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Market is a loud place filled with various traders, selling all kinds of mostly useless stuff to travelers in town, this is where you can buy food, crystals and eggs.

Here you can also sell your creatures and heal injured characters (only available in the first 3 days and every 10th day afterwards).

Actions[ | ]

Buy Food
  • Buy 1 food for 20 gold
  • Same cost when bought automatically
  • Just intended to take along for expeditions
Buy Crystals (Trader present) (Random)
  • Buy 1 crystal for 200 gold
Heal characters (Trader present) (First 3 days of a game and again every 10th day)
  • Heal any injured characters for 100 gold.
Sell creature (Trader present) (Random)
  • Sell an animal
  • Summons (basic spirits etc.): 50 gold
  • Wolf/Mule/Bird/Unlisted others: 100 gold
  • Lava Worm/Floater: 200 gold
  • Glider: 300 gold
  • Leviathan/Magic deer/Dragon whelp: 500 gold
  • Grown dragons: 2000 gold
  • Large: +50%; Giant: +100%; Enormous: +200%;+5% per level after lv1
Buy mystery egg (Trader present) (Random)
  • Buy 1 egg for 5000 gold
  • They will spoil quickly if hatching isn't started

Notes[ | ]

  • The trader that can heal your characters is a miracle healing Spider Girl. She can be recruited at the market.