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Siena is a female human and one of the Main Characters of Portals of Phereon. She was chosen to be the new God of Creation.
Player can also choose male human Rowan, that has different stats and skills.

Important: The stats shown in the infobox are taken from this character's in-game gallery, some Stats will be different depending of your starting selection when you start a new game. The Stats affected are Traits, Skills, Stat Growths and genetics.

You now have the power to create any lifeform you want. That will require a lot of training if you have no idea how a body works on the smallest level, but I'll get you to understand the basics. Portals into other worlds have opened, you will meet many new species there. You'll be able to learn much from them by exploring them more intimately.

Gameplay[ | ]

Creation can summon customized units of all species, it only costs 30 stamina and 60 minutes. You unlock new species by having sex with them (in combat or in town), including Base, Hybrid and Special species. It's possible to also unlock Creatures for summoning after unlocking GeneExtract in her skill tree. Summoned units can be used for breeding, but they can't be fused with other summoned units and you can't perform rituals with them, as they have Summoned trait. Stamina cost of summoning new units can be decreased with skill tree unlocks.

Creation can corrupt units with Base Species genes at the cost of 10 stamina and turn them into Tanid hybrid units based on what species is corrupted, in case of Hybrid Species player can choose which gene is corrupted. Corrupting can be improved with skill tree unlocks.

By performing rituals and creating Hives you'll receive skill points that can be used to improve unit summoning, Creation or to unlock certain Impure Species.

Creation has a library of genetic Traits. You can expand that library by spending 20 stamina on the character page of the unit with the genetic trait, and then adapt Traits from that library for 5 stamina, also on their character pages, initially it only works on Tanid units, but It can also be used on other summoned units after upgrading Lizard Girl skill tree. They must have free space for the new trait and cannot be adapted with opposing Traits, also gaining Adapted which prevents them from getting adapted again. Your current trait library can be seen under "Other" in Siena/Rowan's character description.

Playstyle[ | ]

Siena[ | ]

Creation isn't particularly strong or flexible by herself, as her stat growths are mainly based on her genes and level type, just like normal units, but unlike them it's harder to increase her growths because of her Main Character status. Additionally she will almost always take part in fights (only exception being arena fights), and to make things even worse she gains exp faster than other MCs. Because of those reasons it's almost impossible to unlock Siena's full combat potential. On top of that she can't adapt to different terrains unlike Evolution and Prince, she also has less skills than them. Despite that she has unique skills that let her shine from beginning to end.

Her signature attack spell, Slime Bolt, is a veritable machinegun only costing 3 mana and 1 ap with no cooldown. Even if its water damage is undesirable against certain types of enemies, you can target the ground instead to turn it into slime. Infect is a plague that spreads upon the unit's defeat, healing slime units while damaging others.
She can unlock another unique and useful skill in her Lizard Girl skill tree, GeneExtract not only weakens a target for two turns, in most cases it also unlock that species for Siena to create. No need to expend a rare MindBender getting a Holy Seal, jab it with GeneExtract then you can make as many as you want at home. That brings us to Siena's greatest strength: the power of Creation.

Any species Siena has unlocked for Creation can be custom made, from their size and gender to entire skill set and some passive abilities. If you want a Siren with Spark and LightningStrike for offensive purposes you can simply make one without needing to look for one or cross breeding until you get lucky. Fire Dragons may have a completely fixed skill set but Siena can create one to have MeteorStorm instead. Furthermore, Siena can learn to grant up to five passives onto units she creates. No need to waste a slot on a Poisonous trait when you can grant that unit Poison attacks. Throw Burn and Bleeding in the mix for a killing machine, or LifeSteal and DrainMana for a unit that recovers itself with every attack. While adapting is initially reserved only for Tanid units, she can even learn to freely adapt traits onto any summoned unit she summons.

Since the passives can't be inherited, the summoned unit has to be used with its default level type. In this regard, it's better to just evolve some Spirit Species. However the existence of Essences presents another downside. Since additional growth rates don't apply to Siena's creations, you're forced to choose between skills and passives or raw power. Unfortunately the longer a game goes on, the more the stat growths stand out, particularly those from Egg Mastery which doesn't have a limit, so Creation loses some appeal over time.

On the other hand as far as team compositions go Siena has the greatest freedom in making them, though whether they'll work well with Siena herself is another question altogether. With the power of creation Siena can get around infertility issues and create Oracles after recruiting Terranva, robots without being a Mechanist, or all the different base Spirit Species without being an Elementalist. Even an all-human team for the novelty of it, if you're so inclined. However the composition that offers the greatest advantage is naturally her slime type units. Not only do they benefit from slime tiles, Siena can get Essences and Soul Fragment bonuses that further emphasize the use of slime. In that regard Siena's best element is light, which does not have its own terrain type to compete.

Rowan[ | ]


Soul Fragments[ | ]

Soul Fragments are special traits that give bonuses in combat depending on how many you have in your active party. For Creation the bonuses are as follows:

  1. You start battles with +2 strength/magic charges
  2. Soul fragments start with +2 strength/magic charges
  3. Soul fragments gain tripled exp in combat.
  4. Enemies recruited during combat gain +0.2 to all growth values. Their max level increases by 5.
  5. Recruited enemies gain up to 2 random traits.
  6. Turn half the battlefield into slime at the start of combat.

Skill tree[ | ]

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Level types[ | ]

At the start of a Tanid skill tree Siena is able to select upgrades that change her leveltype, and consequently change the way how every subsequent level-up will affect her stats. The way how it works will make those upgrades replace each other while keeping already gained stats since they do not affect previous levelups retroactively.

Table below represents stat changes for each level type compared to original Support level type that Siena starts the game with. One might consider getting one of these upgrades early to maximise her late game parameters.

Level type/Stats str hp mana mg ldmg
magic 33% 20% -44% 75% 0%
strength 133% 60% -56% -25% -20%
endurance 100% 20% -56% 25% -20%

Unlockable character abilities[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

  • SlimeStrike: SlimeStrike onAttack passive
  • Power1: +10 max mana, +2 magic, +2 strength, -2LRes
  • Power2: +10 max mana, +2 magic, +2 strength, -2LRes, +StrongLifeSteal onAttack passive, attack type changes to Swing
  • Power3: +20 max mana, +2 armor, +Infested genetic trait (+100%LDmg, -5LRes), +MindControl
  • Purity x3: +2LRes, -10% LDmg
  • TentacleUpgrade: Doubles the amount of spawned tentacles in combat.
  • Parasite: beauty -10, Strength -2, Magic +2, Mana +5, +Toxin, +Weaken
  • SlimeHeal: SlimeHeal onTurnStart passive
  • PoisonImmunity: +PoisonImmune special
  • HardenedSlime: +1 armor
  • Corruption x3: -1Lres, +5%LDmg
  • LavaImmunity: +LavaImmune special
  • WaterBreathing: +WaterBreathing special
  • Symbiote: beauty -10, Magic -2, Strength +2, Health +5, +Rejuvenate, +HardenSkin
  • SlimeTrait: +Slime special

Exploration[ | ]

  • CheapHive: Halves mana required to spawn hives
  • HiveRadius: Doubles the initial slime radius when spawning hives
  • SlimeSpeed: Move even faster on slime (OW) (Note: 3 minutes travel time)
  • HeightenedSense: +HeightenedSense special

Other[ | ]

  • HivePower: Spawning Hives gives 2 skill points
  • EasyCorrupt: Halves corruption stamina cost
  • BetterCorrupt: Corrupting characters randomly increases 5 of their genes (2 for dating corruption)
  • EasyFusion: Halves (*0.5) fusion stamina cost.
  • SoulSummon: Created characters gain soulfragment trait.
  • EasyRitual: Halves ritual stamina cost
  • Breeding x2: increases max instabreeding points and daily regeneration by 1.
  • SpiritGenes x7: increases starting gene amount for newly summoned spirits by 1. (Note - doesn't work on creations)
  • EggStability: egg stability +10%
  • EggSpeed: egg growth +5/day
  • Beauty x5: +5 beauty
  • Stamina x6: +10 max stamina
  • Morale x4: +5 max morale

Unlockable skills[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

Exploration[ | ]

  • SlimeScout: ability to scout around hives in a portal

Items[ | ]

  • SpawnCrystal: 5exh = 2crystal, reduced effectiveness during explorations.
  • HealingNectar: produces healing consumable item

Other possibilities[ | ]

  • AdaptSummons: allows to Adapt any summons
  • SpawnSeedling: allows to summon seedlings
  • CockGrowth: Ability to change gender to futa, +50% virility, +10 energy, DrainEnergy onFuck passive, TransferEnergy OW ability (bugged per

Upgrades for creations[ | ]


Passive abilities[ | ]

Stat changes[ | ]

Creation enhancements[ | ]

fatigue, passive slots, buff uses, genetics

Skills[ | ]

Exclusive Characters[ | ]

The following characters will become available to recruit if you play as Creation:

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Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]