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The Holy Spirit is an Elite light spirit. They are extreme in many ways; their strength and speed go sky-high, their health is so pitiful that one turn of complete protection is the only safeguard against instant death, and their development as a unit requires full and uncompromising commitment to a role. When faced as an enemy, someone will die in a single blow in that battle.

Evolution[ | ]

A Light Orb, upon hitting its level cap, can evolve into a Holy Spirit. It is given seven choices in the process:

Level Type Learned Skills
Average LightSpear
Support Rapture
Magic HolyPower
Magic LightShape
Support SunShine
Support HolyLight
Support Protect

The Holy Spirit is an Elite and does not evolve further, losing the Evolving special trait.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Terrifying destructive potential is just barely contained within a Holy Spirit. They are the supreme glass cannons without compare. By default, Holy Spirits possess the Sniper special trait, extending their natural ranged attack. The extreme growth in strength and speed help the spirit to take down enemies one by one from safe distances, which they need as their lack of health growth is just as extreme. Holy Spirits receive a one-turn FullShield at the start of every combat, which no-sells most means of disabling them before they can kill something.

Alternatively, the Holy Spirit can lean on support roles, either as fire support or logistics. LightShape is an interesting skill with a complicated requirement, but it does inflict Radiant damage on all hostiles at once. SunShine destroys all shadow tiles at once and boosts Radiant damage and HolyPower can Enlighten every ally with a single 2AP action. LightSpear (from the appropriate Average type) uses both strength and magic to deal Radiant damage and protect shield for Enlightened allies.

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