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The Tavern is one of the main locations in town. Here you can interact with Mya.

Here you can buy characters for gold, the selection and availability differ depending on your rank, see more in the Noticeboard section.

You can also Hire characters for Tavern points and gold.

Actions[ | ]

Drink (30m)
Recover 2 stamina
Increase morale by 5
Costs 25 gold
Drink milk (10m) (Mya Present)
Recover 20 stamina
Once per day
Costs 50 gold (free if relations > 50)

Notable Mya Actions[ | ]

Bottle Milk
Buy Milk Potion
Costs 100 gold
"Milk" (30m)
Must have Mya as a futa and relations > 50
Recover 30 stamina
Once per day
Work as a Cowgirl (4h) Evolution only
Must have Cow Girl form unlocked and relations > 50
Spend 30 stamina
Increases Mya relation by 5
Gain 200 gold

Noticeboard[ | ]

The Noticeboard lets you complete various types of quests in order to get tavern points which increase your rank.

A higher rank grants access to more difficult quests with better rewards and increases the availability of quests and recruitable characters.

You can pay to reserve a quest for an unlimited time, up to 5 at a time.

The following are the quest types and how they work:

Use a character with the requested genes for breeding (Note: This does NOT remove the character)
Breeding Character/Trained Character
Submit a character with the requested genes/level (Note: This DOES remove the character)
Use a character with the required stats for some sort of labour (Note: This does NOT remove the character)
Hand in the requested Item or resource

Notes[ | ]

  • Mya is present from the start of the game the entire day 0 and day 1 and then from 07:00 - 24:00 afterwards.
  • Drink milk and "Milk" are some of the best time effective stamina recovery actions