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Overview[ | ]

Combat[ | ]

She is a ranged combatant. Stuff her full of magic and use her ability Laser eyes on far away targets. She can pump out massive dmg in one burst and with her floating she can get in position to nuke a target fairly easily. She is fairly squishy with very little health so try to keep her at max range of 8 squares if possible for maximum dmg in a line.

Holy Switch is one of the best movement skills in the entire game, it allows the user to switch places with any enlightened character with a range of 4, it costs 1 mana, no AP and has no cooldown. Her global passive ensures that all characters start enlightened allowing your glass cannons to get in, swing, and switch out for a tank with almost no risk.

Events[ | ]

  • Her intro event is triggered when your reputation is 100 or higher.

Notes[ | ]

  • Breeding her allows easy access to the the elite base unit, holy spirit.
  • She is not elite so you can bring her and a holy spirit into the same portal.

Trivia[ | ]