Fungal Spirit

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Evolution[ | ]

Fungal Spirits don't have evolution paths, the higher forms they evolve into don't evolve any further, with a selection of two Creatures with no requirements and two humanoids that do have requirements.

They can be evolved into Fungal Gliders, Fungal Striders, Fungal Nymphs which require a Max Level of 10+, or Fungal Queens which are Elites that require you to have 10+ other fungal creatures and no queen.

Overview[ | ]

A base spirit. Unlike other elements, the Main Character cannot choose Fungal Spirits at the start. That means there's no summoning them and no affiliated trait.

Like all base spirits, Fungal Spirits can be reshaped upon hitting their level cap, increasing their Max Level and some genes but going back to level 1.

Combat[ | ]

Base spirits are generally weak and will be priority targets for most of their training cycles. It's advised to keep them safe in combat encounters.

Fungal Spirits and their evolved forms all have the Fungal special trait, which forms a network when other units with the same trait are next to them. This grants them various benefits, and can even be passed on to other units when fusing the Fungal Spirit at Max Level. Fungal Spirits and their evolved forms also get the FungalBond passive, which grants further benefits when linked to a Fungal network. Needless to say, they work best in an all Fungal team.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Unlike most other elements, there's no Fungal Summoner you can recruit yet.

Trivia[ | ]