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Evolution[ | ]

Elementalists can evolve them from Fire Spirits, Water Spirits or Grass Spirits, each with their own options. They all learn ElementalPower, a second skill depending on the element, and third for the Level Type.

When evolved from Fire Spirits they learn AbsorbFire and one of the following:

Level Type Learned Skills
Average Bite
Endurance Bite
Magic Eruption
Support MagicFire
Dexterity FireLeap

When evolved from Water Spirits they learn Scald and one of the following:

Level Type Learned Skills
Average WaterPath
Magic WaterShield
Support MagicWater
Dexterity QuickDive

When evolved from Grass Spirits they learn RootBurn and one of the following:

Level Type Learned Skills
Average Push
Endurance MagicArmor
Magic PoisonCloud
Strength LustBite
Support Magic Grass
Dexterity LongJump

Overview[ | ]

A rare creature that's difficult to find in the wild. They count as seals for access to SealHaven.

Combat[ | ]

They are powerful all-rounders with high stat growths across the board, with an interesting set of abilities.

They have a few skills unique to them, which will determine what team composition they are suited for.
RootBurn turns grass into lava, and with Scald inflicting Burns, they make for a decent addition to a fire team.
Alternatively, the combination of Scald's water damage and AbsorbFire make them terrifying anti-fire units. Granted, Scald requires a water tile to use.

When evolved by an Elementalist they learn ElementalPower, which gives different effects depending on the type of tile they are standing on, even slime, which makes them one of the few non-slime units that can be usefully integrated into a slime team.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Tamers begin with one that has a Max Level of 20.

Trivia[ | ]