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Overview[ | ]

Unique Succubus.
Alice can be recruited from the Avy recruitment event, by first choosing accept, then rejecting a type.

Combat[ | ]

Alice has solid base Stats, but you need to watch her growths. She has sky high Lust Growth at the expense of every other Stat Growth except Speed. She also can't equip anything other than consumables. She does at least have a Max Level of 20, and as a seduction unit the loss of any equipment is less of an issue than with other units, but it does mean she's going to be very fragile and you can't do much about her negative Lust Resistance.

She also comes with the SeduceAll passive. This increases nearby enemy lust by 1 for EACH HEX she moves and bypasses Lust Resistance. Alice can very easily disable entire groups of humanoid enemies just by running back and forth behind your melee line.

She also has AlchemyKnowledge Global. Using consumables on enemies has a 50% chance to not consume a use.

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