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One day, portals started appearing in a small area of the world. They connect this world to many others.

The Portals is one of the main locations in Town. Here you can interact with Sylvie, and go on expeditions with your party to various portals.

Actions[ | ]

Random Portal
  • Every day there is a chance for new portals to appear. The lower the number of portals, the higher the chance of new ones appearing. When you start a new game, the bonus difficulty options, Sparse and Advancing, modify this chance.
  • Enter: To enter a portal, you need to pay an entry fee. Many portals also need special skills to enter, such as OxygenProvider.
  • Claim Reward: You can get gold, resources (wood, stone, crystals), creature Eggs or Items (common to legendary), by exploring or winning battles in a portal, as shown here:
    • Explore: You get a reward when you explore 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of a portal, for a total of 5 rewards.
    • Battle: You get a reward when you win 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 battles in a portal, for a total of 5 rewards.
  • Stabilize: You can pay gold and crystals to turn a random portal into a stabilized one, which doesn't despawn with time. Portals in which you have built 3 or more beacons can be stabilized without paying crystals or gold. Stabilized portals will block the natural spawn of hives over time for Evolution or Prince. Crystal (collectible for skillpoints OR the crystal resource+crystal fragment material) spawns are unaffected.
Special Portals
  • You can only have a maximum of 5 stabilized portals at the same time.
  • Some portals are automatically created as stabilized, if possible. One such portal is available from the start of each game.
  • Destroy: Destroy a stabilized portal permanently.
Event Portals
  • Enter: Once you enter an Event Portal, it is destroyed after you leave.
  • Time limits cannot be extended and missing certain event portals can negatively impact the run.

Sylvie Actions[ | ]

Spend Time
  • Date: You need at least a Relation of 20 or more with her to unlock this action, see Dating for more details.
  • You need at least a Relation of 20 or more with her to unlock this action.
  • She can magically enhance one of your units with the MagicVision special trait for 10,000 gold. It takes one of her Actions to do so.
  • Give her 100 gold (+3 Relation till 30, then +1 Relation, -100 Gold, caps at 50).
  • Change Looks (Increase her Lewdity to unlock new options).
  • Recruit her (Need Relation 80 or more).

Quest[ | ]

Claim x portal rewards (Gain 1 point for any exploration or combat reward).

  • Claim 10 rewards: TeleportStone
  • Claim 20 rewards: SlimePotion
  • Claim 30 rewards: Mutagen
  • Claim 40 rewards: ? (Event)
  • Claim 50 rewards: TeleportStone with 50 uses
  • Claim 60 rewards: ? (Obtain Eisvyl or legendary item / If playing as Eisvyl increase strength, magic and speed)

Portals[ | ]

Type of Portals[ | ]

  • Continent: Mostly ground-based terrain (e.g. plains, tundra, forest). May contain patches of water or lava as biome-appropriate.
  • Circular: Multiple layers of varied terrain radiating out from the portal. May contain layers of water or lava as biome-appropriate.
  • Ocean: It's an ocean. It's almost entirely water.
  • Cave: Dark. Severe vision penalties without glowing trait. Most terrain is solid stone (cannot be traversed, can be mined for stone resource and to open the tile) with narrow paths leading to occasional open areas.
  • Tendril: Zig-zagging narrow paths leading away from the portal and large patches of un-traversable terrain.
  • Floating Islands: Similar to continent but with huge areas of air separating each *island*. Very difficult or impossible to fully explore without a flying party. Individual islands may be dominated by water features, including deep water and its associated difficulties.

Main Bioma[ | ]

  • Plains:
  • Forest:
  • Water:
  • Lava:
  • Stone:
  • Light:

Special Bioma (several are possible)[ | ]

  • Swamp: May spawn Mosquito which can reduce your max health. This biome is the majority source of LifeBlood, crafting material for several high-end consumables. Rarity: Uncommon.
  • Shadow: Requires party member with 'glowing' special trait to traverse. Tends to be present as a long streak across the world, may completely bisect the world. This biome is the majority source of ShadowFlower, crafting material for a few high-end equipment. Rarity: Moderately common.
  • Crystal: May spawn Mana Worms which can reduce your max mana. Crystal mountains can be mined for crystals. Rarity: Rare.
  • Flower Field ("Meadow"): Contains several otherwise-unobtainable creatures which can be found by using Lure. Rarity: Uncommon to rare.
  • Hell: Only place to find Devil. Surrounded by lava. Rarity: Rare.
  • Heaven: Only place to find Nephilim. Surrounded by air. Only found in floating islands type portals. Can be accessed by non-flying parties by building bridges to them. Rarity: *Extremely* rare.
  • Fungal Plains: Invasive biome which will spread to and replace nearby plains over time. May spawn Fungal Spirits and their evolutions. Will not spread to forests, water, or mountains. Can replace plains(via terraforming) by the player at the cost of 1 KingShroom per tile. Rarity: Very rare (natural spawn), or as common as you can afford (terraformed)

Event Portals[ | ]

Story Portals[ | ]

All story portals are single-use unstable portals with their rules.

  • First Encounter: Success gives event choice between Empowered (a genetic trait for the MC), EnergyGirl, or artifact.
  • Ruins: The second story portal exclusive to Creation. This leads to an optional fight against a familiar foe, with Creation completely drained of mana.
  • Archive 1: The second story portal exclusive to Evolution. Nila can choose between rescuing survivors (recruits a special hybrid), loot (potential potion), or knowledge.
  • Archive 2: The follow-up from Archive 1 if the player chose Knowledge. Nila discovers a method of freeing an old friend.
  • Rescue: The second story portal exclusive to the Prince. The King requests the Prince to find and bring a precious person to safety.
  • Final Mission: The third and final story portal for all Main Characters. Failure ends in doom.

Other Portals[ | ]

  • Essence Portals: Common, rare, and legendary variants. Same layout and rules as unstable portals. Claiming an Essence reward will close all other current portals of this type.
  • Unstable Portals: One-way entrance to a semi-linear area leading to an exit, with tiles being deleted after you leave them (cannot backtrack). Using overworld vision skills (ToriScout, MagicVision) and traits will make it easier to plan a path to the exit. Portal closes permanently after leaving for any reason. Can not re-enter after leaving.
  • Artifact Portals: Pretty much the exact same thing as unstable portals, but always contains one extra tile with a fight against one of your rivals (chosen randomly) before the exit. You can choose to take the artifact or not on the exit tile. There is no apparent benefit to choosing not to take the artifact. Artifacts can also be acquired through the Tavern, including multiple copies. Failing these portals or letting them expire will cause your rivals' power to increase.

Special Portals[ | ]



After recruiting a certain number of characters, a weird green girl who calls herself a leader of "elves" will contact the Main Character. Either by accepting her request for help or rejecting her, the player can eventually gain access to Grenea, Zija's homeworld. If the player decided to cooperate with Zija, they will have a string of objectives to complete in this world. If rejected, the player can still explore Grenea and find an even weirder green girl who can provide strange upgrades to the player's base.

Grenea is home to "Greenskins", which include Orcs, Goblins and Elves. These three impure species cannot be found anywhere else. Further, Grenea can be even more dangerous than what its Hostility rating would imply due to the unusual ferocity of Orcs - the main threat Grenea is dealing with at the moment. Lastly the portal to Grenea is limited to Medium-size units, meaning your Large (or above) mounts will not be able to enter.

While unrelated to the main quests of the Main Characters, and while the portal itself can be unusually dangerous, exploring Grenea provides many benefits that cannot be found anywhere else.


Once the player finds and tames five seal species, and currently has such five different species in party, an event at home will pop up during the day transition where the seals cuddle with each other and become so cute that reality breaks down. SealHaven becomes a target location in the player's stable portals.

SealHaven is a nigh-completely flooded world (with a single land tile) that positively teems with seals of every kind. SealHaven is also the only place where you can encounter Care Takers - an aquatic impure species that enhances combat effectiveness of seals by a massive amount. Aside from seals and Care Takers, the player can encounter other girls and creatures you would expect in an ocean world.

Avy's World

Castalia's World

Portal Modifiers[ | ]

General modifiers (several are possible)[ | ]

  • Meteors: Random patches of lava on the map. Dangerous events.
  • Relaxing: Less exhausting. Bonus to meditation.
  • Terrifying: More exhausting. Meditation is less effective.
  • Beautiful: Resting increases morale.
  • Ancient: Less loot, but higher rarity.
  • Malnourished: Smaller average characters. Malus to foraging.
  • Nutritious: Bigger average characters. Bonus to foraging.
  • Potential: Characters have higher genes than usual.
  • Interesting: More events.
  • Big: Bigger map.
  • Small: Smaller map.
  • Narrow: Smaller battlefields.
  • Wide: Bigger battlefields.
  • Diverse: Higher character/hybrid diversity. Less basic species.
  • Untamed: High chance of creatures instead of humanoids.
  • Dark: Lowered vision. Better stealth.
  • Curious: Increased exp gain.
  • Bright: Increased vision. Worse stealth.
  • Elemental: High chance of elemental spirits spawning
  • Fruitful: Always have some food available at camp. Chopping trees also gives food.
  • Restless: Can't camp here
  • Peculiar: Very high chance of conatining at least one rare biome.
  • Bosses: High chance of bosses spawning.
  • Variance: Enemy strength has a much wider variance.
  • MagicWood: Chopping wood grants doubled resources
  • Wasteland: Much less encounters/events etc.

Combat Modifiers[ | ]

  • Corrosive: Poison deals doubled dmg.
  • Toxic: All characters start combat poisoned
  • NatureBound: Regeneration also increases armor by 5.
  • Vengeful: Curse increases strength/magic by 50%.
  • ManaSurge: Every character loses 10% mana when attacking. Characters without mana will start combat weakened.
  • Regenerating: Every character starts with permanent regeneration. Fully heal at the end of battle
  • Brittle: Slow also reduces armor by 10 (armor can't go below 0).
  • Fragility: Each characters starts with permanent vulnerability.
  • Barrier: Each character starts with bonus armor.
  • Pheromones: Each character starts with permanent lust gain.
  • Enticing: Each character starts with lower LRes.
  • Fatal: Bleeding doesn't stop naturally.
  • Lethargic: Each character starts slowed for a few turns.

Weather[ | ]

  • Clear: No special effect
  • Sunny: Morale bonus when camping. Light spirits may spawn. In combat: characters start with higher morale
  • Raining: Morale loss upon entering (for non water characters). Increased chance for water spirits. In combat: chance for water to expand. Burn degrades quicker
  • HeavyRain: Morale loss upon entering (for non water characters). High chance to encounter water spirits. In combat: all characters will be soaked. Chance to turn tiles into water. Burn degrades very fast
  • IntenseHeat: High chance to encounter fire spirits. Non heat resistant characters have a 50% chance to lose +1 stamina/step. (except on water) Morale loss (for non heat resistant characters) In combat: burn doesn't degrade each turn. Water will dry each turn.
  • Blizzard: Less enemies. Party moves slower. High chance to encounter ice spirits. Morale loss (for non cold resistant characters) In combat: Start each battle slowed. High Chance for water to freeze.
  • Fog: Lowered vision. In combat: easier to escape.
  • Snowing: Party moves slightly slower. Increased chance for ice spirits. In combat: Start each battle slowed. Chance for water to freeze.
  • SporeStorm: Can't camp.
  • PetalStorm: Increases chance to encounter nature spirits In combat: at the start of each characters turn, increase lust by 2. (affected by LRes)
  • ManaStorm: Fully restore mana after combat Rare weather.
  • Anomaly: Beautiful astral occurence. Entry cost increased. Increases morale a lot when entering. Rare weather event.
  • Sacred: +50% exp gain Rare weather event.

Events[ | ]

  • When you first enter the Portals location, you will trigger an event with Sylvie in which you will need to decide whether you want to take a free TeleportStone she offers or decline, the latter of which will increase your relations with her by 20.
  • A chance of a mini event with Sylvie if your relations with her is high enough and she is currently present at this location. She will let you know that she found a new secluded portal which she registered as uninhabitable and wants you to check it out with her since you'll be able to take all of the treasures for yourselves (this portal has no entrance fee).
  • A chance for Avy's recruitment event.
  • A chance to encounter Pyrea who can be recruited after the 4th time you help her.

Notes[ | ]

  • Sylvie is present from the start of the game the entire day 0 and day 1 and then from 08:00 - 22:00 afterwards.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Guild is responsible for managing and documenting traffic between portals.