Version History

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Versions Date
V0.19.0.1 Bugfixes 27/02/2022
V0.19.0.0 Changelog 23/02/2022
V0.18.0.1 Bugfixes 07/12/2021
V0.18.0.0 Changelog 07/12/2021
V0.17.0.1 Bugfixes 09/09/2021
V0.17.0.0 Changelog 31/08/2021
V0.16.0.2 Bugfixes 19/05/2021
V0.16.0.1 Bugfixes 17/05/2021
V0.16.0.0 Changelog 16/05/2021
V0.15.0.1 Bugfixes 13/02/2021
V0.15.0.0 Changelog 06/02/2021
V0.14.0.1 Bugfixes 21/10/2020
V0.14.0.0 Changelog 16/10/2020
V0.13.0.1 Bugfixes 27/07/2020
V0.13.0.0 Changelog 16/07/2020
V0.12.0.1 Bugfixes 28/04/2020
V0.12.0.0 Changelog 26/04/2020
V0.11.1.0 Changelog 03/03/2020
V0.11.0.1 Bugfixes 02/20/2020
V0.11.0.0 Changelog 02/16/2020
V0.10.0.1 Bugfixes 12/28/2019
V0.10.0.0 Changelog 12/26/2019
V0.9.10.1 Bugfixes 11/16/2019
V0.9.10.0 Changelog 11/13/2019
V0.9.9.1 Bugfixes 09/30/2019
V0.9.9.0 Changelog 09/28/2019
V0.9.8.1 Bugfixes 08/13/2019
V0.9.8.0 Changelog 08/12/2019
V0.19.0.1 Bugfixes

Bugfixes:[ | ]

  • Ryxhora event triggered daily
  • Resurrection effects caused some issues
  • Arena service affected all battles
  • overworld heal could heal less than expected
  • Crea corruption
  • Enemy overworld parties didn't move when resting on portal tiles
  • loadout sizes weren't saved
  • loadout difficulty didn't update immediately
V0.19.0.0 Changelog

Overworld:[ | ]

  • world changes a bit daily (forests grow/expand etc.)
    some objects/encounters/events etc will be replaced/removed each day
  • hives don't appear in stabilized portals anymore
  • new structures with various effects.
  • workforce as a new resource which lets you just use gold to make some orders.
    get more from reputation/kingsquests or firing high relation characters.
    Druid starts with more and higher basic increase
  • new special biome
  • Special biomes worked incorrectly and generally only generated max 1 per portal
  • Can send items/resources on floor home without leaving. (from portal/camp tiles)
  • Some more special stuff in Avy's home world.

Characters:[ | ]

  • New spirit (5 new species. Can't be chosen as starter)
  • 2 new uniques
  • 3 new other species
  • new skills etc.

Other:[ | ]

  • Added limited rerolls per date. (bonus for each unplayable card)
  • Added more pictures to dates (mostly Lyra/Devy)
  • Added other pictures to gallery (many exclusive to it)
  • Elites are only limited to one per species (testing for now)
  • much higher recruit chance if only one enemy left.
  • Additional early common essence portal at day 2 to get started
  • Brothel-score regarding tips has diminishing returns
  • Partner dating cards now generate partially based on current lust value
  • Can sort by time since you got the character
  • Character selection always shows their current location
  • Lure now spawns a random enemy party nearby
  • Morta got a unique genetic trait
  • swamp slimes can replicate
  • Gene info on quick manager shows if a character is adapted
  • some other small changes

Noteworthy bug fixes:[ | ]

  • firedragons couldn't evolve
  • celia date crashed game
  • anomalies could teleport into impassable terrain
  • some tavern quests couldn't be completed
  • AI ignored some type of skill requirements
  • In dates partner sometimes generated a play card
  • daily material income was kept over when creating a new save
  • event tiles in special portals didn't renew daily
  • slime kept spreading after hive removal
  • Game is locked to one instance now (might prevent some weird bugs where it opened multiple times and deleted saves.)

Only unlockables.sav is compatible

V0.18.0.1 Bugfixes

Bugfixes:[ | ]

  • some minor descriptions were wrong.
  • some sylvie date actions didn't work correctly.
  • genetic traits weren't included in loadouts.
  • rejuvenate also applied bleed.
  • new special hybrid had a wrong combination.
  • energy was drained wtice on service, possibly going negative.
  • some heal passives had the wrong target.

Changes:[ | ]

  • added avy idle home pic.
  • higher brothel ranks have less exp penalty. highest rank requires less score.
  • most relax/explore date events are more common.
  • date upgrades to add new cards are more common.
  • "energize" action can be used without triggering it's effect. It also has retain now.
  • negative date card values are underlined instead of changing color?
  • Increased base daily morale gain by 1.
  • "unknown" specials now trigger based on modified atk type. (relevant for evo)
V0.18.0.0 Changelog

Characters:[ | ]

  • Each element now has a nymph evolution (4 new species)
  • Generally more evolution skill choices and more descriptive text
  • Most nymphs should provide a lot of synergy and flexibility to their element.
  • new skills
  • new special hybrid
  • 2 new special species
  • new unique
  • Flora art update

Dating:[ | ]

  • more events/pictures
  • more cards/upgrade options
  • can only date each character once/day
  • most uniques have a small unique dating effect/passive

Overworld:[ | ]

  • Full portals are now saved (savefile bigger based on current loaded portals.
    might cause loading of the save selection screen to take longer with many savefiles for now.)
  • Changing tiles affects daily changes/regrow things
  • separated building/terraform menu.
    (foundation for more complex buildings with storage/ability to assign characters etc. in future)
  • some things can be build at higher range

Town:[ | ]

  • some locations have an additional npc
  • some more special options and events
  • evo-show update
  • in shows, guests now leave when satisfaction stays at 100 or 0 for 2 turns
  • time cost for show-actions and duration halved. (ranks increase max time)
  • Removed the nearby location buttons
  • Removed some library tabs and updated info.

Start:[ | ]

  • Added loadouts for starting selections.
  • Mc-genetics from character creation give bonus base stats now.
  • Some genetic starting traits have additional benefits.
  • One random profession has a yellow bonus, also giving you more options for first essence.

Other:[ | ]

  • Cleaned up some decriptions/tutorial etc.
  • Updated story/lore stuff to be more consistent.
  • Druid has a new starting passive, granting a bonus based on stance.
  • Expanded fairy help suggestions
  • Unique looks and some abilities are kept after fusing, if the species matches.
  • Characters can toggle between guard and shield as defensive action. (testing for now)
  • many small QoL changes
  • some new "cheats":
    "skill+ +skillname" list species with that skill(skill fireball).
    "passive+ +passivename" to list passives. (doesn't flag)
    "glimpse" to reveal gallery temporarily without messing with unlocks.
    those don't flag a file as cheating.
    While a file is flagged as cheating, you're now never encumbered.

Noteworthy bug fixes:[ | ]

  • Soft lock when a character had regeneration/bleed effects at the same time in a specific order.
  • AI-focus setting didn't do anything.
  • character quest rewards were always the same
  • some types of dating action didn't immediately update stats.
  • growth essences only applied to fusions and not eggs.
  • some elemental weaknesses weren't consistent with tooltips.

Only unlockables.sav is compatible

V0.17.0.1 Bugfixes

Bugfixes:[ | ]

  • an_3 quest didn't trigger (required for alt end)
  • level quests didn't progress - ConsumeMana,entice/aphrodisiac had reversed requirements
  • loading split recruited town npcs into 2 instances, which caused some problems
    (separate relation/lewd increases, reset level to before recruitment after death etc.)
  • holyspirit had wrong shield passive
  • attacks with fixed attacktype didn't correctly work (FireTailWhip etc.)
  • newgame plus broke dating
  • town npcs didn't trigger correct location events
  • shift skill didn't work/caused ai errors
  • could enter air portals without flying and not return
  • non lewd date actions also had *2 score multipiler
  • alchemist gallery entry didn't unlock
  • date stat checks always comapred to max value of target
  • OW save window had fixed text in some part
  • random name buttons didn't work
V0.17.0.0 Changelog

Dating-rework:[ | ]

  • All characters can be dated and have a lewdity value.
  • Non-uniques will start with random value.
  • Characters have interests/dislikes in certain topics. (currently not really used by much)
  • Lewdity can be increased more often/date.
  • Relation increases much quicker.
  • Available dating actions are based on a deck based on your interests.
  • You have 2 dating decks (casual/sexual) and switch between both in various ways.
  • Cards get worse for remaining date as you use them.
  • Each location has actions available which manipulate your cards and trigger random events (prev rest/explore events)
  • Earn skillpoints for certain categories with each sexskill lv-up and from dating
  • Can upgrade/add cards with skillpoints.
  • Can select your starting decks in character creation.
  • More focus on statuseffects/stat checks
  • Pictures will be shown based on unique/species if available for any action.
  • Generally much easier to add descriptions/new events/pictures etc. now.

Quests:[ | ]

  • Relation of character more visible
  • Characters will sometimes generate random quests with rewards. (based on relation)
  • Relation unlocks special relation quests at certain thresholds. (type/rewards based on lewdity)

Combat (Shield/Healing)[ | ]

  • Added shield as temporary hp.
  • Shield reduces incoming dmg and isn't affected by anything (elemental weakness/armor/dmg types etc.)
  • Remaining dmg will be applied as normal.
  • Elemental weaknesses increased to +100% instead of 50%. (and some changed)
  • Many new actions/passive generate shield
  • Most healing actions don't scale with magic strength. (either flat value or percentage based)
  • More difference between support/magic lvType. Some changes to other lvTypes
  • Healing is generally less efficient than shield

Other[ | ]

  • True end
  • 6 new species
  • New events/achievements/skills etc.
  • Can choose default/random start that selects starters and spends all points.
    (Mostly viable combinations etc. New players can just press default and start immediately)
  • Farm has a capacity. All characters in farm generate their daily crafting items. (can show quick overview of material income)
  • Special home upgrades for 100% relation with town npcs. + some others
  • lowered gene point growth multiplier from 15% to 10%. (10 = +100%)

Only unlockables.sav is compatible

V0.16.0.2 Bugfixes

Bugfixes:[ | ]

  • could camp in unstable portals
  • some maincharacter sexskills were mixed up
  • aircontrol essence didn't do anything
  • hardened skin soul fragment buff applied to spirits/seedlings instead of soulfragments
  • choice caster didn't work
  • potions/energy were used in instant breeding.
V0.16.0.1 Bugfixes

Bugfixes:[ | ]

  • intro events didn't trigger correctly
  • character activity defaulted to "have fun" at 0 stamina instead of at max stamina
  • added button to reset challenge rank in character creation
  • nightcrawlers are now amphibious. Avy's pet didn't have correct genetic maxlevel.
  • "recruiter" trait didn't work
  • tavern characters level didn't scale correctly
  • some wrong texts/tooltips
  • evo now keeps elemental dmg type when in human form
V0.16.0.0 Changelog

Characters:[ | ]

  • 5 new uniques
  • 10 new species
  • 2 new special worlds
  • Reworked some Evo special forms
  • Added some upgrade events for many unique characters with new skills etc.
  • Some new clothes/futa variants
  • Some species are now elite species (max rank spirits and world bosses). Can only have one elite in your party
  • Elite species are generally stronger and more unique now.

Gameplay/Combat:[ | ]

  • Added many global passive effects, obtained by beating short unstable portals every few days.
  • When choosing exclusively from highlighted bonus professions/traits at character creation, you'll start with a special pet
  • Spawning/destroying hives gives some skillpoints based on a portals native species
  • Added new status effects strength/magic charges (Stacking effects giving lasting 10% strength/magic each)
  • Changed some basic traits like strong/resilient etc. to affect base stat growth instead of being a multiplier
  • Eggs created by maincharacter get a special trait. Gain various bonuses based on maincharacter and amount of these in party.
  • Daily arena battle that increases difficulty/rewards of future daily battles when beaten.
  • Camping duration reverted to shorter times, but doesn't restore stamina. (instead it sets it to a minimum if it was lower)
  • removed level requirement for recruiting. Recruiter trait now increases lust after failed attempts
  • firing characters in town has no morale penalty?
  • quickruns start with less characters and you get a random essence
  • removed stealth
  • removed weather effects at turnstart (spreading water etc.)

QoL:[ | ]

  • Quick/auto save always appear on top of the list. button to directly open save window.
  • Highlights saves of current file. no overwrite confirmation needed for same save
  • Hatchery shows a value for total genes of eggs
  • In combat, middle mouse button doesn't show character tooltip if the character is selected
  • Can see current ritual level of species in "other" character tooltip section

Other:[ | ]

  • more events/scenes etc. (some in categories of existing gallery)
  • some changes to dating, but still a placeholder. I'll probably just rework it into something more simple/fun.
  • many bugfixes + smaller changes.

Only unlockables.sav is compatible

V0.15.0.1 Bugfixes

Bugfixes:[ | ]

  • Some stamina gains/losses were reversed
  • ai didn't do anything when they had massheal skill
  • Unique xhana event never triggered
  • Angel had a wrong picture
  • farmpairs set to farm didn't grow food
  • Egg/crystal setting for farmpairs didn't save
  • Score didn't update for hardest battle/portal
  • An_3 upgrade was bugged
  • quickshooter didn't do anything
  • Only had to meet requirements for one character for training quests
  • Phoenix permanently lost attacktype after hatching
  • Consuming hatchery upgrade counted itself for shares
  • Female only setting didn't work for some species
  • Slime didn't remove ow stamina cost for crea

changes:[ | ]

  • Less frequent combat mods for portals.
  • Native species rework: portals have main and subspecies
    first part is almost always a mainspecies. secondary can be either.
    lizards/mermaids are more likely to spawn in water and mermaids spawn less on other tiles
  • New very rare creature (also in elementalist evolution branch)
  • Tamers now start with that creature with max level 20
  • Some new skills/skill combos
  • New movementtype for lavamermaid and that creature. (fast in water/lava)
  • Changed some ow-skills (scouting etc.) to use stamina but lowered manacost
  • Fusion focus gives high chance to inherit up to 2 learned skills instead of 1
  • Rescue event characters have a guarenteed rare genetic trait and the portals trait
  • Made some finalize effects stronger
  • Added futa option to lonada
  • Added stronger divine favours for a new profession/trait

Normal saves from 0.15 may not be compatible

V0.15.0.0 Changelog

Characters/Content:[ | ]

  • Added new story path/alternate ending
  • 9 new species. 6 new uniques.
  • New achievements/professions/traits
  • New events/scenes etc.

Challenges/statistics:[ | ]

  • Added scaling difficulty option. unlocks in character creation after beating the game.
  • Scales infinitely, but after 10 some modifiers just repeat.
  • Keep track of highest difficulty/score/challenge wins for each character

Farm:[ | ]

  • Simplified farm interface/less micro management (more incentivised to keep pairs once set up)
  • Removed attraction and related stats for breeding
  • Farmpairs increase bond each day up to 10. Resets upon breaking.
  • Bond increases efficiency of everything farm related by 10% each
  • Can toggle characters between producing eggs or twice the amount in crystals
  • Replaced the current settings (slow/vigorous etc.) with side-activities for various bonuses (farming/milking/sextraining...)

Quick character management:[ | ]

  • Added town screen to quickly see/manage all your characters (middle mouse button)
  • Can easily move them around between places/activities
  • Toggles for relevant information
  • Quick access to all character locations

Freeplay:[ | ]

  • Changed freeplay to remove most time based scaling.
  • No time pressure for anything. Difficulty is mostly player controlled.
  • 80%+ completing a portal raises the worldlevel to that portals hostility
  • Worldlevels work similar to ng+, raising difficulty and level caps.
  • Starting level/gene caps are lower than usual

QoL:[ | ]

  • Added quickstart setting, allowing you to skip intro events (simulate default selections)
  • In party prep: can click on empty item slots to filter inventory to that type
  • In inventory can click avatar to select next. Removed the small character tooltips from inventory.
  • In battle, can hold middle mouse on a character to show tooltip
  • Enemies with gifted or special trait will have a star in name. Enemies with death triggered passives are also marked.
  • Sell-toggles for party-prep/crafting window. Generally shouldn't need keyboard for most things now.

Gameplay/Balance:[ | ]

  • Changed evo's adapt mechanic:
    • Can now permanently learn/collect traits.
    • Learned traits can be adapted onto characters.
    • Druid/Crea have/unlock a restricted variation of that ability.
  • Ranged attacks now use all ap instead of requiring 2. (can move before. Restoring 1 ap lets you attack again etc.)
  • Simulates rituals with starters at game-start
  • Druid has a unique skilltree branch based on selected element to support spirits. And some other new abilities.
  • Removed mana penalty for shadow characters for not being in shadow
  • Amphibious no longer has a penalty for land movement (now objectively better than basic movement)
  • Combat-Exp gain doubled but reduced based on a characters level
  • Fused characters can't be used for rituals, but gain +50% exp
  • Your party fully heals on portal/relay tiles
  • Party-teleport costs crystals now
  • Traits are partially weighted based on lvType, including mutagen.
  • New rare (<1% chance) genetic traits based on lvType.(characters with special trait will have a star in combat)
  • More stamina fairies spawn
  • magicwater removes mana from enemies when in water.
  • magicice also affects characters on snow
  • Adaptable mc-trait only doubles potion uses, but is cheaper
  • More skillcombos
  • Early portal/guaranteed first arena battle rewards increased.
  • Some lymeans got some electric skills

Unity/UI stuff:[ | ]

  • Updated unity version, so some rare crashes should be fixed
  • Starting launcher thing was removed.
  • Added ingame settings for resolution/fullscreen.
  • Can resize window
  • Smaller file size
  • Generally should run better/use less ram etc.
  • Added custom cursors based on character (not sure if i like those)

Only unlockables.sav is compatible

V0.14.0.1 Bugfixes

Changes/Balancing:[ | ]

  • Added energy orbs in portals that recover stamina
  • Starting home capacity and upgrades increased
  • Stamina potions restore 50 stamina instead of increasing max
  • Injury shown more clearly on party characters at home
  • Shows if an attack was resisted/weak in log
  • Increased effects of secondary camping actions (scavenging/training etc.)
  • Milk for camping capped at 5 (can use multiple times if more)
  • In party preparation, can click portrait instead of next button
  • Spirits/tavern characters start at full stamina
  • Crea summons start at 100 stamina. upgrades increase it by 10
  • Made the farm pairs more compact

Bugfixes:[ | ]

  • Reversed stamina loss/recovery for some things
  • Could select all traits instead of +1 with fusion focus
  • Fixed various weird ai behaviours
  • Portal entry cost was still based on partysize
  • Creation futa upgrade wasn't considered in advanced sextraining
  • In portals there was an area on the right where inputs were blocked
  • Wrong tooltip for poison attack
  • Wrong description for lavaspider evolution. also added a dex path.
  • Milk/energy buff upgrades for crea were outdated
  • Some missing pictures
  • Special maxlevel pots used up potion slots
  • Farm interface didn't fully reset, causing some weird bugs
  • When selecting a pair both potion costs shown were from the right characters
  • instantbreed didn't work correctly on just formed pairs
  • Resting tooltips were outdated
  • Devil healing costed stamina
  • Angel was missing some pictures
  • You didn't always get a reinforce charge on certain dfficulty settings/professions

(v0.14.0.0 saves should be compatible)

V0.14.0.0 Changelog

With this update I wanted to focus on making the game play nicer. Simplify/remove some stuff + many QoL changes.
Not a lot of new content in terms of events/characters etc.
Didn't really find a way I wanted to change dating so i left it untouched for now.
Spend more time on the succubus game than expected.
Future updates should be quicker again (I'll probably try at least monthly)

Exhaustion/Expeditions:[ | ]

  • Changed exhaustion to stamina (was always weird to have a resource where high numbers were bad)
  • Base max stamina is now 200
  • Each step on the overworld costs one stamina (unless on road/slime as crea), battles cost 2.
  • If a character starts a battle at 0 stamina, they gain a severe debuff
  • Removed stamina cost from entering portals
  • Expeditions have no time restrictions anymore.
  • Entry cost not based on party size
  • Camping takes a lot longer but increases stamina same as sleeping in town
  • Some overworld actions cost stamina now
  • Some powerful/or 0ap skills also have a stamina cost (usually lowered mana or ap cost)
  • Enemies start with random amount of stamina

Reserve characters:[ | ]

  • Can have up to 4 reserve characters in party. (can switch states at any time)
  • You can still only enter a portal with 6 characters, but can recruit characters with full party.
  • Reserve characters don't start in battle/don't lose stamina and gain 50% exp the other characters earned.
    (Total exp earned is higher the more characters are in reserve)
  • If another ally leaves the battlefield (injures/flees...), you can call in a reserve character
  • Fully exhausted/injured characters can't be called in
  • Most events can now trigger even with a full party

Characters:[ | ]

  • Reworked some character art + added alt art
  • Reworked crea art (added clothing etc.) + new skilltree nodes affecting stats/visuals
  • Enemy crea also gets new passives etc as corruption increases
  • Some new abilities/passives. (including passives that change terrain on combat start for special terrain teams)
  • Different looking versions for most basic spirits
  • Basic spirits have more importance in late game
  • Can reshape spirits during expeditions
  • 1 new special hybrid
  • 1 new spirit
  • 1 new unique
  • Fire dragons integrated in fire spirits

Score:[ | ]

  • Can check a score value for your current run (button from map)
    consists of various things like resources/best characters/completed quests etc.
  • Total score at time of completion will be set. (can still change flexible value)

AI rework:[ | ]

  • All skills can be used by ai (including explosion etc. for now?)
  • Generally better and can actively do everything (including defend/disengage etc.)
  • Enemies act one at a time. (instead of based on their action, like seducing first etc.) Quicker/less transitions.
  • Values assigned to skills/attacks etc. and compared based on situation (previously just binary condition whether to use a skill or not)
  • Considers more things (traits/statuseffects/terrain etc.)
  • Applies to player ai used as well
  • Animation speed selection

Atk/Dmg types:[ | ]

  • Each species has an attack and damage type (Fire + Cleave etc.)
    • Including ranged attacks which usually cost 2ap instead of 1
    • Shows icon for them in battle (also shows own type)
    • Weapons can overwrite it. (no species should have 2 weapon slots anymore)
  • Tile highlights show all affected tiles for multi hit attacks etc.
  • Elemental dmg with strength/weaknesses and secondary effects. (shortens many skills and removes need for some passives)
    (e.g fire dmg always increases burn by 1, deals less dmg against enemies in water etc.)
  • On hit effects trigger on all hit enemies (multi hit passives shouldn't exist anymore)
  • Can drop weapon in combat to revert to base damagetypes (0 ap action)
  • Skills also mostly deal elemental dmg.
  • Battles have global elemental power modifiers, usually affected by weather and base spirits
  • All dmg of certain types will be affected. (shown strength/skill dmg shows updated value)
  • Maincharacter damagetype is based on starting element
  • Skill tooltips show actual values (toggle in settings), colored based on affecting stat (no "mg/2+1" etc.)

UI/QoL:[ | ]

  • Updated character tooltip
  • More compact home window/character roster
  • Can quickly summon spirits from home window
  • Can access sleep from anywhere in town
  • Can choose characters from party/brothel for sex training
  • Maincharacter stats more clear for sextraining
  • Shows character combat-sprite in gallery
  • Many other small UI/QoL changes...
  • Added more symbols to mark characters (can now filter by mark)
  • Evo can freely change alt art for characters (just visual)
  • Changed item type filter to only show a certain type instead of toggling it

Other:[ | ]

  • Can choose a focus at start of game, making either breeding or fusion better while making the other worse, or ignore it.
  • Phoenix egg now requires stamina to activate, but doesn't lose mana. (can hatch early at cost of mana)
  • Made explosion a targetable skill (to prevent accidents)
  • Maincharacter starting position lowered
  • Moved the known preferences from prostitute to madame profession
  • Removed max level for maincharacter sexskills (still soft capped by species amount)
  • Removed look types/preferences from characters. removed relations between other characters
  • Changed save type for quickruns from limited to town-only
  • Lightpower doesn't require full mana
  • Portal hostility on endless increases much slower.

Noteworthy bugfixes:[ | ]

  • Game didn't correctly register as won (opional kingsquests etc.)
  • Teleport stone didn't work when portal was closed
  • Maincharacter sexskills modified the wrong skill
  • "blind" and related things didn't work

Only unlockables.sav is compatible

V0.13.0.1 Bugfixes

Noteworthy bigfixes:[ | ]

  • Servicing didn't clear lust when target had no energy
  • rng for some things didn't change each day in some occasions (spawned same tavernquests etc.)
  • "enticed" made ai behave weirdly even when no character is presenting
  • Full restore wasn't useable
  • shelldrakes dropped invalid materials
  • Could collect infinite mushrooms from one spot
  • Genetic size/gender for crea summons weren't always accurate
  • Some overworld event pics weren't shown
  • Enemies in new merchant event were all bosses
  • Needed to have more basic resources to craft something (instead of equal+)
  • Eggs from an event were always lava type
  • Some uniques didn't have the unique trait
  • Evo lost lavaimmunity trait after normal transformations
  • Enemy evo in special forms showed (wrong) clothing overlay
  • Removed automatic milking upgrade as its kinda redundant now
  • Gallery pics for evel didn't unlock
  • Tentacle research event couldn't trigger, as the location was inaccessible. (moved to guild)
  • Couldn't mindcontrol lustbound characters
  • petite/busty/Wellendowed traits didn't affect energy/milk
  • sexmaster/god affects recruiting chance now.
  • Recruit chance no longer capped between 1 and 90%. (can be higher than 100 to show skills more clearly)
  • Producer increased production by +2 and *2, instead of just +2
  • Equalizing room upgrade behaved weirdly/opposite
  • Stored eggs were weirdly aligned
  • Could have same trait multiple times in tavernquest requirements
  • Fixed some weird behaviour for quickruns right after doing a random battle
  • Gallery didn't show loot/produced materials for creatures

Added:[ | ]

  • Avy's familiar has maxlv 10 now. avy has increased potion uses.
  • manaworms can spawn in the wild now and gained mount trait
  • Added some recipes for previously unused materials
  • Can now get sexmaster/god traits with mc when reaching lv 10/15 in any skill
  • Devil/angel pacts change stats more (and change base stats)
  • Added some pics to gallery
V0.13.0.0 Changelog

Alternate art:[ | ]

  • Base species have some variations (mostly different hairstyles/horns etc.)
  • Can choose for starters, otherwise spawn randomly
  • Can see variations in gallery. can also toggle clothing in gallery.

Egg-rework:[ | ]

  • All species have an eggtype
  • Different types have certain properties/requirements
  • eggtype is determined from female part in pairing
  • Hatchery has multiple rooms which can be set to different types/build upgrades etc.
  • Any character can be assigned as a hatcher in a room, increasing egg growth at cost of exhaustion.

Milk/Semen rework:[ | ]

  • Each character has milk/semen("energy") storage/regen based on species/some traits (lower numbers like 5(+2/day) etc.)
  • Bonus milk capacity based on titsize
  • Each harvest gets that amount of crafting materials. (semen type based on eggtype. Milk is just one resource)
  • Collecting can be done from charactermenu as well
  • During camping any character can use stored milk as free temporary food
  • Various changes to traits/consumables to fit.

Combat/Sex-actions:[ | ]

  • Energy as a resource in combat
  • New action Service: chance target cums (equal to lust percentage)->target loses energy. You collect crafting materials based on species equal to energy lost
  • Fuck: both characters lose energy. chance to recruit equal to enemy lustpercentage. malus for remaining energy
  • Passives triggered by fucking only do so if energy was lost. (They are generally a lot stronger now)
  • Whenever a character loses energy but doesn't have any, they become weakened for the remaining battle.
  • max lust always increases after sex actions (instead of only at 50%+ lust)
  • Presenting: Can "Seduce" self to trigger a new action. Nearby enemies have a chance to become enticed, prioritizing fucking the presenting character before other actions.
  • Enemies at 100% lust or enticed will fuck nearby player characters, if they are at 50%+ or "presenting".

Insectgirl-rework:[ | ]

  • Economy + sexual support characters.
  • Usually have very high energy storage, but low regen.
  • Collect energy when fucked instead of losing it. (converting it into their type)
  • Can instantly produce eggs using energy (effectively breed with self)

Crafting/Alchemy:[ | ]

  • Can collect materials in various ways (herbs/mushrooms/semen/milk etc.)
  • Special materials can be earned from npc objectives (kingsquests/tavern/ranked/portalrewards)
  • Can collect semen during brothel shows
  • Materials are stored in separate inventory/list with infinite capacity (Don't need to bring them back from portals)
  • Creatures drop materials like scales/fur etc. based on species when defeated in combat
  • Characters produce daily materials like honey/poison/silk etc. when conditions are met (housing+morale)
  • Craft potions/items etc. with those materials (+ regular resources)
  • Some collectible herbs etc. are no longer items immediately but can be used in various ways
  • Special recipes based on maincharacters/elements/professions etc.
  • New fishes as materials. possible fishes change based on fishing-spot/biome/weather
  • Many new items

Balancing:[ | ]

  • Lowered aggression of enemies/increased stealth effect
  • Decreased enemy density in story portals
  • Most legendary items are stronger
  • Entangled limits ap-gain to 1/turn. constrict now entangles
  • Creatures with suckmana/life can convert their max hp/mana into strength/magic

Other:[ | ]

  • New scenes. new unique character.
  • New profession + mc trait
  • Town npcs have a unique uninheritable special trait or passive
  • Succubus have some new skills/passives
  • You now get the profession specific starting items in quickruns
  • Tamer profession increases stat growth of creatures, instead of a one-time bonus when caught

Noteworthy bigfixes:[ | ]

  • Blinded reduced speed/Armor each tick instead of once. (and only regained once when removed)
  • Highlighted starting professions didn't give the bonus money
  • Evolving seedlings didn't update their movementcosts immediately
  • Lost crystals when fusion failed due to exhaustion
  • Skill combos when fusing were based on left/right character position
  • Starters had wrong genetic lvType
  • Could camp in unstable worlds with the hotkey

Only unlockables.sav is compatible (teams are probably also not compatible this time)

V0.12.0.1 Bugfixes

Bugs Fixed:[ | ]

  • Magic shadow highlighted wrong tiles
  • kingsquest still says you get tp
  • Arena fights start with last portal traits
  • Wild holySpirits had a skill that doesn't exist -> caused some problems
  • breedingpotions didn't work correctly
  • Toxic modifier didn't work
  • Castalia objective completions were visually offset by 1
  • Special portals could generate with impassible terrain/mainbiome
  • Starting portals were always the same regardless of seed (portal seed was just its id)
  • Could tame bosses with nets/magictame
  • Requirement for drain bow was still wrong
  • Could teleport into rock/void tiles on ow
  • Raiders trait reduced enemy spawns
  • Could evolve a lightorb into shadowdjinn
  • Some wrong descriptions/skills for evolution
  • Floating didn't apply stat malus/mount traits
  • Seductive starting trait didn't unlock through eggs
  • A unique event wasn't unique
  • ForestSatyr didn't unlock in gallery

Added:[ | ]

  • Each quickrun starts with an S-rank quest in the tavern.
  • Also added a new loadingscreen pic
V0.12.0.0 Changelog

Summary:[ | ]

  • More interesting portals
  • Spirits integrated more. (more enemy variance etc.)
  • Farm/fusion work more together.

Portals/Overworld:[ | ]

  • Tooltips for portals for modifier descriptions etc.
  • Portals now have a native trait that each character in there has, including some unique ones
  • New basic modifiers
  • Weather effects per portal that can change each day (affecting spirit spawns etc.)
  • Combat modifiers, affecting all battles in a portal
  • New world types with more restricted movement (caves etc.)
  • Special consumables + unlockable farmpotions for special world types

Characters/Creatures:[ | ]

  • 2 new elements (total 10 new species) some previously existing creatures moved into the evolution lines
    • Light: combo based magic/support species
    • Shadow: terrain based team species, introducing shadow tiles in combat
  • 11 new unique characters (mostly missing unique combat sprites, but many aren't really battle characters)

Shadow species rework:[ | ]

  • They work together with shadow spirits and share similar skills generally more hp/ less reliance on shadowform.
  • Bonuses in shadow/malus outside
  • shadowform increases speed more and only costs upkeep outside of shadow. no longer increases armor.
  • Requirements of being in shadowform often replaced with being on a shadow tile

Farm:[ | ]

  • Simplified a lot of stuff
  • Removed focus, now always similar to previous default settings but better
  • Control shifted more towards using farmpotions
  • You don't assign characters to farm ( characters at home show in farm, can assign any two to place in farm)
  • Removing pairings puts characters back home
  • Pairings are shown more clearly and separately with quick infos
  • Separate sortable lists for left/right character. (rightclick can now close as other windows)
  • Can use instantbreed without pairing (can still pair afterwards and keep progress)
  • Can toggle between creature/humanoid (can breed same species creatures)
  • Some new farm items unlocked through explorations/events.
  • Descriptions now adapted to alchemists bonus.
  • Fertility/virility potions increase by a flat amount of 30 instead of +50%
  • Eggs/day capped at 3 per pair. removed doubled crystal gain for farmer. eggs spoil quicker.

Quickruns:[ | ]

  • Some new world modifiers exclusively for it. Most runs now have a world modifier.
  • Rival power starts higher than other runs (not just stage 1 spirits in final battle etc.)
  • More modifiers/starting traits
  • Generally higher chances for more interesting/rare things

Other:[ | ]

  • New events
  • Evo art update + outfits
  • Unranked arena battles can have combat modifiers
  • Rivals can have any element, not just the basic 3
  • Corruption now sets the maxlevel to the characters current level.
    those species are stronger now (might be weird with summoning/fusing)
  • Castalia sells potions once you unlocked the reward thresholds
  • New genetic traits (mostly start/end of combat effect)
  • New mostly neutral difficulty modifiers
  • Can now buy potions from Castalia once unlocked
  • Genes have less impact on stats (10 = doubled stats, prev *2.5 - *3)
  • Slime type characters are stronger, but corrupt sets their maxlevel to current level

Noteworthy bugfixes:[ | ]

  • Tavern characters didn't correctly scale with rank (always had same total genes)
  • Party strength (for mining/woodcutting etc.) was based on magic instead of strength
  • Story mission portals had normal enemy spawn rate (could often just walk through without fights)
  • Sleeping multiple times the same day resulted in same events
  • Crafting draining bow required wrong resource

Only unlockables.sav is compatible

V0.11.1.0 Changelog

Seeded runs:[ | ]

  • Can play quickruns based on a seed, affecting starting traits/element/characters/profession etc.
    (Unlocked traits etc. don't matter. Can still do achievements in quickruns to unlock stuff for normal runs)
  • Some settings are the same for all quickruns
  • Shorter (15 days) runs with some timing adjustments.

Small changes:[ | ]

  • watermermaids now have watertrail onmove
  • Detailed descriptions for starting selections can also be seen in journal
  • Producer only gives 50% bonus instead of 100% (bonus is applied every generation in addition to increased value.)
  • More things are based on a seed

Bugs fixed:[ | ]

  • Days sometimes didn't fully resolve, causing some other problems
  • instantbreed points always increased when you came back from a portal (not based on actual days passed)
  • Stability worldmodifier affected story portals like the final mission and didn't affect basic portals
  • During sextraining, bonus for cumming at the same time didn't reset
  • Quests didn't consider modified stats (strong trait etc.) when submitting characters
  • When enemies initiated combat, biome was ignored
  • IceBeasts didn't have the mount trait
  • Freeze checked own status rather than target for validity
  • Event softlock was still possible if events stacked in the same location. Also put in safety, if an event somehow ever has no option it will just end.
  • Zookeeper gave all characters exp each day (instead of creatures only)

Testing seeded runs/trying to get some opinions on base settings etc. (haven't added anything else yet)

V0.11.0.1 Bugfixes

Bugs fixed:[ | ]

  • Unstable trait didn't work correctly
  • Quests sometimes didn't check for species
  • Gender for fusion was random
  • Unique cowgirl event could trigger multiple times
  • Stable trait added its effect for each evolution
  • Some rockspirits didn't have the spirit trait (couldn't evolve etc.)
  • Earthquake didn't work (only characters with access to it were probably not accessible anyway)
  • Intro events were only triggered on first day (now first 3 days)
  • Random location events lasting multiple days could stack, causing a softlock after ending it.
  • Slime-poison cost more than shown. also increased it's radius by 1
  • Some ai problems (mostly bulb skills)
  • Tavern points starting trait was useless. now lets you start at higher tavern rank
  • Only the first 4 traits showed in fusion window
  • Lumira didn't have the aquatic trait
  • Some quests skillrequirements didn't fit with required gender
  • Some evolution paths had wrong skills/tooltips
  • Special trader events could overlap (same trader multiple times)
  • Genetic gender of starters didn't align with actual gender
  • ai turns shouldn't take the same time if they don't do anything
  • Fleeing into another encounter was bugged
  • Naturally spawning relays didn't do anything.
  • Home portal was listed twice in teleport menu.
  • Only basestats were checked for tavern jobs (ignoring traits like strong etc.).
V0.11.0.0 Changelog

Species:[ | ]

  • New spirit (5 species)
  • 1 new special hybrid
  • 2 new creatures
  • 2 unique characters

Difficulty settings:[ | ]

  • Default save type set to town-only and adjusted modifiers
  • Dating mechanic now optional as difficulty modifier

Town:[ | ]

  • Map for quick overview of the town
  • Quickaccess to locations/certain things
  • Useful tooltips/infos for locations in one place
  • Highlighted places that require attention (eggs hatchable, special portals etc.)
  • New location with some special items

Tavern:[ | ]

  • Removed tavernpoints
  • Quests are ranked
  • You now also have a quest ranking, that affects difficulty/rewards of quests
  • Higher rank also allows you to hire stronger characters for money
  • More varied quests/rewards
  • Can accept/keep track of a few quests. (can't remove quests or reputation loss?)
  • New journal tab for quests

Fusion:[ | ]

  • More control over fusion results at cost of crystals
  • You can select half of each characters traits (+1)
  • By default all other things will be the average
  • Can select genes to 100% take the gene from this character instead
  • More selections = higher crystal cost. (free up to a point)

Arena:[ | ]

  • Default save type set to town-only and adjusted modifiers
  • Dating mechanic now optional as difficulty modifier

Difficulty settings:[ | ]

  • Ranks increase stats. Each rank increase is the same as a levelup without sizemodifier.
  • Keep equipment. Ranked battles are a bit harder. (maybe option to unequip for bonus money)

QoL:[ | ]

  • Can change character location (party/farm...) from management screen
  • Can sort characters ascending/descending if you click again
  • Can sort while selecting characters.
  • Descriptions change a bit to show relevant info based on sorting type
    In charactermanager, you can lock selection to current group easier
  • Can mark/favourite characters to sort/identify them
  • Modified stats only show in tooltip if they are different
  • Journal color changed to make reused text more readable (as most other text backgrounds are dark)

Other:[ | ]

  • Some new events, traits, skills, items etc.

Bugs fixed:[ | ]

  • Evolving characters didn't update their statgrowth, making all seedlings/spirits kinda useless
  • Evo unequipped items after transforming in chimera form
  • Chimera form didn't update some stats + percentages were ignored
  • Couldn't re-hire town npcs after recalling home
  • Size of captured spirits was set to medium after reshaping
  • Strong healing pots didn't work when used from inventory
  • Aquatic trait was often missing

unlockables.sav is compatible (not sure about normal saves)

V0.10.0.1 Bugfixes

Bugs fixed:[ | ]

  • Could infinitely recruit one of the new "unique" characters (and at full team cap)
  • New unique characters were missing the "unique" trait (didn't have any effect)
  • Transforming (corruption/evolving) didn't immediately change combat movementcosts
  • Mindcontrol didn't work
  • Journal didn't block inputs (show tooltips of characters behind)
  • Flying characters couldn't fly over lava
  • Some difficulty modifiers affecting random encounters were pointless
  • Change: characters with ice affinity don't break ice and can freeze water
V0.10.0.0 Changelog

Overworld:[ | ]

  • Removed random encounters
  • Enemies move on the Overworld
  • Finer strength evaluation of teams. (based on size, species, genes etc.)
    (Actual encounter difficulty is mostly the same as before)
  • Exp-gain is equal to the enemy strength
  • Enemies on the map are represented by their strongest party member?
  • Enemies can also fight each other.
  • Sometimes recruit some of the lost team etc.
  • Winning team will gain losers items. (capped based on partycount, rest will drop on the ground)
  • Enemies have their items equipped (won't use active abilities/consumables)
  • Resources lost when fleeing will be dropped on the enemy tile
  • Same enemies will stay after you flee. (can flee and come back to recruit/ for revenge etc.)
  • Enemies in a portal don't completely reset every time you enter. A few new ones spawn, but less concentrated.
  • Removed movement-stances
  • Click on self ("s") to have a short rest (enemies will move)
  • Enemies will flee from stronger parties and try to follow weaker ones (including player)
  • Stealth affects range and chance of enemies noticing you

Combat:[ | ]

  • Snow/ice tiles exist in battle
  • Some tiles have effects that trigger at the start and end of each turn:
    lava burns, water weakens, snow/ice slow

Characters/Species:[ | ]

  • 5 new tundra based species (in form of a new spirit. Unlockable as starting element)
  • Most mermaid type characters get a new special trait, making them stronger in water
    (Aquatic: (can't be engaged in water) restore 2 ap at the start of a turn, when in water)
  • Changed the seedling monster form to fit more to evolving into a dragon
  • 2 new unique characters
  • Species/characters have growth modifier for each stat (characters don't lose specialization at higher levels)
  • Generally lowered stat growth/levels are less important. Lv-type is less extreme - easier to inherit leveltype (50%)

QoL:[ | ]

  • Can easily switch character roles during home-sextraining
  • Can select an amount of resources to always keep after coming back from a portal
  • Can view progress towards stat increases (level tooltip)
  • Partyprep inventory acts more like the ow-inventory
  • Currently useable consumables are highlighted

Other:[ | ]

  • More closeup sexanimations/pics
  • Vaguely fitting ones are shown in individual sextraining (can be toggled off)
  • Some new events
  • Sped up some animations (lv-up, fucking non-enemies...)
  • Party strength now shows roughly estimated power of your team, to compare to enemies
  • Strength from items doesn't affect resource collecting effectiveness, but you generally get more

Balancing:[ | ]

  • Сan't use summoned characters for rituals. Can't fuse two summoned characters together
  • Exp required is no longer based on size
  • Basic mermaids start with a create water skill, but less mana
  • Mindcontrol works 100% and is cheaper, but only works on weakened characters

Noteworthy bugfixes:[ | ]

  • Slimesense/scout didn't work
  • Slimespeed reduced speed
  • Enemy creatures could seduce, if they somehow had high ldmg
  • Evo-core/eyebrows weren't set to the selected one when opening the window
  • Bloodfairies weren't set to lv 1
  • Some wrong evolution lines for spirits

Generally a lot of experimental changes that require some feedback.
unlockables.sav is compatible.

Not sure if other saves are technically compatible, but would probably be weird regardless

V0.9.10.1 Bugfixes

Bugs fixed:[ | ]

  • Base maxlust didn't start with the correct value
  • Tentacle core for evo didn't do anything.
  • Base tentaclegirl had the wrong sprite
  • Couldn't close inventory with "f"
  • Some wrong event descriptions
  • There were no restrictions to sending characters to the library when you choose a specific species
  • Tentacle species wasn't listed in the library
  • poisonflight didn't poison the user
  • poisonskin and poison had the same name (couldn't have both in some cases)
  • Displace on attack caused problems with multi-attacks. (should be removed now)
  • Couldn't increase lv above cap (even with "potential" mc-traits or "growing")
  • Prince + potential only increased maxlevel with equality, instead of the opposite
  • Had to target a tile to use slimesense, for no reason
  • "ignore all focus" toggle in sextraining started off, but was shown as on. (only updated after clicking it)
  • In sextraining, focus-priority of 0 on mc-bodypart didn't apply correctly.

Changed:[ | ]

  • heatresistant trait also makes user immune to burn. also unlockable as starting trait.
  • 2 new legendary traits.
V0.9.10.0 Changelog

Tentacle basespecies:[ | ]

  • basespecies + hybrids.
  • Mostly combo based species, working together with the different hybrids.
  • Not accessible as starters. Mostly unique to creation.
    can be recruited as other characters.
  • Creation enemy encounters now often use those species
  • Creation-mc can replace a species gene with the new one, creating a new character
  • New skilltrees (some changes to old ones) - new abilities etc.

New player experience:[ | ]

  • Info-popups for doing things the first time etc.
  • Can ask npcs more. Npcs are always at their main-location for the first day
  • Some small, easier achievements to unlock stuff.

QoL:[ | ]

  • Quicker to equip/drop/use items from inventory (keyboard not needed)
  • Inventory can also be opened with f
  • In ow-inventory, can select character by clicking the party icon
  • Can sort brothelcharacters by value
  • Can see current portal size in combat
  • Can see highest sexskill in character management
  • Added a picture of spirits selection to not forget it

Other stuff::[ | ]

  • Some new events
  • Starters can increase their max level at the cost of exhaustion
  • A new creature
  • "slime" trait increases speed on slime. characters can still have normal movement types
  • Starting progress towards statgains is based on genes instead of 0.
    (previously the first levels nothing happened, because most things don't progress 100%/lv)

Balance:[ | ]

  • Halved spenttime-action time
  • Tundra movementcosts lowered
  • battlerank brothel modifier increased
  • Camping durations halved. Only training was scaled to fit, other things have doubled efficiency
  • Guarding effectiveness while camping doubled
  • Bloodline characters can't be fused (kinda defeated its purpose)
  • "blind" statuseffect also lowers armor

Noteworthy bug fixes:[ | ]

  • some skilltrees upgrades didn't work
  • lightningstorm "destroyed" all enemies
  • "blinded" status effect permanently reduce speed by 2
  • antidote and draineffects didn't work as intended
  • speeding up combatanimations actually slowed them down a bit
  • "copy" skill didn't correctly apply genetic traits
  • many smaller + visual fixes

Saves from (maybe earlier) should be compatible. (small problems with duplicate skills)

V0.9.9.1 Bugfixes

Fixed:[ | ]

  • kingsquest hostility was wrong (starting at 0, which also made rewards 0)
  • Sauna/pool upgrades only reduced exh. by 2 instead of 3 (what the description said)
  • Speeding up combatanimations didn't work
  • Characters sometimes got duplicated when fleeing after they got injured
  • Some wrong names in some events for evo
  • Stinger wasn't flying
  • Some bugs with seeded rng. (bonus- traits/professions were not changed + probably some other problems)
  • Ignite dealt dmg based on own burn duration

Changed:[ | ]

  • Reduced portal-hostility scaling for non-hardmode games
  • Increased range of portal hostility
  • Some negative traits in the skilltree are less extreme
  • Ignite costs 0ap and ignores armor, but 1 mana more
  • Flying units and characters with swimmer trait can enter deepwater
V0.9.9.0 Changelog

Characters:[ | ]

  • 3 new unique characters
  • 2 new rare biomes
  • 9 new species
  • New skills etc.
  • Every element has a "net" creature now (first evolution but can't evolve further)
  • Updated art +bodypart sizes: Eaglegirl,Unicorn,LavaLizard

NewGame+:[ | ]

  • After beating the game you can carry over 5 characters + equipped items into a new game
  • Has to happen the same day as you came back from the final mission (button at home)
  • Enemies will get a buff that increases their stats (The buffs values increase randomly and endlessly every new game)
  • Limits for maxlevel/genes/hostility etc. increase
  • You'll get some worldmodifiers applied to the world (similar to dificulty mods)
  • Failed achievement become available again
  • New cheat "newgameplus" to enable the option at any point

Other:[ | ]

  • Some choices during story events
  • Variations + ways to influence main rivals.
  • Different endings
  • 10+ new items (mostly commons/rares)(+ updated some mythic item pics). updated some professions' starting item sets
  • 5 new achievements + unlockable traits
  • 6 new world modifiers
  • Some new events
  • New basic starting profession: Merchant (Simple for beginner. when you only want to make money through portals/loot)
  • Shadowform counts as temporary effect for cleanse etc.
  • Spirits change size relative to their original size. (wild spirits can start at different sizes)
  • Speeding up enemy turns also affects seduction pics etc. (Rightclick now also speeds up)
  • The non chosen maincharacters get an element you didnt choose and have some of those species in combat
  • Submitting characters for the library gives bonus progress based on their level
  • Some more combatsex animations/pics + added them to basic sextraining if available
  • Small bonuses to some random professions/traits in character creation to encourage using others
  • Some additions to old professions
  • Small plantgirl minigame

QoL:[ | ]

  • Can filter shown items in stash by rarity/type
  • Can scroll through pages of characters at home, instead of combination of scrolling + page changes
  • Farm window doesn't automatically open when you press "F", as there are now also other things at the farm
  • Can also move with keyboard in unstable worlds (jumping 2 tiles)
  • Can double click species in character creation to select the base species

Balancing:[ | ]

  • Less max amount of enemies
  • Total gene values scale slower with portal hostility (affects all encounters)
  • Buffed a lot of higher rarity items
  • Difficulty of battles against the rivals are more in line with the random encounters
  • Power of rivals mostly affects enemy types (spirit/seedling ranks, special summons etc.) + rival, instead of only enemy amount + levels
  • plantgirls have spawn vine as guaranteed skill, switched with healingflower
  • Most insectgirls have higher magicstrength to make their extractmana skill useful
  • Increased base amount of stabilized portals you can have
  • Most story portals now allow Large characters

Noteworthy bugfixes:[ | ]

  • Spirits never changed size during evolutions, making mounts kinda pointless.
  • Maincharacter lost items after losing party-only training battles
  • On no-injury difficulty, destroyed characters always got exp, even when fleeing
  • insectclone ability was bugged
  • Wrong foodusage shown for non humanoids (always same as mc)
  • Some skillTree nodes didn't do anything
  • Some creation buffs from skilltree didn't work correctly
  • Token characters(tentacles etc.) didn't get any genes/traits as enemies
  • swampslime's absorb set all genes to min 10 if others were higher
  • Creations power scaled on evos power for some things
  • quickloading a game after a random/test battle, reset the maincharacter
  • Net skill wasn't based on magicstrength (like the description said.)
  • With the unlimited modifier, you could increase eggs stats infinitely with no stability penalty
  • Healing orb artifact behaved really weirdly (did no one ever use this?)

Only unlockables.sav is compatible

V0.9.8.1 Bugfixes

Bugs fixed:[ | ]

  • massSeduction skill had the wrong type
  • Some skills obtained later for crea/druid couldn't be (re)selected (or for summons instead)
  • Enemy preferences were shown in tooltip, defeating the point in revealing them
  • Changing cock interest in any way would set it to the characters pussy interest before
  • Evo: exp didnt reset to 0 each level (every level took 10 exp only)
  • Evo: LRes is not affected by level bonus anymore
  • Basic insect abdomen part had the shadow manadrain instead of basic extractMana skill
  • Seduce triggers applied before animation/pic ended
    (also caused softlock when seducing with lifesteal kills a character)
  • Passives for hybrid species couldn't be unselected
  • Training battles didnt have fitting difficulty and started too strong
V0.9.8.0 Changelog

SkillTree/"C"-menu: (druid unaffected)[ | ]

  • Upgrades are now in a grid with various paths
  • Side branches can require points from other species
  • More impactful/varied upgrades
  • More differences between evo and crea
  • More versatile upgrades/not species specific
  • Only one type of skillpoint per species (only gained through rituals/crystals)
  • specialforms/summons are nodes in the tree. Summon/transform exhaustion cost for those is halved
  • Size choices are always available and affect the summon/transform cost
  • Can get all genes 10 for summons/ +10 for evos own genes
  • Can transform into/create any species(except bosses/uniques)


  • Starting gene selection means how far you can get own genes above 10
  • Special bodyparts + core (changed base stats) for chimera form for each species
  • Chimera form window now also shows actual stats (affected by upgrades/level)
  • Can select genetic species for special forms.(instead of special/special)


  • No way to increase own genes
  • Created characters are more similar to other characters and don't get flat stat increases

Combat:[ | ]

  • Small closeup pictures/slideshows for lewd actions, based on bodyparts (can be turned off)
  • Trying to tie combat and lewd stuff together a bit more.
    Not sure about the pictures thing (ambiguous color vs fixed, etc.)
    and didnt want to commit much time to it before getting some feedback, so there are just a few, so a lot of interactions don't have fitting pictures yet.
  • Can select seduction type (ass,pussy,tits,cock) affected by different things.
  • Pussy/cock based seduction changes targets interest based on seducers attractiveness
  • Seducing has a crit(ldmg*2)/fail(ldmg=1) chance based on the preferences of the target.
  • (only the preferences/stats shown in the quicktooltip matter)
  • Recruitment chance is slightly increased for each known preference
  • Enemy preferences will be revealed as you perform certain actions.
  • Ai will also act based on what they know about preferences.

Characters:[ | ]

  • Aila/Sylvie updated art/outfits
  • 5 new spirits with some new skills (4 first evolution + 1 final plant humanoid)

Other:[ | ]

  • Base spirits and first evolution sometimes spawn in the wild (rare)
  • Removed specialtraits from chosen affinity, as they are now in the skilltrees
  • New seduction triggered passives for succubus characters
  • Some other new skills/passives
  • Lifesteal now drains hp (increases dmg, but doesn't heal on overkill)
  • Photosynthesis trait for plants (don't require food)
  • Evo's percentage based stat changes will be converted into base stats after transforming
    (are affected by traits/easier to read)
  • Stat bonus for evo levelups are only applied after transforming
  • New modifier for unique starter spirit
  • New modifier to remove (or increase) many limits (enemy/hostility scaling, genes/level etc.)
  • Tit/cock size preferences are more likely to be higher
  • Good score in sextraining changes tit/cock size preferences towards yours
  • Entertainer profession gets *2 bonus on town-npc objectives
  • Onfo about current best ritual level in combat quick tooltip, marked with +/- if its higher
  • Made it more obvious that you can scroll down in character gallery (some may have missed it)
  • Removed fusion from the breeding screen

Balancing (most important changes):[ | ]

  • When the maincharacter falls in battle, morale is only decreased by 50 instead of set to 0
  • Evo human form has very high LDmg, making it especially useful early on
  • Water starting spirit has a more versatile skill
    (splash: moves water + deals dmg)
  • removed requirements for watermermaid evolution
    (always guaranteed to get to stage 3 with any spirit)
  • Can't lose the game due to reputation as prince in free play
  • Crea doesn't start with slimeheal

Only unlockables.sav compatible