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A huge building housing many people, which is used for battles and other kinds of performances.

The Arena is one of the main locations in Town. Here you can interact with Aila, and fight battles for money/fame.

Actions[ | ]

Watch battles
  • You can watch one of the battles taking place in the arena. You gain +2 Stamina and it takes 30 minutes. If Aila is present you also gain +1 Relation with him, up to 30.
Hire collectors
  • Requires having seen their event. Pay 100g to buff all of your humanoid characters in arena fights for the remainder of the day. Buff activation costs each character 1 energy per fight to provide +200% max lust for the entire battle and Focus for 2 turns.
  • Here you can fight against random enemies to gain gold and +2 Reputation.
  • There's three types of battles: Normal, Boss and Daily. For each daily battle you win, you increase the difficulty of the next daily battle by 1.
  • Each fight has differing difficulty, biome, team size, character size, MC participation, and gold rewards.
  • Each fight is only available from 5 to 1 days.
  • Each fight cost -10 Stamina (whole team).
  • You can surrender at any point during your turn in battle, and your team will lose -5 Morale (not affect MC).
  • You can't recruit enemy units during battle.
  • Wining an arena battle of difficult 2 or higher increases your Relation with Aila by +1, which increases by +1 for every 2 difficulty of the battle, not cap.
  • Requires your team to be of a certain rank to participate (1 rank lower that the rank of the battle)
  • Ranks go from F rank to A rank, and then S rank. When an unit reach S rank, it gains the special trait Champion.
  • All rules of a normal fight apply, with the following changes: MC can never participate, team size is always 1-3.
  • Wining a ranked battle of D rank increases your Relation with Aila by +1, wining a C rank battle increases it by +3, wining a B or A rank battle by +4, and wining a S rank battle by +7.

Aila Actions[ | ]

  • Offer him a character with Strength gene 5+ and the Strong trait. (+5 Relation, no cap, lose the character and gain level-based gold)
Spend Time
  • Date: You need at least a Relation of 20 or more with him to unlock this action, see Dating for a more in detail look.
  • You need at least a Relation of 20 or more with him to unlock.
  • He can teach one of your unit the learned Scavenger skill for 300 gold. It takes one of his Actions to do so.
  • He can train one of your units for 300 gold (+50 exp, -10 Stamina). If you recruit him, you don't need to pay him. It takes one of his Actions to do so.
  • Give him 100 gold (+3 Relation up to 30, then +1 Relation, -100 Gold, caps at 50).
  • Change Looks (Increase his Lewdity to unlock new options).
  • Recruit him (Need Relation 80 or more).
  • Arrange a ranked battle: You can pay him a fixed amount of gold to instantly spawn a specific rank battle. This costs one of Aila's daily actions.
    • E rank battle: Cost 50 gold
    • D rank battle: Cost 100 gold
    • C rank battle: Cost 200 gold
    • B rank battle: Cost 300 gold
    • A rank battle: Cost 500 gold
    • S rank battle: Cost 1,000 gold

Quest[ | ]

Win x arena battles (including ranked battles).


Events[ | ]

When you enter the arena for the first time, you will trigger an event in which Aila and Castalia are arguing about whether strength or intelligence is better. Choosing strength will increase your Relation with Aila by +10 and decrease your Relation with Castalia by -10, while choosing intelligence will increase your Relation with Castalia by +10 and decrease your Relation with Aila by -10.

Fighting a sufficient amount of battles in the arena (verify) will trigger an event with Aila introducing you to the collectors.

At sufficient relation with Aila, an event can be triggered while he's working in the arena where he will inform you about a special fight that gives extra gold.

Notes[ | ]

  • Aila is present from the start of the game the entire day 0 and day 1 and then from 07:00 - 17:00 afterwards.
  • When you start a new game with the Partner trait, and are planning to recruit either Aila or Castalia, you must make sure yo pick their option during the arena event otherwise your Relation with them will be lower that the one needed to recruit them.

Trivia[ | ]

Aila is the founder of the arena.