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Hole Worms are powerful elite shadow spirits with abilities to reposition their enemies instead of themselves. With high growth in both magic and strength, a Hole Worm can throw blows that easily qualify them for their elite status.

Evolution[ | ]

A Shormy, upon hitting its level cap, can evolve into a Hole Worm. It has three different choices in the process:

Level Type Learned Skills Notes
Magic BlackHole Size stays the same
Support MagicPull Size stays the same
Strength Bite Size Increases

A Hole Worm is a final form for Shadow Spirits and loses the Evolving special trait.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

A Shormy evolving into a Hole Worm loses both its mobility and passive ShadowTrail, but it gains tremendous offensive output and interesting repositioning options instead. Hole Worms' hallmark skill, BlackHole, yanks enemies toward them and inflicts severe damage. Even if they survive the direct hit, other allies can finish the work now that they are in the middle of your front line. MagicPull is the more subdued but safer option, not to mention that it factors both magic and strength in the right circumstance.

Hole Worms also inflict True damage innately. In case of an exclusively shadow-based team, a Hole Worm's melee attack can bypass enemy resistance to Shadow damage.

They also spread shadow tiles if they end turn on them, but they do not trail shadow themselves.

If you recruit Shadow she will come with a Unique Hole Worm named Pet that differs greatly from other Hole Worms.

Unlike regular Hole Worms, which are Dark Types with ShadowBound which makes them better on shadow tiles and worse off them, Pet is a Normal Type with ShadowMeld so he doesn't rely on shadow tiles and is encouraged to use ShadowForm. In fact, Pet doesn't get SpreadShadow and even gets cursed on shadow tiles. His stats also support this. Pet's base Health and Mana are lower, with even lower Health Growth, but his Mana Growth is far superior to that of regular Hole Worms so he can get more out of his skills

Between liberal use of ShadowForm and his far greater Speed Growth, in time he'll be able to zip around the map with his owner. His base Strength is also higher than normal, and though his Strength and Magic Growth is slower, it's mitigated by the boost he gets from being Unique and his Infused trait.

Overworld[ | ]

Even though Hole Worms show their namesake holes, through which one can see the gloaming darkness of an impossible and abhorrent emptiness, proudly and without hiding, Hole Worms are still adorable Pets like Shormies are. Camping with a Hole Worm will boost the team's morale.

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