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Shadow Bringers are a shadow spirit with a powerful terraforming passive ability. A Shadow Spirit evolving into a Shadow Bringer loses the ability to attack but it can create massive amounts of shadow tiles merely by moving around.

Evolution[ | ]

A Shadow Spirit, upon reaching its level cap, can evolve into a Shadow Bringer. The choice of evolution type decides which skills it learns:

Level Type Learned Skills Notes
Magic Conceal, ShadowBlast Size stays the same
Support Conceal, ShadowBond Size stays the same
Support Conceal, GrowShadow Size stays the same
Dexterity ShadowCloak, ShadowStep Size stays the same
Dexterity ShadowCloak, MistForm Size Decreases
Endurance Conceal, MistForm Size stays the same

Shadow Bringers can evolve further into Void Bringers. Note that Shadow Bringers have different options for the Void Bringer evolution than Shormies do.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

A Shadow Bringer is a unit almost completely dedicated to the support role - only one of the six evolution types gives it any means of offense at all. It has the powerful LargeShadowTrail passive, which turns every tile it walks onto and all six surrounding tiles as well into shadow tiles. Simply moving a Shadow Bringer around will create a massive advantage for other shadow units in the team.

Their downside is that Shadow Bringers cannot make even a default melee attack (having the rare attack type of Unable) and that they are remarkably slow by default. The latter can be addressed with select genetic traits, such as Fast, Light, MagicSpeed, and so on.

Overworld[ | ]

Breeding[ | ]

Moneymaking[ | ]

A Lv. 1 Shadow Bringer can be sold at the market for 100 gold.

Notes[ | ]

  • Shadow Bringers are one of the only two units in the game to have the default attack type of Unable, the other being a Fungal Queen - another unit dedicated to support.

Trivia[ | ]