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Overview[ | ]

A Unique Shadow Nymph.

Sangara can be found in a Home Town Event by passing a day with a Reputation down to -100, and stays active until being triggered; except if you pass another day with a Reputation back over - 100.

Combat[ | ]

Sangara is a very versatile unit that shines with a Shadow-specialized team, but also works surprisingly well with Krava.

With Krava's LightBlessed Passive, and Sangara's ShadowVeil, your whole team starts Enlightened and in ShadowForm. This allows Krava and Sangara to move around your team very efficently the first round thanks to their skills HolySwitch and ShadowBond. If you replaced Krava's Cleanse with SunShine (as anyone should), you can make the Enlightened effect last through the bonus round offered thanks to ShadowVeil, while the ShadowForm stops. Thus, any physical fighters would have been perfectly placed in the 1st round, and will get their strength back in the bonus 2nd round to destroy the ennemy team. But of course, a magic-focused team can also react directly in the 1st, and 2nd round to wipe the ennemies before they can react.

Events[ | ]

  • As you recruit her, she'll offer you either a Feast, or Sex; or nothing. Choosing the Feast grants you + 10 Max Morale. Choosing Sex while MC has a dick offers a nipple fucking scene, otherwise a nipple fisting scene ; and grants + 2 Fetish Skillpoints.

Notes[ | ]

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