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You approach the brothel, one of the largest businesses in town.

The Brothel is one of the main locations in Town. Here you can interact with Flora, assign characters to your brothel rooms, or use the brothel facilities, including performing shows yourself.

Actions[ | ]

  • Manage the characters that are currently working in the brothel and their rooms.
  • You start with one room with a capacity for 4 characters.
  • You can have a maximum of 4 rooms total, and each room has a capacity for 10 characters.
  • Building a new room cost 1,000 gold, 100 wood, and 50 stone, which increase by 1,000, 100 and 50 respectively for each new room.
  • Increasing the capacity of a room cost 400 gold, 40 wood, and 20 stone, which increase by 100, 10 and 5 respectively for each extra capacity.
  • See Brothel Management below for more details.
Perform Show
  • Only available for Evolution and Creation.
  • Once per day, the MC can perform a show lasting up to 2 hours where you can gain Gold.
  • You can try to recruit members of the audience.
  • See Show Performances below for a more in detail look.

Performing any of the following actions while playing Evolution or Creation can unlock random Base Species and Hybrid Species:

Work Gloryhole
  • Work at the gloryholes for 2 hours, reducing your Stamina by -50. You will gain +15 exp in SexSkills (giving priority to Pussy, Cock and Ass skills) and gain gold based on them (sex skills * 2).
  • Increase your Relation with Flora by 1, no cap.
Basic Work
  • Work as a prostitute for 2 hours, reducing your Stamina by -30. You will gain +10 exp in SexSkills (giving priority to Pussy, Cock and Ass skills) and gain gold based on Beauty and sex skills (sex skills * beauty modifier).
  • Increase your Relation with Flora by 2, no cap.
Work Gangbang
  • Service many people at once for 2 hours, reducing your Stamina by -80. Exp and gold gained is based on % of brothel quest completed.
  • Buy a prostitute for 1 hour, increasing your Morale by +25. You will gain +5 exp in SexSkills (giving priority to Pussy, Cock and Ass skills). Costs 200 gold.

Flora Actions[ | ]


Offer her a character with a Lust gene of 5 or higher. (+5 Relation, no cap, lose the character and gain level-based gold)

  • You need at least a Relation of 20 or more with her to unlock.
  • She can teach sexual skills to one of your characters for 200 gold, giving a random amount of exp in all sex skills, the total amount is always three digits and the average is around 300+ exp, it also reduces the character's Stamina by -10. It takes one of her Actions to do so.
  • She can find one of the sexual preferences of one of your character for 200 gold. It takes one of her Actions to do so.
  • Give her 100 gold (+3 Relation up to 30, then +1 Relation, -100 Gold, caps at 50).
  • Change Looks.
  • Recruit her (Need Relation 80 or more).

Quest[ | ]

Satisfy x brothel guests (including the ones during MC shows).

  • Satisfy 50 guests: 2 DanceOutfits
  • Satisfy 100 guests: BeautyPotion with 6 uses
  • Satisfy 250 guests: Special Spa (See Events below)
  • Satisfy 500 guests: LustPotion with 3 uses
  • Satisfy 1,000 guests: ?? (Inara joins your team)
  • Satisfy 3,000 guests: LustPotion with 10 uses

Brothel Management[ | ]

You can assign characters to the brothel from your Home and then assign them to a selected room to work as prostitutes, gaining gold based on their Beauty, SexSkills, and Traits. They may also receive tips from customers based on the character's brothel value and the customer's richness. Characters working together will build relations with each other. Unassigned characters will rest as though they were at home.

Characters with the Virgin trait will receive a one-time bonus as long as the room type isn't set to Show, and will lose the trait afterwards unless you only allow female guests. Evolution can give this trait to characters if the skill node "Virgin" from the Lymean tree is unlocked. Characters working in the brothel will lose Stamina, which can be effected by Home upgrades, their task, and certain types of Personalities. They can also lose or gain Morale depending on their personalities. Characters with 0 stamina will have their morale reduced instead, which will reduce the amount of tips they receive. Character at high morale receive 25% more tips, while low morale reduces tips by 25%.

There are three types of brothel rooms:

  • Basic: Your characters will work having sex with customers, gaining gold based on their Beauty and SexSkills. This is arguably the best way to earn gold in the game.
  • Gloryhole: Your characters will work at the gloryholes, gaining gold only based on their SexSkills. Gloryholes are cheap, attracting many customers per day. They also give a appeal bonus to poor customers and an appeal penalty to rich customers, and the unit count bonus for the room is also halved. This is the main way to train the sexual skills of your units while still gaining gold.
  • Show: Characters will perform sexual shows, gaining little gold but also spending little Stamina. Characters will also keep their Virgin trait while still gaining a little sex skill exp.

You can also control the Amount, Richness, and Gender of customers that can enter each room, you need to pick at least one for each category.

  • One at a time: All assigned characters will focus on the same customer, doubling the character count bonus.
  • One per girl: All assigned character will serve one customer each at a time.
  • Unlimited: Orgy with all assigned characters and the customers, large bonus to the amount of customers ("+50% bonus" according to journal).
  • Poor: Low standards, low payments/tips.
  • Average: Normal standards, normal payments/tips.
  • Rich: High standards, very high payments/tips.
  • Male
  • Female
  • Futa

Brothel math: basic work vs gloryhole[ | ]

TLDR: if your attractiveness is pretty or higher, basic work gives more money per effective time than gloryhole.

Math[ | ]
  • 50 stamina ______________________________= 6 hours. ( because home sleep is the best stamina regain, and gives 50 stamina for 6 hours)
  • Gloryhole costs 50 stamina+2 hours ____= 7 hours
  • Basic work costs 30 stamina + 2 hours __= 5 hours
  • basicWork$ is the money you make from basic work, per hour. gloryhole$ is the money you make from gloryhole work per hour
  • Thus, BasicWork$/gloryhole$ ____________= (attractiveness/2)*(7/5)
  • And at pretty ->attractiveness ___________= 1.5 , so basicWork$/gloryhole$ = 1.5/2 * 7/5 = 1.05

Brothel math: sex skill calculation[ | ]

Sex skill calculation table

The money that your main character makes from basic work and gloryhole actions depends on their sex skills . When the game says "sex skills", it means the sum of the values associated to the different sex skill levels your character has. The formula is:

Sex Skills = 20 + Sum(sexSkillValues)+ HighestSexSkillValue*2

For each sex skill category ( ass, tits, cock, pussy, hand, fetish), your main character has a level. And each level has an associated value ( how the brothel prices it). Your general sex skill value is calculated as the sum of all your sex skill values, plus two times the highest. Note that sex skill values are not levels, see the figure to the right for details.

Show Performances[ | ]

Once per day, you can perform a show of your own here. It starts a minigame that you can end at any time, with a maximum duration between 1 hour and 3 hours (depends on your show prestige). During the performance, you will recieve guests, and you have to perform actions to please them. Guests cum when they reach 100% satisfaction, and they tip you. If their satisfaction hits 0, they will leave after the next action if satisfaction does not increase. Guests can also give small tips if their satisfaction is high, and you can try to recruit them. During a show performance, all the money you earn is tips. Only Evolution and Creation can do shows. Your first performance you may earn upwards of 300 gold per show, which scales close to 5000 per show once you achieve a high enough prestige.


You perform one action per minute. Only Evo can perform cock actions. Actions have different stamina costs. Actions also affect your own lust. When your lust hits 100, you cum, and it goes back to 50. When you cum, you can perform special cum actions. You perform most actions by clicking the buttons on the right of the screen, those are right window actions. For actions that target specific guests, you have to click their window at the left.

For the most part, you use attract to attract more guests, then you perform a couple of sex actions to reveal their preferences, and focus on those, unless they demand an action in particular.

Action Stamina cost Lust (self) Left/right window Cum action
Dance 1 -2 Right No
Wait 0 -10 Right No
Use toy (anal) 2 5 Right No
Finger ass 2 5 Right No
Stroke cock 2 12 Right No
Use toy (cock) 2 15 Right No
Use toy (pussy) 2 10 Right No
Finger pussy 2 10 Right No
Stroke cock/finger pussy 3 20 Right No
Attract 0 -5 Right No
Recruit -10 Left No
Collect cum (guest) Left yes, guest
Cum on self -50 Right Yes, self
Cum on mouth -50 Right Yes, self
Cum on guests -50 Right Yes, self
Cum on guest -50 Left Yes, self


Guests tip you a final tip from the table below when they cum. They also give small tips if their satisfaction is high, sometimes.

Amount tipped depends on your show prestige, guest richness, and angel reward:

  • Brothel show prestige: see the table below to check the base value of your tip, depending on show rank
  • Richness: rich guests pay triple, poor guests pay half
  • Angel reward: multiplies tips by 1.5 Small tip frequency also depends on guest richness. Richer guests tip more often.


Depends on guest satisfaction and richness. Poorer guests are easier to recruit.


The final score of your show is used as experience to level your brothel show prestige. Considering that prestige increases a lot your show rewards, maxing it is important. When you get your score, the game gives you rating depending on it:

  •  Score <025: terrible
  • Score >050: okay
  • Score >100: good
  • Score >150: skilled
  • Score >250: incredible
  • Score > 400: godly

The Amount of brothel show prestige experience you get is not all your score, but the threshold for that rating. So if you get 200 score, you are skilled, and it is worth 150 exp.

Score is calculated like this:

Total score = MoneyScore + SatisfiedScore - UnsatisfiedScore + CumScore + RecruitScore


  • Money score = money earnt/100
  • Satisfied score = satisfied viewers *5
  • Unsatisfied score = unsatisfied viewers *2
  • Recruit score = recruited viewers * no idea.
    Show prestige and effects
Prestige Show duration Final tip base value Small tip base value Attract effectiveness Show score needed to lvl up
Unknown 60 10 5 50 None
Known 70 20 10 80 100
Liked 80 35 15 120
Loved 90 50 20 150
Desired 120 75 25 190
Worshiped 180 100 40 260

Angel/demon manager reward: angel reward multiplies tips by 1.5. Demon reward increases attract by 1.5, and lets you kick guests out.

Angel/Demon Brothel Manager grants rewards for raising Prestige level.

Reward can be claimed any time and with any Angel/Demon reward combination.

However reward level for each Angel/Demon form starts at 1st, and total is capped at 5, so pure 5-0 spread is recommended.

Angel (light hair) rewards: 2/4/6/8/10 crystals and

  • Show twice as likely to attract rich guests (no idea how it works)
  • +50% show income both room_type [Show] and [Perform Show]
  • LRes +2
  • [Recruit] action during show twice likely to succeed (non-Creation approves)
  • Obtain large [Pheroly] with Fast LustEnhanced Intelligent AncientPower and MaxLevel 15 (kinda meh?)

Demon (dark hair) rewards: 1/2/3/4/5 each type of semen and

  • +50% sex-exp for characters in brothel
  • +50% show guests. Gain a "dismiss guest" option (0 stamina -5 lust)
  • LDmg +2
  • +50% money for [Work Gangbang] and room_type [Basic] or [Gloryhole] type & customer amount [Unlimited]
  • Scene unlock [Town-Events: BrothelManager]; LDmg +2; gain [AwakenLust] essence.
Guests and rooms[ | ]

Your brothel rooms, their popularity, and guest type, affect the number and richness of your guests. Having a room with high quality characters in the brothel to attract rich guests can make your show far more profitable

Notes[ | ]

  • When you first enter the Brothel, you'll get a scene with Flora and an encounter with Elicia the Succubus.
  • Flora is present from the start of the game the entire day 0 and day 1 and then from 16:00 - 04:00 afterwards.