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Overview[ | ]

Battle unit.

However a Mechanist player can perform special upgrades on them to alter their capabilities. See the Mechanist page for details.

Combat[ | ]

Built specifically for Combat, B Units are powerful fighters in both melee and range, capable of hitting twice with Charge move and QuickShooter. Even if they struggle to reach the enemy, Sniper helps them hit long distance marks. They even have passive Poison on attacks to bring down enemies faster.

They're no glass cannons either, being fairly resistant to most forms of damage. They have the rare Crystal type that halves most damage types and makes them immune to Bleeding, Burns and Poison, and as well as naturally high Lust Resistance to stave off seduction.

Most of their Stats have been sacrificed for heavy emphasis on Health, Strength and Speed. Changing their Level Type to Strength could be considered for more damage.

Overworld[ | ]

Default B Units have no special use on the Overworld.

Breeding[ | ]

They have low Fertility and Virility, making them poor breeders. Made even worse with Infertile.

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