Sea Serpent

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Evolution[ | ]

A final evolution of a Water Spirit. They can be evolved from Water Fish or Orb Fish, gaining a size in the process.
They have a prerequisite of 3+ strength genes.

They can be evolved into three different types:

Level Type Learned Skills
Average Bite
Dexterity LongJump
Dexterity QuickDive

If you're evolving them from Water Spirits, you might want to consider evolving different types so you can fuse away Splash for a better skill set.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

In terms of pure Strength it is one of the most powerful in the game, with a base stat of 7 and a growth of 2.0. Its deadliness is only enhanced by its cleaving attacks that inflict both Poison and Bleeding.

Overworld[ | ]

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