Eye Girl

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Evolution[ | ]

A final evolution of an Ice Spirit. They can be evolved from Ice Balls.

They can be evolved into five different types:

Level Type Learned Skills
Average Shatter
Strength FrostFlight
Magic IceBeam
Support FullHeal
Support Blizzard

Evolving a Strength Level Type is not recommended however, as their growth is average and you lose out on a skill since Ice Balls already learn FrostFlight.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Eye Girls are powerful Elites whose only drawbacks are below average Health Growth and average Strength. All their other stats are superior, allowing them to excel in multiple roles. Their Magic in particular is quite powerful, giving them a formidable skillset if you stick to Magic Level Type throughout their evolution path.

Ice can be very useful with certain conditions. The ability to freeze your enemy for a turn can be team saving, when facing off solo enormous or boss encounters.

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