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The Shadow Nymph is a flexible, versatile shadow spirit who can easily home in on whatever role they are assigned. Their special abilities allow them to react to enemy engagement and arrange the situation to their allies' favor rapidly.

Evolution[ | ]

A Shadow Spirit whose Max Level is 10 or above, upon hitting its level cap, can evolve into a Shadow Nymph. In this process they can learn a variety of skills, divided into four types:

Level Type Learned Skills
Magic ShadowBond, ShadowBlast, ShadowStep
Magic ShadowBond, MagicMissile, Darkness
Support ShadowBond, Conceal, GrowShadow
Support ShadowBond, ShadowPrison, Curse

While Shadow Nymphs are not Elite, they do not evolve further and lose the Evolving special trait.

Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Regardless of which evolutionary path was taken, Shadow Nymphs enjoy the MistForm passive at the start of every fight. This allows them to be in shadowform for a turn, giving them a boost in speed and a defensive layer on the enemies' first turn. Further, every path allows the Shadow Nymph to learn ShadowBond that they can use easily thanks to the ShadowTrail passive. Once a battle breaks out, Shadow Nymphs can drop slower allies into advantageous positions, blast the enemies with an opening salvo, or penetrate enemy lines to strike down vulnerable targets.

One downside with the MistForm passive is that it applies a massive penalty on the Shadow Nymph's strength and shrivel up the spirit's own direct melee attack on the first turn. If this is necessary for the game plan, the Telekinetic genetic trait can basically turn this partial penalty into a bonus instead.

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