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The Jelly Fish Girl is an Elite water spirit that can serve a rather unique role as a lust sniper. At the same time, her presence on the battlefield grants the likewise unique Seeping Poison global passive which enhances the effectiveness of poison damage for aquatic teams. While these two features are not directly related, both are impactful enough to mold the player's approach to battle on each own.

Evolution[ | ]

The Jelly Fish Girl is a final evolution of a Water Spirit that can be accessed if one had evolved into an Orb Fish. Unlike Shell Drake or Sea Serpent, there is no stat requirement for this evolution. Upon evolution, the spirit is given four choices:

Level Type Learned Skills
Seduction DetachTentacle
Seduction Drain
Support CreateWater
Average WaterFall

Being an Elite, the Jelly Fish Girl does not evolve any further and loses the Evolving special trait.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

There are two things that are unique and worth mentioning about the Jelly Fish Girl in terms of combat: DetachTentacle and SeepingPoison. DetachTentacle is a seduction skill that inflicts double lust damage to a target at the cost of 5 health points. What is interesting is that DetachTentacle's base range is further than regular seduction and it costs 0 AP to use. The extended range means the Jelly Fish Girl can seduce a target without being in range of retaliatory flirting or general harm's way. Since this is a skill, the WindShaper genetic trait and the AirControl essence can further increase the range of this lust sniper shot which normally would do nothing for seduction. Further, it can be used freely in addition to other actions such as moving away from enemies, swatting them with poison, using other skills, or simply seducing even more in the traditional way. It does have a one-turn cooldown and health cost, but most teams that would work well with the Jelly Fish Girl will have ways to make constant loss of 5 HP trivial.

The other quirk - SeepingPoison - is entirely unrelated to seduction. This unique global passive doubles poison damage to all enemies as long as they are on water tiles. The co-incidence of aquatic/amphibic team compositions and poison damage is pretty common, so the requirement can be met relatively naturally. Sea Serpent, another Elite water spirit, thrives in water and natively inflicts poison damage. Floral and lizard teams can work with both water and poison. As long as enemies are inflicted with poison and they are mired in water, this passive will take effect in addition to everything else you are doing. It also helps that the Jelly Fish Girl's default attack is a swinging Poison damage.

With these two tricks in mind, the Jelly Fish Girl's high growth in lust damage and mana enhances her role as rear support. Alternatively, one could grant her terraforming capabilities (such as CreateWater from her Support evolution) and employ her in the front lines since her health growth is at least adequate. Strength growth is truly abysmal, but her swinging Poison attack and the following flood will always make sure SeepingPoison is at its maximal output at all times.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

When assigned at the Farm, the Jelly Fish Girl will produce Poison and Aphrodisiac.

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