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Once your Relation is 20 or higher with a town NPC, you can date them. You can also date the characters in your team, so long as they are not creatures. Dating is a minigame with the following rewards:

  • Increasing relationship, based on date score
  • Increasing morale, based on date score
  • Training sex skills, based on their usage during the date
  • Increasing lewdity, if you increase it during the date.
  • They give you gifts (Items), based on date score

As of patch, the NPCs that can be dated are:

Relationship benefits ( this is a draft):

  • If relation >= 80?, you can recruit the npc
  • if relation = 100, you get a special skill ( see each NPC page)
  • Discounts?
  • Training
  • Free training?
  • Free milk

Unlocking Dating option (raising Relation).[ | ]

In order to unlock the option to Date the NPCs, you must first raise their Relation up to 10. In order to raise Relation, you can complete objectives that they like, set one of your character's task to Helper (max 1) which will increase a random NPC's relation by (2-6?) once a day, or do extra tasks for them at the cost of Exhaustion, Relation also passively increases every day by a certain amount, this caps at 20.

  • Sylvie
    • Claim rewards from Portals
    • No extra task
    • Visit her room for random encounters, you can check on the map when her room name is yellow then the encounter will trigger
    • Gift 100 gold (+3 Relation till 30, then +1 Relation, -100 Gold, caps at 50)
  • Lumira
    • Purchase items at the Shop
    • Work for her (+4 Relation, +100 Gold, -20 stamina, takes 3 hours)
    • Gift 100 gold (+6 Relation till 30, then +2 Relation, -100 Gold, caps at 50)
    • Spend time with her (Relation and lewdity received change based on choices you make)
  • Aila
    • During the first event meeting her, choose Strength (+10 Relation)
    • Win Arena Battles
    • Offer her a species with a Strength Potential of 4+ (+5 Relation)
    • Watch battles with her (+1 Relation, -2 Exhaustion, takes 30 minutes)
    • Train with her in the Training Room (+1 Relation, +15 experience, +10 Exhaustion, takes 30 minutes. Sometimes has a bonus effect)
    • Gift 100 gold (+3 Relation till 30, then +1 Relation, -100 Gold, caps at 50)
  • Castalia
    • Read while shes present (+1 Relation, 30 min, capped at 25)
    • Bathe with her in the River at 6AM (+2 Relation, 30 min, capped at 80)
    • During the first event meeting her, choose Intelligence (+10 Relation)
    • Submit species to the Library
    • Offer her a species with a Mana Potential of 5+ (Effects: ??)
    • Help her in the Research Room (Random effect, sometimes kicked out)
    • Gift her 100 gold (+6 Relation up to 30, then +2 Relation, caps at 50, -100 Gold)
  • Mya
    • Drink at the Tavern (+1 Relation up to 30, +2 Stamina, +5 Morale, -25 gold, takes 30 minutes).
    • Help her while she work at the tavern (+2 Relation, no cap, -30 stamina, +50 gold, takes 2 hours)
    • Complete a tavern quest (+2 Relation, no cap)
    • Gift her 100 gold (+5 Relation up to 30, then +1 Relation, no cap, -100 gold)
    • Work as a Cow Girl at the tavern (Evolution only, need to have Cow Girl form unlocked and a Relation of 51 or more to unlock, +5 Relation, -20 stamina, +200 gold, takes 4 hours)
    • Set one of your units as a Helper (chance of daily +2 to +6 Relation, no cap)
    • Gift her a FutaPotion while she work at the tavern (Need a Relation of 21 or more to unlock, +20 Relation, can only be done once)
  • Flora
    • Offer her a character with Lust gene 5+. (+5 Relation, no cap, lose the character and gain level-based gold)
    • Work at the gloryholes in the brothel (+1 Relation, no cap, -50 Stamina, takes 2 hours)
    • Work as a prostitute in the brothel (+2 Relation, no cap, -30 Stamina, takes 2 hours)
    • Gift her 100 gold (+3 Relation up to 30, then +1 Relation, caps at 50, -100 Gold)
    • Set one of your units as a Helper (chance of daily +2 to +6 Relation, no cap)

Date minigame (unfinished)[ | ]

strip card

When you start a date you get the date screen on the bottom. Your aim is to increase your date score, which appears at the top, right side, of the screen. There you can also check the time spent dating. Each action ( each card you play) is 2 minutes, and dates last around 2 hours. To raise your score, you play cards. For example , the strip card to the right. That card has 6 basic values:

  • Card color: cards can be green, red or blue. During the date, you can switch between two modes: causal and sex.
    • Green cards: can only be used in casual mode
    • Red cards: can only be used in sex mode
    • Blue cards (like strip): useable in either mode.
  • Lewdity required ( 6 for strip): you need your date to be at lewdity 6 or higher to play the card
  • Lust raised (13 for strip): when you play this card, you raise your date's lust by this value. Lust modifies your date's lewdity and determines seduction chance.
  • Score ( 4 for strip): this directly raises your date score. This is the most important number. Your aim is to play lots of cards with score values.
  • Fun raised (10 for strip): when you play the card, fun raises by this value
  • Special effects (strip has none, but they appear below the name): check the card effects section for details.

Dating screen[ | ]

Date screen
  1. Help menu: explains date mechanics
  2. NPC menu: to check the NPC you are dating. The NPC's personality is important when dating them
  3. Location: you can change the date location here. This is useful mainly to switch between public and private zones. Public zones, like the tavern, make your sexual and seduction cards cost 2 more lewdity, and double lust raise.
  4. Main stats
    1. Lewdity: cards have a lewdity requirement. Basically, the more sexual the action, the higher you need this stat to use it. Lust modifies the NPC's current lewdity stat. An NPC's lewdity stat also affects their brothel value
    2. Fun: fun acts as a multiplier to your final score. It is easy to keep high. Most cards raise fun. Your starting fun depends on your relationship value with the NPC.
    3. Lust: determines seduction chance and modifies lewdity. NPCs have a base lewdity value, but if their lust is low (below 25%) it goes down by 1 point, or if lust is very low (below 10%) it is decreased to half (rounded down). If their lust is high however (75% or above), their lewdity temporarily increases by 1 and when you use a card that requires said value, the NPC's lewdity increases by 1 permanently.
    4. Date mode: your deck has casual cards (green) and seduction cards (pink), and general cards (black). If you are in casual mode, you can only play green and black. If in seduction, pink and black. You start in casual mode. To switch to sexual you need to seduce the NPC. To do so, you play a seduction card, and your chances to enter sexual mode are lust%.
  5. NPC deck: you can play cards from either the NPC deck or your deck. Playing NPC cards is generally better because they do not degrade. Whenever you play a card from your deck, it loses 1 stat ( fun, score or lust) for the duration of the date. NPC decks cannot be customized, but your deck can.
  6. Your deck:
  7. Reroll: rerolls all cards for free. You can do this as many times as they have energy. Save this for high lust sex mode. If you are not at high lust, you can simply use relax.
  8. Relax: at the cost of just 2 fun, it lets you reroll cards. If you are in sex mode, you go back to casual mode, and if your lust is above 50%, you lose 20% fun and lust, so relax is very good at low lust casual, while rerolls are mostly used at high lust sex.
  9. Location special actions: depends on the place.


Locations have events, special actions, and are either public or private.

Personalities and NPC special characteristics

  • Dominant: final score becomes higher if you use NPC deck a lot, lower if you don't

Card effects

  • Seduction: Attempts to transition the date into the Sexual phase based on their current lust. If successful will remove all seduction cards in hand except if they have retain.
  • First time bonus: Doubles the card's stats on first use
  • Fleeting: Will remove itself from your hand after any other card has been played.
  • Limited: Will remove itself from your deck for the remainder of the date after being played.
  • Altering: Will change npc card after using.
  • Continue: 50% chance of staying in hand aftering using and doesn't devalue when it stays.
  • Followup: 50% chance of replacing card with a temporary action.
  • Exhausting: Cannot be used multiple times in a row, uses stamina (can not be used when stamina is empty)
  • Climax: Removes all lust from the partner and exits sexual mode unless energized.
  • Situational: if it raises lust to 100% or more works like climax otherwise works like normal.
  • Favored: doubles the chances of drawing the card.
  • Retain: Will remain in your hand until used.
  • Corruption: increases lewdity by 1 until 10 if it raises lewdity it -10% fun. Creation has an upgrade to improve two random genes once per date.
  • Combo: Doubles all the stats of the next card if it targets the same area.
  • Varied: 50% chance of not devaluing after using it.
  • Fast: card will take 1 min instead of 2 mins when used.
  • Options: adds a reroll for just being in the deck.
  • Energized (card): partner will not exit sexual mode after climax. Time limit is proportional to how filled they are when the card is used.
  • Gamble (card): doubles current score when used.
  • Weak Spot (card): raises cards targeting the same as previous card lust/score/fun by 2 for the rest of the date.
  • Cuddle (card): does a check against your charm if it passes the card stays and raises your score by 1 if it fails exit sexual mode
  • Magic Trick (card): does a check against your magic if it passes impresses which doubles fun and lust gains them for 15 mins and raises fun by 20% otherwise -10% lust
  • Magic Flower (card): raises charm by 1 and impresses them more effective in the forest location.
  • Sing (card):

Main character deck specialization

  • Casual deck
    • Friendly
    • Basic
    • Sexual
  • Sexual deck (evo)
    • .
    • .
    • .
  • Sexual deck (crea)
    • .
    • .
    • .
  • Sexual deck (prince)
    • .
    • .
    • .

Basic dating minigame tips

When deckbuilding, focus on raising score, and making you best cards favored and repeatable. Also make sure you have cards for different lewdity values

When playing, degradation is very important. Use the relax action, use the NPC deck, try to use your best casual score cards first a few times, then switch to sexual and use those too.