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Gold in-game tooltip
Gold in-game tooltip

Gold is one of the most important resources since it's used as currency. The current gold balance is displayed at the top bar in town.

By hovering over, you can also check your guaranteed income comprised of your bestiary income and home upgrades and expenses. Your actual income/loss is counted at the end of each day and is displayed as green or red text along with your current balance.

The player can select the amount of money to be taken on the Prepare party screen (Q). This number does not get deducted from the total balance until the player starts an expedition. Selecting more gold than available will prevent you from entering any portals.

Managing gold properly by learning to maximize income and while spending your money wisely is key to getting good at the game.

Utilization[ | ]

You can spend Gold on various things both in town and out in the wild. Spending money on expeditions will always require you to have it in your party inventory. Gold does not weigh anything so you can bring as much as you like on expedition. However, losing a battle will result in losing all the money you have on hand.

The most common ways to spend money include:

Characters' salary Each character (except non-humanoids) receives a certain payment each day. The salary can be increased by promoting a character which increases their maximum morale and daily morale gain. Special traits such as Loyal, EliteSoldier and Mercenary can modify the final payment even further.
Home upgrades Investing in almost every home building requires spending some gold. The Wasteful difficulty modifier, Fast game mode, and the Architect profession will affect the gold (and resource) cost of home upgrades.
Buying items at the Shop The shop offers a random selection of items of various levels of rarity which refreshes every few days. You can hasten the restock to the next day by spending 300g to maximize your chances of finding useful items.
Hiring characters at the Tavern New characters become available for hire each day. The price of these characters depends on their tier. Higher tiers become available with reaching higher tavern ranks.
Entering Portals Entering most portals will require paying an entry fee.
Buying food All characters except plants require food. If there is not enough food in stock, it will be bought automatically spending gold.
Orders on expeditions By spending gold (and workforce) you can set up camps, resource gathering spots and collect stored resources from nearby buildings once some of them get stockpiled. The cost of collecting resources scales with hostility.

Less common/obvious/easily accessible ways to spend money may include:

Map Events Some events may offer map scouting or rare items for a much better price than in town.
Taxes The Taxes new game modifier makes the player start with a 100 gold per day expenditure, which rises by 20 gold each day.
Buying crafting materials Materials available on the market get refreshed each day and are available directly on the Crafting screen (V).
Training from Town NPCs Some town NPCs can give certain traits to your characters for a price.
Buying from Town NPCs
Hiring mercenaries
Brothel customer
Market black market/legendary items/rare items/mystery eggs
Stabilizing portals
Mirrea's Hoard ability Choosing Mirrea as main character allows one to increase her stats each day at a cost of a big sum of money.

Ways to Earn[ | ]



King's quests

Tavern quests



Turning in soldiers

Selling items

Selling materials


Moneymaking Strategies[ | ]

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