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Overview[ | ]

Unique Oracle. Recruited via using a TeleportStone inside an artifact portal sometime before 3AM on a day that is multiple of five. Recruiting her begins the questline for the alt ending.

Note: This will not actually teleport you out of the portal like normal, though it will expend the item.

Combat[ | ]

Despite being an Oracle, Terranva is anything but fragile thanks to her other heritage, a Brute. Her skills give her lots of battlefield positioning and her large size and precision with her spear makes her a powerful melee fighter.

Home[ | ]

She has two unique options to open random new portals, either stable or unstable, for a cost of 20 stamina and 5 crystals each.

Dating her has no unique effects.

Events[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • She also has what it takes to become a top-tier scout. The only thing to watch out for is her size if you use mounts.
  • She can also teleport the whole party around the map, though this costs a crystal each time.

Trivia[ | ]