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A soothing River to relax in.

Castalia seems to bathe here at 06:00-06:30 every day and a random soldier seems to bathe here at 08:00 on the first day (stays there until you interact with her) and 04:00 every day thereafter.

Actions[ | ]

Bathe (30m)
Spend 30 minutes relaxing alone and bathing in order to recovering 3 stamina.
Join Castalia (30m)
Spend 30 minutes relaxing and bathing with Castalia in order to increase your relations with her by 2 (this action is usually available at 06:00-06:30).
Approach Soldier (1m) - only available when the soldier is present
Attempt to approach the soldier that's bathing in the River, although as soon as she notices you she will cover herself, grab her armor and walk away.
Steal Armor (20m) - only available when the soldier is present

Attemp to steal the armor of the soldier that's bathing in the River, the chance of successfully stealing the armor is 33%, the stolen armor will either be Leather Gloves (33.3%), Leather Armor (33.3%), Leather Boots (16.6%) or a Sword (16.6%).

Encounters[ | ]

  • A chance to encounter a nude Plant Girl in the water, drawing you in with an indescribable scent emitting from a flower at the end of her tail. If you choose to come closer to her, she will use her tail's pheromones to knock you unconscious and increase your Fertility gene by 1 and lower your Lust Resistance by 2 permanently.
  • Once you have met the Arena Collector, you may meet her here during a repeatable event that will be available roughly once a week. You will have a choice to let her collect from you (increases max energy and energy per day), talk to her (large amount of date deck exp), or simply leave.