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Overview[ | ]

Unique Lava Brood Queen.
Girata can be recruited at any point in the game, at the Town Cave. She takes 5 minutes and 4000 gold upfront, and upon recruitment you are given a choice between three weapons, which determines her equipment and Level Type.

Regardless of your choice, she also comes equipped with KnightArmor and Helmet.

Combat[ | ]

Unlike regular Lava Brood Queens, Girata is a warrior built for frontline Combat with incredible base Strength and Armor.

Her initial equipment slows her down, and while you can overcome that by using Rush, changing up her gear is recommended. Though she may not have any Skills to make use of it, Girata gets amusingly high Magic Growth, which allows her to use even magical weapons.

Events[ | ]

Girata has an associated event. She doesn't get stronger from it herself. When she reaches level 10, an event triggers the next day in the Cave and you get access to the queen quests. These quests require sexual training or filling energy of given Insect Girls for various rewards. If you have trouble sex training to master, you can breed and hatch Insect Girls using an Energizing hatchery upgrade.

Notes[ | ]

As of update Girata has a special global passive ability called Survival Focus, the tool tip reads "At the end of turn, allies at less than 50% hp restore 25% hp at the cost of 1 energy."

Trivia[ | ]