War Camp

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The War Camp is one of the main locations in town. Here you can interact with the King Arus and See/complete King Quests.

Actions[ | ]

Fight King (5m)
  • Fight the King =Add details=
  • Failure will lead to game over.
Submit a King's Quest
  • Rewards a King's potion (+1 maxLevel, up to 15. Does not modify genetic maxLevel)
  • 1 Mythril
  • 2 Workforce
  • 200g or 400g. Depends on whether you have beat the king, and whether he is your ally or not
Hire a level 1 Soldier
  • Get a level 1 soldier of base species with max level 10, low genes (10 in total), a trait and a special trait Soldier.
  • Costs 500 Gold, has an upkeed of 300 gold
Turn in Soldier
  • Return one of hired soldiers and gain 250 gold per soldier level.
Hire a level 1 Elite Soldier
  • Requires >50 relations with the King
  • Get a level 1 soldier of hybrid species with max level 20, medium genes (25 in total), up to 2 traits and a special trait EliteSoldier.
  • Costs 1000 Gold, has an upkeep of 600 gold
Turn in Elite Soldier
Return one of hired elite soldiers and gain 500 gold per elite soldier level.
Buy a level 1 Mule
  • Get a level 1 mule with max level 10, up to 2 traits and low genes (15 in total)
  • Costs 400 Gold

Notable King Arus Actions[ | ]

Request 1 more day for a King quest.
Cost 10 King Arus relations (can't be lower that 0)
Reroll a King quest.
Cost 20 King Arus relations (can't be lower that 0)
Doesn't change the quest allocated time.
Request 500 money.
Cost 10 King Arus relations (can't be lower that 0)
Gain 500 gold.
Fail King Quest immediately.
Fails the current King Quest.

King Quests[ | ]

  • Breeding (submit a character with specific requirements, character is permanently lost)
  • Portal (creates new portal when quest is given, objective to explore certain % or win # of fights. Can still claim portal rewards from Sylvie)
  • Arena (win a certain # of arena fights. The same # of non-ranked arena fights as required will be spawned when the quest is given, but may expire before the quest deadline)
  • Training (soldiers are immediately given to you, objective is to make them reach a certain level, sex skill level, or arena rank)

Notes[ | ]

  • King Arus is present from the start of the game the entire day 0 and day 1 and then from 09:00 - 22:00 afterwards.