Town NPCs

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Town NPCs are special in various ways

  • The main character can interact with them in town, depending on their schedules.
  • You can raise relations by gifting them money (3 point per 100g when below 30, 1 per 100 afterwards 30).
  • Some Town NPCs accept characters meeting a certain requirement as a task. You can recruit those in the wilds, summon as spirits, or breed.
  • Recruiting Town NPCs requires 80+ relation with them.
  • Lewdity can be raised by increasingly lewd sexual interactions while dating, usually capped at +3 lewdity per date and one date per day.
  • Injury or death will reduce their relations by 50 and remove them from your party, requiring you to raise relation again in-town to re-recruit them.
  • They often have a unique inheritable genetic trait, not available anywhere else.
  • They have unique quests related to their occupation and main in-game function.
  • They offer a variety of services in town, up to their daily actions capacity.
  • The MC gains a special combat skill that applies only to that Town NPC upon maxing their relationship, as well as access to building unique home upgrades.
  • A main character with the Partner advantage can recruit one town NPC from the beginning of the game. This also sets their relationship stat instantly to 100.

Lumira[ | ]

Female Mermaid x Lymean
Unique genetic trait: Gills - can breathe underwater (access to water portals and deep water biomes)
Unique MC skill: Water recall - teleports Lumira to MC, shields her and turns adjacent tiles to water

Relationship +: 1 for each item bought in her shop (no cap)
Quest: spend gold in her shop, including restocking

  • Help: You lose 20 stamina on MC, and 3 hours, you gain 100g and 2 relation point
  • Offer seal: Gives money and also an item based on if the seal is injured or not and what species the seal is.


  • Gifting her gold gives you more relations per gold than buying her items, but buying her items also counts towards her quest progress.

Sylvie[ | ]

Female Human x Beast
Unique genetic trait: Unstable - species is a random basic species for breeding purposes
Unique MC skill: Conduit - removes all ailments and buffs from Sylvie, and copies them to all adjacent units

Relationship + for each claimed portal quest rewards(5 for exploration, 5 for battles)
Quest: claim portal quest rewards
Tasks: None.


  • As an impure species, she is not eligible for skillpoint ritual for Creation or Evolution
  • She comes with many useful combat passives, most of them not inheritable.
  • She is very useful in breeding a versatile selection of high level characters for ritals.

Flora[ | ]

Small Female Plant x Succubus
Unique genetic trait: Draining - drains 20% MP from units she fucks in battles
Unique MC skill: Magic Pheromones - Flora deals (her LDmg + MC's magic) Lust damage to all adjacent units

Relationship + for MC working at brothel, completing Flora's tasks
Quest: satisfy brothel guests (unique NPC for 1000+ guests), excluding MC's clients except from brothelshows
Tasks: Give her a character with lust gene 5+. Lose the character, gain 5 relation points with Flora, and level-based gold.


  • Starts out with her fetish sex skill at master level, with Godly potential

Castalia[ | ]

Futa Centaur x Lymean
Unique genetic trait: Royal - brothel value +25%
Unique MC skill: Lustburst - deals (current Lust/2) damage to adjacent units. Resets Castalia's lust to 0.

Relationship + for submitting new species to the Library
Quest: submit new species to the Library
Task: Give her a character with mana gene 5+ and Intelligent trait. Lose the character, gain 5 relation points, and level-based gold.


  • Castalia is the only Unicorn without Charge movement

Aila[ | ]

Male Centaur x Centaur
Unique genetic trait: Savage - Strength +25%, armor +1, no skills, mana set to 0
Aila is an Arena Champion (brothel value +25% for the character and her Prestigious offspring)
Unique MC skill: Overwhelming - Aila gains StrengthBuff and Focused (2 turns)

Relationship + for winning Arena battles
Quest: win Arena battles
Task: Give her a character with str gene 4+ and Strong trait. Lose the character, gain 5 relation points, and level-based gold.


  • Aila's stats may vary, as she starts out at max level. She has a second armor equip slot instead of an accessory slot.
  • Recruiting Aila is useful to make the training free.

Mya[ | ]

Female Centaur x Succubus
Unique genetic trait: Producer - Energy/Milk production +2
Unique MC skill: Replenish - Drains Mya's mana, gain twice the amount, and restores 2 AP.

Relationship + for completing Tavern requests, and gifting Mya a Futa potion (once).
Quest: fill Tavern requests
Task: You lose 30 stamina on MC, and 2 hours, you gain 50g and 2 relation point


  • She is the only unit that produces the magicmilk crafting material instead of regular milk when milked.