquito ]
SuckMana Uses 5 mana to drain 1 MAX mana from the target. (irreversible) can't go above 50 base mana through this. Also drain 1 mana. Can convert max mana into magicStrength. onAttack{ GlowWorm, ManaWorm }
SunShine All characters: +10% light power -10% shadow power
Swing Shouldn't exist. Also attack adjacent 2 characters (to you and the target). Attack triggers won't activate on the other attacks
Symbiosis +1 magic charge for each ally with symbiosis. (Doesn't count characters of the same species)
TakeDamage Take 1 damage
TakeStance Effect based on level type. Average: +2 str/mg charges. Strength: +3 str charges. Magic: +3 mg charges. Support: +2str/magic charges to all allied seedlings/spirits. Seduction: Deal ldmg to all enemies. Dexterity: +1ap. Endurance: Defend for first 2 turns.
TentacleShift Gain permanent buffs based on attack type. Pierce: Buff: Strength buff (+50%). Swing: Buff: Focus. Ranged: Buff: SlimeTrail. Basic: Buff: all above.
TentacleWrap Increase targets lust by 10. Entangles target for 2 turns
Thorns damages attacker by 1 onGettingAttacked{ Scale_Armor }
ToxicPower gain strength/magic buff and become poisoned for remaining battle.
TransferEnergy Restore 1 energy to target. if target is a broodqueen, restore 2 energy instead
TransferLife Attempt to fill target's life with own. Always keeps 10 health for self. If target is a broodqueen, 1 own hp heals target by 2
TransferMana Attempt to fill target's mana with own if target is a broodqueen, 1 own mana replenishes target's mana by 2
WaterTrail Turn every tile this character moves on into water onMove{ PlantMermaid, Siren }
Wave turn tiles in an arc into water
WispManaDrain Drain mana equal to your magicstrength from neighbours and supply the summoner (Drains mana even if the summoner can't restore any)