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Flora is a female Plant Succubus who is the boss of the Brothel in Town, she's also a SexMaster.

Overview[ | ]

Like most other Town NPCs, Flora has a few unique aspects to her.
First is her genetic trait Draining, which drains Mana from the unit she fucks equal to her Magic, she regains mana equal to twice that amount, while not as useful on her due to her poor mana growth, it's very useful in any Mana battery.
She also starts with a Beauty of Gorgeous (111) due to her Beautiful trait, and she's skilled in all sexual skills (which can reach God), making for a great whore for the Brothel.

As with the rest of the Town NPCs, Main Character can learn an unique skill once their relations with Flora hit 100, which is used exclusively when both are in battle. Flora's unique skill is MagicPheromones, which increases Lust of all units around Flora by the MC's Magic and Flora's Lust Damage.

Combat[ | ]

Flora is a support unit that focuses on seduction.

She has an unique special trait Paralyzing, which applies LustGain on any unit that she services for the rest of the battle, coupled with Collector and her great sexual skills, she's one of the best recruiters in the game. However, her overall poor stats mean she should be kept away from the frontlines.

Relationship[ | ]

The following actions raise her relation with the MC.

  • Offering her a character with Lust gene 5+. (+5 relations, no cap, lose the character and gain level-based gold)
  • Working at the gloryholes in the brothel (+1 relations, no cap, -50 Stamina, takes 2 hours)
  • Working as a prostitute in the brothel (+2 relations, no cap, -30 Stamina, takes 2 hours)
  • Gifting her 100 gold (+3 relations up to 30, then +1 Relation, caps at 50, -100 Gold)
  • Setting one of your units as a Helper (chance of daily +2-6 relations, no cap)

Wife[ | ]

Marrying Flora will grant bonus Brothel income and better show recruitment.

After becoming your wife she can learn the following skills:

Events[ | ]

  • When you first enter the Brothel during the first days of a new game, you will trigger an event with Flora where you can get exp for your Cock sex skill (Pussy if playing as Creation).

Notes[ | ]

  • She can be found working at the Brothel between 16:00 and 4:00.
Sex Skills

She start with Skilled in all her sexual skills, and can get up to God in all of them.


Interests in Cock: Loves (50) and her optimal size is Large.
Interests in Pussy: Loves (50) and her optimal tits size is Small.

Trivia[ | ]