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Mya is a female Cow Girl that works at the Tavern in Town.

Overview[ | ]

Like most other Town NPCs, Mya has a few unique aspects to her.
First is her genetic trait Producer, which increases her Energy and Milk recovery by +2, which is invaluable when producing resources at the Farm to Craft ExpPotions.
She also has an unique special trait MagicMilk, making it so that she gives MagicMilk instead of normal Milk when milked, which then can be used to craft MilkPotions.

As with the rest of the Town NPCs, Main Character can learn an unique skill once their relations with Mya hit 100, which is used exclusively when both are in battle. Mya's unique skill is Replenish, which drains Mya's Mana to recover MC's mana by twice that amount (up to full), it also restores 2 AP.

Combat[ | ]

Mya is a Mana and Energy battery unit, making for a decent support for the MC if Replenish is unlocked.

Mya is better used in the Farm, as the majority of her traits are focused on production, and there are many factors that make her a poor combat unit, such as the fact that she can't replenish her own mana or energy to work as a good battery, her unremarkable stat growths, and slow speed.

Relationship[ | ]

The following actions raise her relations with the MC.

  • Drinking at the Tavern (+1 relations up to 30, +2 Stamina, +5 Morale, -25 gold, takes 30 minutes).
  • Helping her while she's working at the Tavern (+2 relations, no cap, -30 stamina, +50 gold, takes 2 hours)
  • Completing a Tavern quest (+2 relations, no cap)
  • Gifting her 100 gold (+5 relations up to 30, then +1 relations, no cap, -100 gold)
  • Working as a Cow Girl at the Tavern (Evolution only, requires Cow Girl form unlocked and 50 or more relations to unlock, +5 relations, -20 stamina, +200 gold, takes 4 hours)
  • Setting one of your units as a Helper (chance of daily +2-6 relations, no cap)
  • Gifting her a FutaPotion while she's working at the Tavern (Requires 20 or more relations to unlock. +20 relations, can only be done once)

Wife[ | ]

Marrying Mya will grant +2 energy regeneration per day to all of your characters, +20 food income, +10 basic housing capacity and more tavern quests.

After becoming your wife she can learn the following skills:

Events[ | ]

  • When you enter the Tavern during the first days of a new game, you will trigger an event in which Mya will offer you a free drink, your choices are "Milk" (gain +20 Stamina), "Alcohol" (gain +10 Morale ), or "Juice" (gain nothing).
  • If your relations are 21 or more, you can gift her a FutaPotion while she's working at the Tavern to transform her into a futa and increase your relations by +20.

Notes[ | ]

  • She can be found working at the Tavern between 7:00 and 24:00.
Sex Skills

She starts with Bad in all her sexual skills, and can get up to Skilled in Pussy, Ass, Mouth, and Hands, Master in Cock, and God in the rest.


Interests in Cock: Craves (80) and her optimal size is Large.
Interests in Pussy: Neutral (0) and her optimal tits size is Large.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Her semen and milk are very sweet and seem to have healing properties.