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Strategies[ | ]

Average allrounder robot. Can do most things, but doesn't excel at any.

However a Mechanist player can perform special upgrades on them to alter their capabilities. See the Mechanist page for details.

Combat[ | ]

While they don't particularly shine in any single area and don't have any outright weaknesses, they actually do have relative strengths and weaknesses. Since they make use of all their Stats, they can work with almost any equipment you give them.

Their best stat is undoubtedly their Health, being their highest growth and also aided by their Level Type. This makes them fairly effective tankers if they get Aegis, even without tinkering with them, since they're additionally immune to Poison and Bleeding due their special Mechanical trait. Naturally they can perform even better in that role if you do change things up.

That their base Magic is lower than their Strength might trick you into thinking they're better in melee, but their fixed ForkedLightning is a highly useful electric damage spell that can hit multiple units. They also have a chance to get the powerful LaserBeam. Not to mention that their other fixed skill, Energize, also factors in Magic.

Their Speed isn't great however, and while they could toss the extra AP to a friendly with Energize if they can't reach any enemies, they don't have the Skills to really commit to a supporting role. They also lack natural Lust Resistance and suffer low Lust Growth, making them weaker to seduction units.

Overworld[ | ]

Default A Units have no special use on the Overworld.

Breeding[ | ]

They have low Fertility and Virility, making them poor breeders.

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

There is a Unique A Unit, AN_3.

You won't see any standard ones unless you chose Mechanist or Robots for your Main Character at the start.

Trivia[ | ]

At one point they were just known as Robot, with AN_3 being the only one of her kind. Performing a ritual with her would show Aegis as a potential skill.